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StALeR 36 – Legacy: Secrets (Part 1)

Here we are onto book 5 already!

This ones a doozy (as if the others weren’t) and I can’t wait to really get into the relationships and upheavals.

First! We’re going to spend some time looking at Ronon because I haven’t for a bit and he’s truly an interesting person that the authors have continued to grow in the series.

Ronon wakes in the Wraith lifepod with Keller and McKay. McKay wakes up soon after but Keller is pretty much out for the count with whatever put her down in the first place keeping her there.

Ronon isn’t too happy about McKays new look. It sounds and acts like McKay but is definitely Wraith looking.

The author’s (Jo Graham and Melissa Scott) did a great job reminding people of the episode where Rodney had superpowers and healed Ronon’s scars. It’s a very brief mention but the fact that they brought it up here is fabulous writing!

If you haven’t seen the episode in awhile you need to because it adds a depth to this book and what Ronon is going through.

Ronon is hit the hardest by the new Rodney because of his hatred of the Wraith (with good reason) but love for his friend.

Seeing Teyla decked out as a Wraith Queen isn’t new to him, been there seen that, but her and Shepherd’s new ease with the Wraith and even friendship is making him rethink things.

Add in Keller’s eagerness to help Guide with the retrovirus and Ronon is definitely feeling like the odd man out.

The Wraith are the enemy. They’ve always been the enemy.


Poor Ronon! I honestly feel bad for everything he’s gone through and will go through. However! The authors of the Legacy series really did a fantastic job in writing these characters and Ronon’s reactions will definitely be on point for who he was in the tv series while also letting his character grow!

I close with that to tantalize, and I’ll see y’all next week as we make planet fall where Ronon, Rodney and Keller have to survive making it to the Gate with a hungry Wraith!

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StALeR 35 – Legacy : The Furies (part 12

Did I say this week was the last post for The Furies?

…just kidding! It really is the last post this go around so buckle up!

The interaction between Ronon and Laura Cadman on the Hammond when they’re going to save Rodney (again) is awesome!

I love the fact that there’s something about her that can make Ronon happy, even if for a moment. He literally thinks about how when she smiles it’s like the sun coming out!

And he just likes to hear her talk.

My little romantic heart ships these two quite a bit because (pretty sure I’ve mentioned somewhere) she won’t back down just because Ronon is scary and he could definitely use a good bit of light in his life.

Onto the next peeps for this last review!

Jennifer and Ronon go after Rodney, and find him, but with the ship being fired on by Death’s cronies, escape gets questionable.

Ronon is able to get an unconscious Keller and Rodney into a life pod and sent off for the nearest planet. I’m pretty sure the next books starts with them but we’ll find out next week.

Teyla, for some reason, claims that Cadman is Carter’s heir! Not sure what she’s setting up but clever of her to do so.

Guide, always being clever, has figured out how to get a transport beam to work on a Hiveship and saves Sheppard and his people (again) before the Hive blows up.

The ZPM with it, unfortunately.

And that is where we end this short review. I need sleep because I work a couple days at both jobs and one of those days I also have a Dr. appointment so no nap between for me!

See y’all next week for Legacy 5: Secrets!!

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Non-Legacy Post


Next week should be the last post for ‘The Furies’, but this week is going to be short because of things.

I have vacation time coming up and in an effort to get things done before hand (to keep me from procrastinating) I’m spending the next few days to two weeks working on little things.

I am really going to try and get some writing done and since places are opening now, I can actually go and write. Because we all know that really doesn’t happen at home.

The list is rather long but if I do a little each day it should be doable.

One of the things on that list is scheduling more posts so these kinds stop having to happen because I was too busy to do a Legacy review.

Anyways, I’ll let y’all get back to your week’ and I’ll see you next week with the final entry for ‘The Furies’!

See ya!

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StALeR 34 – Legacy: The Furies (Part 11)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: The Furies

SGA #19

ISBN: 9781905586578

Wraith relationships, take 2!

…actually, I may have to go back and see what number this is because it’s probably more than a ‘take 2’ situation.


We’re just going to jump right in.

Guide and Teyla have a long talk that starts off not so good.

