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Story time!

One day when I was supposed to be doing my writing assignment, I was instead procrastinating by watching YouTube shorts.

Someone I watch randomly (NerdECrafter) had a video about mini craft kits and I figured, why not?

The video was about a craft kit. A mini craft kit. A mini resin craft kit. A mini resin craft kit that was also a blind box type situation!!

LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!(see pictures and tags below).

We begin.
Layer #2.
Layer #3.
It is revealed!
The sphere it comes in doubles as a display case and they include a table!! (It snaps into the base of the sphere).
I wasn’t sure why it suggested I cut the bags open in such a weird manner and then I realized it’s to make them look like tiny shopping bags!
All the different items you can get! (I got the blueberry cheesecake!).
Look at how flipping cute this is!!!
Ingredients and instructions!
Finished product!! It looks so delicious!!

This was super easy and fun to do! It didn’t take very long at all but the fact that everything was so tiny and the packaging so adorable just made my week.

The curing time is really the only ‘complaint’ I’d have and that was easily fixed with my UV flashlight so not really a big deal.

These are really new, having just come out in December 2022 I believe. There are 2 sets, a cafe and a diner set. One is about $7 and the other is about $10.

Because everything about these speak to me and make me happy just by existing, I figured they’d make the perfect reward for when I finish my in-progress box.

Which means you’ll no doubt see a whole lot more of these coming up because I’m super close to finishing that box!

Ta for now!!

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