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No Post this week

As the title says, there won’t be a post again this week.

I handed in my two-week notice to my part time job and have an interview with a new place that hopefully has better hours.

As in, not so early.

I have literally been falling asleep at my full time job the last few days when I’ve sat down to do something at a computer. Not even going into the lack of sleep and driving thing.

I’ve stayed longer than I had intended, and would still like to have extra money to pay off my credit card faster, but the negative impact to my health is taking a noticeable toll. A few people have commented so it’s time.

This week and one more then mebbe a new job with later hours. I’ll let y’all know.

I have two days off in a row so I’ll try and get something Atlantis related put together for next week.

Stay safe and get plenty of rest! I’ll see y’all next week!

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StALeR 44 – Legacy: Secrets (part 9)

A little different this week because something hit me today that pushed other post ideas to the way back of my mind.

Jeannie is knitting while waiting for Rodney to wake up from his surgery.

What she’s knitting isn’t really important so much as what she’s using as ‘yarn’.

It’s a wool-like fiber that comes from a goat-spider type thing. Obviously native to Pegasus, there would certainly be ramifications if she brought it back to Earth.

It got me thinking.

One of the premises of the series (the whole thing not just Atlantis) is that going through the Stargate can net some advanced technology for Earth. Throughout the series we see how advancements are made in the medical and technological economies using tech brought from other worlds.

It explains how technology has jumped so far ahead in such a short period of time.

With that in mind, what if it’s NOT just tech and medical stuff brought through? What if they are trading with other worlds or personnel are simply bringing things back (intentionally or not) and it’s getting out into the world?

Consider the blackest black color that was ‘found/made’. Wouldn’t it be more likely that it came from another planet? One that had different methods of making paint based on their local flora?

What about new ways of making fiber for clothes? Or a more efficient way of gathering solar energy? Or a ‘new’ plant discovered?

Human ingenuity, to be sure, but from what planet?

I like this thought a ton so figured why not make a post about it.

It can’t all be advanced technology this and miraculous medicines that. With so many people who go through the Stargate it would make complete sense that other things came back with them ya know?

That’s all for this one! I’ll see everyone later and have a fantastic rest of your week!

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You won’t believe…

Subtitle being – ‘why there’s no post this week!’

Sorry y’all, but it is kind of a funny story.

A few days ago I get a call to come pick up my mama and sister for their hair appointments. Mind you, I was asleep at 10:15am (give or take) because it was the first day I didn’t work both jobs and I needed the extra sleep.

Me, being confused but happy to help, go to pick them up and I am thus told about the nail in my sisters tire.

I get them to their appointment on time (amazingly enough) and go about my day as usual.

Now, yesterday I worked at my second job which is the godawful early morning one. When I’m done I’m driving home and my car indicates a tire needs the air pressure checked because it’s low.

My first thought?

Oh heck no!

My second thought (because what would the chances be?) is that the changing temperature is effecting it and after driving on it for a bit it’ll correct itself.

I tell my brother about it and he has the same thought I do.

After pouring water on it to see if any bubbles pop up from a leak, I decide it really does just need a little air and that’s easy enough to fix.

However, there’s the slightest chance that the problem is centered on the part of the tire I can’t see at the moment so I pull back a bit.

There’s a screw in my tire.


I’m hoping it’ll just need a simple patch cause those are way cheaper than a new tire but at least my card (thanks to my second job!) has plenty of space if I do in fact need a new tire altogether.

Which is why, even though I don’t work my second job tomorrow, I do need to be up earlier than usual so I can be at the oil change place when they open.

I will get another Atlantis post ready for next week while I’m waiting on the tire.

See everyone next week for more secondary character appreciation!!

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StALeR 43 – Legacy: Secrets (Part 8)

Let’s talk about Captain Laura Cadman, shall we?

As our first ‘secondary character’ she is a really good one! I could have gone with Radek, and I may do a short post for him, but I really enjoyed Cadman’s screen time (as it were) in this book!

First of all, she is really good at going along with hair-brained schemes.

Which I believe is a must-have quality for anyone who joins the SGC in any capacity.

Case in point- Teyla claims Cadman is Carter’s heir. Thus setting her up for any future interactions she will have with the Wraith because the Wraith ALL know about Carter. They respect her too, even if they’ve only heard stories.

Cadman just stood there looking professional and didn’t betray Teyla at all.

Now, a really cool thing with this book (as has happened with a few others earlier on) is that we get to have flashbacks for characters. Cadman is one of them and when she goes to debrief Carter about what happened, we get to go back to when she and Lt. Ford (remember him?) went through SGC training together.