Teyla needs sleep, but isn’t keen on letting her guard down on a ship full of Wraith, so Guide says he’ll keep watch while she gets some rest.

Teyla’s fear that she’ll wake up with him on top of her leaks through and his reaction is of total revulsion and abhorrence, though it takes a bit to convince her of that enough to let him stay.

Apparently, to force yourself on a Wraith Queen is something so evil amongst the Wraith that any who would dare would be cast out and never allowed on a Hive again.

A death sentence, but longer and worse because they don’t do well alone.

Now, Guide likens humans to animals because of this (he does that quite a bit in this book actually), but when Teyla asks if rape is unheard of in their culture, he has to admit that amongst blades it does happen.

First thing – because of other books we know that not all Wraith females are Queen’s (though that was in a much earlier book that was read between the episodes so it’s possible they were still working on canon and decided later that didn’t fit so ignored it, but I like to think not all Wraith females are Queen’s because it would make more sense) so you’d think it would beg the question whether it wasn’t as much of a ‘sin’ if a non-Queen female, or a male, were raped.

The answer would be no.

Guide admits that it happens, but he isn’t happy about it. It could be because he doesn’t want to admit that the Wraith could act in such a ‘bestial’ manner as humans or it could be because he’s repulsed by the idea altogether.

Either way, it’s one more way Wraith and humans are alike. A not so good comparison this time, but I think a needed one. So far, they’ve each been able to see how they are alike but in an almost case by case basis as if to keep themselves distant from the realization as long as possible.

Guide even thinks about how he doesn’t feel like feeding on Keller and how it’s no doubt due to ‘knowing her name’. Once something has a name, it’s hard to put it back into a box of ‘insignificant’.

Second – Teyla points out that Guide desires her despite his protest to the contrary. Constantly reading his thoughts has let her in on that little nugget often enough.

Thing is, it’s not necessarily her as a person.

Guide explains that the Queen’s are special. Born different. Above. They are what the Wraith sacrifice for and happily. It’s most likely bred into them and as it’s such a part of their culture, definitely not something easily, if ever, broken free of.

Except for Guide.

Teyla wonders how it is that Guide is able to resist Death’s allure seemingly easily. His response is that Death isn’t his Queen. Since Teyla isn’t either (technically) and she points this out, he tells her of Snow.

Teyla can’t help but feel how much he loved Snow and admits to not knowing if she believes they actually can feel those emotions. (this scene is kind of ridiculous to me because you literally just felt it from the man himself!? How can you still be unsure about the Wraith having those kinds of feelings!)

Moving on, I wonder if Teyla knows about Alabaster? If it’s something she’s seen in his mind before?

I want to say no. I feel like that’s something he keeps buried very deep for his own peace of mind.

Having said all that, I really need to get going because this is even longer than last weeks.

We may continue next week, but I’m not quite sure what I want to talk about so we shall see.

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StALeR 33 – Legacy: The Furies (Part 10)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: The Furies

SGA #19

ISBN: 9781905586578

And we are back!

I’d like to talk about Wraith babies, as promised from last week, but also about relationships and taboos and such in general concerning the Wraith.

No doubt, considering a later book, I’ll do another Wraith relationship one later on, but for now ‘The Furies’ has some interesting pieces in it to explore.

I haven’t watched all of the deleted scenes or behind the scenes stuff so it’s possible some of my curiosity will be assuaged once I do. Now, however, I have theories and questions and observations.

Of course, it’s entirely possible the answers are in the books I just didn’t see it the first time.

In any case.

A conversation between Guide and Keller got me thinking about it because something he said seemed strange to me.

It’s been mentioned that Wraith babies grow within wombs on the ship, I’m guessing it’s not too different from an incubation chamber you’d see in a sci-fi movie, and so I thought that the Wraith didn’t actually procreate like humans did but used genetic engineering.

Seems logical right? It’s what they do for the Drones after all and we know that the majority of the Wraith males were bred specifically for certain traits during the war.

I am now of the thought that this is not true.

Guide tells Keller that he had sired a daughter once. Apparently to be chosen to sire a child at all was a great honor and then, in his mind, he was derisive about humans for not having a care in their choosing when it came to such things.

So, I’m going to say that the Wraith still do the whole ‘breeding for certain traits’ thing. It might just be a holdover from the war years or it could be that the Queens are simply selective, naturally, about such things in the hopes they have a daughter.

Not necessarily a bad thing, humans do the same to a certain extent.

Now, I’m guessing that at a point after conception the fetus is moved into the shipwomb to grow until, apparently, it’s time for them to be weaned.

We saw in the episode where Guide and his crew had cancer from the retrovirus, that their hibernation chambers feed them nutrients and such while they sleep (pretty sure it’s been stated or insinuated in any case). It’s not a stretch at all to understand that a shipwomb for babies would do the same.

It’s interesting to think about because if the Wraith procreate like humans do than they can also, presumably, carry to term.

So why don’t they?

Guide, while thinking about this during the conversation with Keller, also thinks about the fact that the babies in the shipwomb ‘learn’ from the constant hum of the hive.

I’ll go out on the limb here and say he doesn’t mean the ship itself, but the Wraith as a whole on whichever hive the baby is on.

Then again, it could also literally be that the baby learns from the ship until the point that the baby can learn in a more traditional manner.

I’m going to stop here cause this has gotten long.

Until later!

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StALeR 32 – Legacy: The Furies (Part 9)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: The Furies

SGA #19

ISBN: 9781905586578


So last week I let ya’ll know that I had finished my 3rd reading of ‘The Furies’.

That doesn’t mean that the posts for that book are done though, don’t worry, it just means that I am onto the next book.

There is still a whole bunch of stuff I want to talk about for this one.

Let’s start with more Wraith things for this post and we’ll see what happens shall we?

We all know how Wraith get their names and how they can evolve over time as the person does. One particular Wraith we meet briefly is called Heedless.

Heedless is apparently quite fond of explosives and has, several times, blown fingers off that had to regenerate. Twice his entire off-hand fell victim to his experiments and he’s now forbidden to do such research while on a Hive.

I like this entire exchange between Rodney and Heedless because it once again makes us see the Wraith as people.

Rodney notes that Heedless, as the conversation goes on, is obviously embarrassed as he tells his story and, had he been human, probably would have been very red at certain points.

Heedless is obviously passionate about his work to have gone through so many regenerations and continued. Showing that the Wraith can be just as determined to succeed as humans.

Technically a group for this next one, but it’s pretty dang funny.

Teyla, as Steelflower, joins Guide and his men when they go to meet with Death near the end of the book.

(We all know it’s a trap, but the good guys are planning on trapping the trappers.)

When Teyla first arrives on a planet to be taken up to the Hiveship, she’s met by an Honor Guard.

Being Teyla she plays her part well and one of the Wraith, Swiftripen, manages to get himself an invitation to sit next to her on the way to the Hive. What’s funny is that one of his brothers-in-arms, Gamester, rolls his eyes behind Swift’s back and another, Sable, grimaces.

Apparently it’s a very Swift thing to do and the others are used to it.

I have to wonder if Teyla was keeping track of their thoughts and had to try and not laugh at this. It’s a very normal team thing to do and SGA-1 acts like that on occasion too.

Every time we get to see a tiny snippet more about the Wraith, the more I like them.

Now, before I sign off, I should mention that I think the next book delves deeper into the origins of the Wraith. ‘The Furies’ tantalizes us with an idea of how they came to be, and for those reading along you’ve probably figured it out by now too, but the pleasure is in the telling and so we read on!

I’ll see everyone next week where I think I’ll talk about Wraith babies…

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Good news and bad news…

Good news is, I finished ‘The Furies’.

Bad news is, it’s late and I have an appointment in the morning.

What does this mean for y’all?

No Atlantis this week.

I am so sorry!

I slept a lot this week (catching up, no doubt) and worked a little on a craft project. Which is why I didn’t get something typed up!

It also doesn’t help that there’s SO much I want to talk about with these books that it’s hard to just pick one thing.

Ya know?

Anyways, I’ve got to get some sleep, but be assured that the next few weeks will be Atlantis related.