It’s fun to see that the SGC is still messing with their new recruits and making them prove themselves in a ‘foothold’ situation. It’s just such a classic.

Anyways, Cadman, and Ford of course, proved themselves and went on to either join an SG team or travel to Atlantis.

Cadman, amongst her other credentials, is one of the few Lt.’s to survive Atlantis and go back to Earth alive (I’ll have to check, but she may be the only one actually).

I like that we see how unsure of herself she is and how touched she is that Carter believes in her enough to have a private conversation to, essentially, kick her butt into a higher gear. Cadman is good, really good.

The fact that both Teyla and Carter see such potential in her makes me think that she very likely goes on to command her own ship. I doubt we would have gotten to see that far ahead even if the series’ hadn’t ended, but it’s fun to imagine (and write fics to explore such things).

Can you imagine Cadman going up against Guide? At this point in her life she’d be eaten alive (pun not necessarily intended) which means she would be even worse off dealing with the Queens. She has it in her. You can see it in how she reacts to things, adapting as needed without losing herself, she’s a good person who tries to do the right thing.

Sounds like Carter, doesn’t it?

The parallels are great when you see them, which is why I really think she’d get her own ship or command at least if she didn’t want a ship (she does, let’s be honest here). Carter would no doubt be right there during the ceremonies with O’Neill, beaming at how far Cadman had gone an dhow far she’d go yet.

Wouldn’t it be REALLY cool if the authors got to revisit the Stargate world and write new material where we got to see what happened? Even if it was one of those ‘alternate reality’ situations it would be fun because of how things are set up in the Legacy series’ you can tell there’s more that can be told.

In any case, enough for tonight because I work early tomorrow. I will see people next week!

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A good excuse this week…

I can explain, I swear.

When I sat down to make this weeks post the computer I was using wouldn’t connect to the internet. Since I was also watching my two dogs I decided to just write something else and do a post later.

Later is now and I am tired and, as usual, need to sleep because I (thankfully) have several days this week at my part time job. So, more money, but way more tired.

As an apology I thought I’d post a link to a one-shot I wrote (apparently back in 2017) that I found while looking for something to write when I couldn’t make the original post.

It’s not edited so definitely one of those I just wrote whatever and it’s not bad, but it’s not what I usually write these days. It’s fun re-reading old work because I get to see how far I’ve come and with fanfic I can experiment.

Which is why I have 6 pages of entirely new fanfic that I’m pretty excited about working on. I won’t upload until it’s done so I can guarantee it won’t be left undone but if you go to my works there’s one other from Torchwood I’ve put up on AO3.

The thing with this new fic is that the way I’m writing is pretty cool and I may try writing a short story in the format. See how it goes ya know?

I’ll get back to Atlantis next week!

Until then, hopefully you enjoy the randomness of the fic.

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Nothing this week…

I have a string of 4 days where I’ll be working both jobs and I haven’t done that in over a month so this weeks post won’t be about secondary characters unfortunately.

It won’t be anything fun at all, actually, just me letting everyone know it’ll be a boring post this week.


Next week we should be back to Atlantis and our peeps! This week… not so much.



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StALeR 42 – Legacy: Secrets (Part 7)

We are back!

I found the info I was looking for, but I was somewhat wrong about how it went.

What happened on Sateda wasn’t, technically, normal because most of the Wraith had still been hibernating and so, according to Guide, they were able to make an example of the planet since they weren’t as hungry. They had Culled well before destroying it though which makes me think that Ronon may have, in fact, seen Wraith feeding on babies.

Don’t worry ya’ll, we know Guide couldn’t have been there because he was still a prisoner of the Genii. Had been for about ten years at that point I believe. Meeting Alabaster is fantastic because it gave us a better timeline (for those of us that didn’t simply look online for the answer) for how long Guide was a prisoner. Something I’ve been curious about and now have the answer.

Alabaster was trapped on the planet for twenty-one years and Ronon was made a Runner right after the destruction of Sateda and he was a Runner for seven years. Since he was also with the team when Sheppard met Guide for the first time, we know where Guide was and for how long.

Don’t you just love math?

That actually brings us to a good point I didn’t think about until now. If Guide had been involved with Sateda, I highly doubt Sheppard would have spoken up so many times in defense of their alliance. Loyalty is a big thing with our peeps and I can’t see Sheppard being too willing to ally with someone who had taken part in destroying a friends planet.

I’m not sure if this was an intentional bit of math done for this reason, but it is really cool that the math checks out so that our favorite Wraith (and you can’t tell me that the writers didn’t intend for us to fall in love with Guide from the first sassy thing he said) wasn’t part of that horrific incident.

It might also explain why Ronon has been able to set his hatred aside and work with him on occasion.