Until then!

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Crafty, take 2!

Here’s the resin update!

These are the finished product. I’m not exactly unhappy with them I’m just not too enthused either.

The pieces are all malleable and apparently will stick together a little if left touching. I obviously did something wrong (added a tad too much hardener or not enough) because otherwise they’d be like the finished works online I’ve seen…

Unless those people cut that part out and showed the pieces they’d already treated with a coat of sealer.

I honestly don’t know. I’ll be adding a layer of UV resin to them to see if that’ll fix the bendable aspect of them and also to close up the bubble holes. Another thing I wasn’t enthused about is that where there were bubbles there are now holes or breaks in the pieces. I was under the impression the bubbles rose to the top of pieces.

Well, you live you learn.

I’ll be trying out a few tricks for the next kit to see if I can fix what I did wrong here so I’ll let y’all know.

In other news!

I have the week off from my second job. Hours had to be cut because we’ve been slow and since it’s not the job that pays the bills I told my supervisor she could take my hrs so that someone else could keep theirs.

I am incredibly blessed to be able to work a part time that’s been doing serious damage to my debt, but I’ll get it paid off either way and it’s the only job for some of my coworkers. Not a hard choice to make.

However! That means that for this entire week I’ll have time to catch up on some reading and I’m hoping to be able to get through ‘The Furies’ and onto the next book for y’all!

So keep an eye out because next week will be another Stargate Atlantis review!!

Till then!

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1/2 & 1/2!

Not the kind you drink though!

This week will be part crafty and part Wraithy! Mostly because it’s late and I’m super tired but also because I’ve had a thought in my head that won’t work for a full post so I thought I’d add it to a crafty post.


2-part resin!


I’m still not sure about 2-part resin. I can see the benefits but it was also really annoying and kind of stressful trying to work with so much resin that was getting tacky quickly.

I followed the instructions and made 2oz of resin that should have filled up the entire flat mold once. However, some of the shapes aren’t to my personal liking which is why I used some of my other molds.

The flat mold on the left came with the kit and the others were part of a set I bought the same day because I’ve always enjoyed the videos where people used those types.

Instructions said to leave it for 72hrs so you’ll get to see what they look like next week.

I’m pretty excited about it! Maybe next time I’ll make far less and have more fun without the time constraint.

Second –

There’s a scene in the episode where Todd and his crew get cancer from Dr. Keller’s retrovirus that’s been bothering me because of ‘The Furies’.

In the scene, Todd (Guide, of course) is sitting in a cell when Sheppard comes and asks for his help keeping the Hive from being destroyed in reentry. Guide would be allowed to leave Atlantis, if they all survived, as a thank you for his help.

Guide asks about his crew and Sheppard tells him they’re dead.

I always felt that Guide was being himself and testing Sheppard. Already knowing that Shepard did something and wanting to know if he’d answer honestly or not.

However, in ‘The Furies’, Guide asks Sheppard how he would like being left without the ability to experience intimacy (the conversation is pretty long and vastly interesting but you’ll have to read it for yourselves!) and Teyla has to explain that the Wraith telepathy is how the Wraith form emotional bonds (there’s way more to it but essentially and for this posts’ purposes we’ll leave it at that).

Without that ability, they’re adrift.

Guide couldn’t feel his men when they died that day.

He honestly didn’t know that they were all dead until Sheppard told him. He may have suspected but I’ll bet you anything he didn’t actual know because he couldn’t feel them.

With those stakes, it’s no wonder he isn’t keen on going the same route and instead went a way neither the humans or the other Wraith did.

That’s all for this week, it’s not really late except that I work tomorrow so have a VERY early morning. I will see everyone later, stay safe and bright!

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Not this week…

Unfortunately there won’t be an actual post this week. I slept through 3 alarms and was two hours late to my part time job on Friday. I’ll be changing how I do things though so hopefully I won’t be that tired again, and I have Thursday completely off.

After an appointment I’ll be working on scheduling some reviews and also playing with my new resin kits!

Can’t wait for Thursday, and praying I won’t simply sleep all day because I’m too tired again.

Y’all have a good week!