Ronon is a very complex character and I like these discoveries about him especially because he’s never been a favorite of mine. Sounds weird, I know, but I like Ronon far more in the Legacy series than I did in the TV series because of the insights and growth like this we get to see.


Moving on!

We know about Hyperion’s weapon, the one that will kill anyone with Wraith DNA, but at this point, the end of the book (but not the posts obviously), I don’t believe Ronon does. The meeting they had after reuniting Guide and Alabaster didn’t mention anyone being present except the higher ups, so I think Ronon is still in the dark about it.

Won’t stay that way for long though, we all know things never go as planned for our peeps.

With that, I shall end the Ronon-centric posts. I think I’ve covered his growth in this book pretty thoroughly already and next week I’ll do something about our secondary characters I haven’t talked about for awhile.

See everyone then!

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StALeR 41 – Legacy: Secrets (Part 6)

I kind of feel like I need to talk about Ronon’s reaction from the planet some more.

He had a gun trained on a child.

Obviously, he never would have done that if the child had been human, but it was a Wraith.

Do ya’ll understand how screwed up you have to be to point a weapon at a child?

Here’s the thing. When he’s talking to Alabaster (not that he calls her anything but ‘parasite’) he kind of goes on a rant because of how the others are reacting. Or not reacting, as he sees it.

Before I get to their reactions- Ronon accuses the Wraith of feeding on babies. Of feeding on them while still being held by their parents.

So did he see that happen? It’s a pretty specific thing to mention just out of the blue. It would actually be a really stupid thing for the Wraith to do too because without the young, you won’t get adults. Adults, presumably, have more life to feed on so you’d think they’d want more adults.

I could swear Guide mentioned that what happened on Sateda wasn’t normal and not something the Wraith practiced. I’ll have to try and find the book, but no promises.

We do know that children have been Culled, but it would be interesting to know whether the Wraith fed on them last, in the hopes that they would grow up a little more, or maybe they off loaded them on another planet? Probably they’re just fed on but, again, that seems like bad husbandry.

Anyways, back to reactions (and lack thereof)!

He can’t hear Teyla or Rodney in his head (though they can feel each others surprise and such) and the only thing that probably processed about Sheppard was that he put his gun away in the presence of a Wraith.

As Sheppard thought earlier, no one really understands just how freaked out Ronon is about Rodney being turned into a Wraith. It has put him back a good bit mentally and psychologically. Ronon stopped pointing a gun at Ellia when he was told too, but this time, with a literal child, he refused until Sheppard stood in the way.

He may hate the Wraith, but he has also been able to work with them if only because his team asked him too. His reaction here is a direct result of the whole Rodney/Quicksilver thing. Though I believe he’s working on his reaction to Rodney, so Rodney doesn’t feel worse, he can’t help some of them. Casually talking to a Wraith isn’t normal for him and it’s just too far over the edge.

Which is why he stalks off.

His conversation with Sheppard is kind of scary because he mentions going back to Sateda and for a second you think that he’s going to leave the team but than he says it wouldn’t be the same. No matter what Radek said about rebuilding and things being different but not bad.

You definitely get the feeling that Ronon is thinking, heavily, about other paths to take. Talking to Sheppard helps, I think, because Sheppard doesn’t try and tell him what to do, he just says some hard truths.

Okay, one last post that’s Ronon-centric and then we shall move on!

For now, I say good-day and good week!

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StALeR 40 – Legacy: Secrets (Part 5)

Here we are!

There isn’t too much left Ronon-wise to go. This post and maybe one more, to be honest, for this book anyways. After that I may go onto Jennifer and Rodney’s relationship because…ouch.

I should bring up the other people we haven’t seen in awhile, like Hocken, Cadmen, Radek and such.

We’ll see.

For now!

The peeps have gone to investigate a planet where Teyla believes a ZPM resides. An almost fully charged ZPM at that. Radek was supposed to go along, but Sheppard had already told McKay that when he was cleared for duty he was back on the team.

Carson cleared Rodney and though Teyla makes her position very clear quickly (she is all for Rodney joining them), Ronon is another matter.

It takes a pointed look from Sheppard and a reminder that they had had to trust Ronon again after he’d been addicted to the Wraith enzyme, to get his hackles down enough to get going.

I like how Sheppard handles this situation. He desperately wants his team back and I think he weighs a lot more than just Rodney’s well-being. He can’t leave Rodney behind, that’ll break something that won’t be able to be fixed, and he can’t ignore Ronon’s well-being either. In this situation, there’s no reason why Rodney can’t come along.

What’s interesting, actually, is that Ronon doesn’t seem to be seeing the parallels between himself and Rodney. After being addicted to the Wraith enzyme he had to have been in a bad place mentally about whether his teammates would trust him again or even want him on the team (of course they did, but the fear would be there for a while). Rodney is going through the same thing now and Ronon would be the perfect person to talk to about it.

Except that they can’t because of Ronon’s hatred of the Wraith.

Which makes the next moment we speak of interesting.

Locals send the team to ‘The Shrine of the Bride’ to see if she can help them. She can, actually, because she’s Guide’s daughter, Alabaster.

You know, the dead one?

Turns out she (obviously) didn’t die because her crew sacrificed themselves so she could live. The people of the planet she landed on helped her and have kept her and her son safe for twenty-one years.

Side note!! Darling (Alabaster’s son) looks about five years old. Wraith age REALLY slowly. We knew that of course, but this is a great reminder because we’ve only really seen Ellia as a representative of Wraith children. And she wasn’t really a child since she already had a feeding mouth.

The shock of seeing a child makes everyone react differently.

But we only care about Ronon right now and boy, does he react.

He keeps his gun aimed at the Wraith even after Sheppard and Teyla tell him to back off. He calls them ‘parasites’ and asks how many people Alabaster’s killed.

The answer, is zero.

Not surprising. She is Guide’s daughter after all and not stupid. She later tells Teyla that there are two reasons she hasn’t killed anyone (and Teyla can choose which one she believes) she would be hunted if she had, and how would the years have gone by with only her son as company?

Ronon doesn’t believe her. Sheppard has to stand between the gun and the child before Ronon stalks off.

Sheppard follows, of course, and finds him on the edge of a cliff. Not about to jump, don’t worry, he’s just having a tough time. Understandably.

The best Sheppard can do is tell Ronon that he’ll have to figure out who he wants to be now. He isn’t a Satedan Imperial, a runner or even a Wraith hunter. He’s grown too much and come too far to be any of that now. It’s not easy, never is, but Sheppard is still around because he believes they still need him. Because he believes there are people and places worth staying around for.

Ronon just needs to find his Gate, like O’Neill helped Sheppard find his.

With that, I’m going to leave you until next week because I work in the morning again.

See ya’ll later!

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StALeR 39 – Legacy: Secrets (Part 4)

Isn’t character development fantastic?

Here we have our peeps needing each others company while Rodney is in surgery. Sheppard goes to find Ronon and, being the cute awkward guys they are, decide that Teyla needs company during this time.

Teyla is still in the infirmary after being de-Wraithified so they gather around.

Discussing the surgery gives them something to talk about and it’s here that Ronon says (after Teyla says it’s been three hours already which isn’t good news) it’s was probably a good thing that Keller let Rodney feed on her. With his current state and immense risk of infection, had he not fed so recently his chances wouldn’t be as good.

This is a huge step for Ronon. Letting Rodney and Jennifer go through with the feeding was so bad that he couldn’t even watch. His talk with Sheppard helped get his head in a better place then it was and I think that this moment, and the realization, helped even more.

That he was willing to say something like that out loud tells you how much he trusts his family. They’ve proven themselves to him over the years and he feels safe enough verbalizing something like that. Something that is deeply traumatic for him personally.

Not so intense for Ronon, is a moment on Sateda that comes up soon after Rodney is out of the woods with his surgery.

Ronon takes a team to meet with Genii who want a Lantean to activate a crystal for their Alteran ship. When Radek realizes the crystal is for a weapons array and not a simple navigational crystal as the Genii say, he tells Ronon.

It’s up to Ronon to decide whether or not to let Mel Hocken activate the crystal for the Genii.

On the one hand, it’s for weapons and the Genii haven’t been what you’d call the most reliable or trustworthy allies to this point.

On the other hand, chances are the Genii are more likely to use it against Death then Atlantis in the near future. With the crystal damaged it’s entirely possible that they won’t even survive an attempt to use it.

I think he made the right choice having Hocken activate it. It made the Genii owe them one and gave them a possible hand with Queen Death.

Mr. Woolsey agrees, by the way, and leaves Ronon almost speechless when he tells him so.

Until this point Ronon has really been portrayed as the muscle of the team. Which isn’t a bad thing at all, but it does leave people with the expectation that he’s not the brightest. We know that’s not true because we’ve gotten to see some of his conversations where he talks about his younger years and his quite impressive education.

Ronon isn’t stupid, but his years as a Satedan soldier and a runner left him with a pretty narrow view of things. Shooting and blowing things up is certainly a way to get things done, but not the only way. Here, he has to make the decision without input from a higher up.

He IS the higher up and this is a turning point, small, but a turning point.

I’ll leave it there for now and see everyone next week!