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Books, books, and more books!

Ever since quitting my part time job I have had nothing but time on my hands. Which is why I decided to read some of my backlog of books instead of finishing my reread of the Legacy series.

Having said that, I don’t intend to not finish the reread. I just have plans for my room and my year that include getting through my double stacked three shelf bookshelf.

Good news is that my family keeps picking books in series. I’ve read an entire shelf of books already and it’s only the sixth of February!

Bed news is that I haven’t been reading Legacy.

I have one more book left in a trilogy that my mother picked and then I’ll choose one myself and I’ll try to read the next Legacy book too.

The ultimate plan is to move my bed so that I have the wall space available for more bookshelves. Which I desperately need at this point.

This year may be more random life news than Stargate to be honest, but hopefully that won’t be too disappointing.

I am writing again though which is super exciting and I’m getting feedback for a short story I’m working on too!

I’m also working on getting through some crafty projects and I found a website that lets you make floor plans. I’m hoping to use it for planning out a good floor plan for if we ever get a chance (and the money tbh) to have a custom home built.

Say it with me now- two story library!

Until next week!

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About last week…

Last week our oldest puppy dog became very sick very quickly. He refused to eat for two days and was throwing up far more than was normal for a dog.

We took him to an emergency vet and after several hours we thankfully got to take him home again. They’d given him fluids because he was dehydrated and some anti nausea medicine so he’d hopefully stop throwing up everything he ate.

I was not in a position to make any kind of post last week and felt like y’all should know why. He’s back to his usual self now, thank you God!, and I’m hoping to have a Stargate post for next week.

However, it’s possible it’ll be a while because I’m actually getting a ton of backlogged books read…I might have to do other book reviews.

Guess y’all will find out next week!


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A little Stargatey!?

Some of you may have noticed the Pyramid of Giza LEGO set from the other Christmas pics. I did get it done and was up until 2am doing it…

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so no judging!

So cute how LEGO numbers the bags these days for plebs.
A real LEGO builder will take hours finding the right piece, but they shall prevail!!
You actually have to build the base. They don’t give you a LEGO plate to build on. I was pleasantly surprised at this.
I have to say I honestly didn’t think the water and sand colors would look good at this point. (Be honest too, neither do y’all)
Some foliage!
Some foliage and the inside of the pyramid!
Attaching the two was something of a trial because I had to build the base some pieces kept trying to come undone from the base itself. Frustration occurred.
The finished, beautiful, product!

I didn’t think to take pics of the building of the outside of the pyramid itself, but it’s pretty cool how they designed this set.

Of note, in case you’re wanting one, this is NOT an entire pyramid! It is half of a pyramid because the back shows the “inside” of the pyramid.


I don’t know who made this set but they know their stuff because if you buy a second set you can attach the two to make an entire pyramid!!

I told my brother about it (he’s the one who got it for me) and he said he’d buy me a second one too. I won’t get it until 2023 Christmas, but that’s okay.

SO much fun this Christmas and I have exciting plans for this year’s Christmas!!

On the writing front, I was accepted into the boot camp and got access to it yesterday. The first module I’ve almost completed, the character information always takes the longest for me it seems, but I have an entire week to get it done.

I am so excited for this class and I’ve already gotten feedback on it!!

I’ll keep y’all posted!


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No news yet, but!…

Still haven’t heard back about the short story application. Fingers still crossed over here that I’ll get a response this week.


More present pics!

(Y’all didn’t really think my brother forgot My Little Pony these year did you?)
Color shifting AND color changing paints!!!!
It begins…
Step 1:
Step 2: (not all of them because I forgot to take a pic first before opening)
So. Much. Cute. Tiny. Food!!
Almost everything fits in a pencil case.

I fully intend to build a tiny pantry for my tiny food stuffs, I just have to plan it out first and that’s not currently on my list of crafty things.

Just wanted to give y’all a heads up.

I shall see everyone next week!


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Celebrated Christmas in December!!

For the first time in several years my family finally got to celebrate Christmas in December!

As per the usual, some pictures!

So. Much. Chocolate.
Tiny baking kit (fully functional!)
Tiny Operation game (couldn’t get the Charlie horse out without hitting the sides)
Tiny Monopoly (fully playable!)

Other than the tiny baking kit, the majority of the chocolate came from work and so did the tiny games.

My secret santa gave me all chocolate and then another coworker gave me chocolate (she gave gifts to all the higher ups) and two other higher ups gave me chocolate and the tiny games… and a galaxy print bag to hold everything!

I’ll post the other prezzie pics next week and hopefully update on the short story.

See ya!

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Short story?!

Good morning!!!

A while ago I may have mentioned that I’d signed up and taken an online writing course. It was fabulous and helped me a lot in understanding story structure.

I have, of course, continued to get the promotional emails sent to me and usually ignore them because of my jobs (I wouldn’t have time anyways), but since I’m quitting my part time job I decided to read the latest email.

They are doing a short story course where they will be giving feedback for every step of the process!!

This is the news I said I was thinking about last week. I wasn’t sure if I’d go through with it because it’s $900ish, but you can get $200 off if you submit before a certain date.

For what I’d get out of the course it’s worth the money, and I’m pretty positive I’m at least an intermediate writer (you have to be intermediate or higher to get accepted) so I should be good.

My plan is to fill out the application tomorrow and pray.

I feel really good (to over use the word) about it though because it seems like a God thing for this opportunity to drop into my lap just when I’ll have the time to do it and when I’ve got my card paid down enough that it won’t be a decision between what bills to pay.

They also offer a payment plan and since my monthly payment is so much smaller than two years ago….


My mother suggested a particular short story that I’d done years ago for a convention contest and I like the idea so plan on using it.

I have other plans for this coming year but I’m still working on them. I’ll let y’all know when I know.


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A little Atlantis and a little crafty!?

I got lost watching clips of Atlantis on YouTube again and saw the one where Rodney got superpowers.

The clip itself was when he asks Ronon about the scars on his back and then heals them.

I bring this up because the character growth of Rodney between Stargate and Atlantis is wonderful and so well done. This particular moment really shows that growth.

However, it’s interesting watching it again because of what happens after he gets turned into a Wraith.

Obviously, Ronon didn’t kill everyone with the weapon, but his reaction to Rodney is pretty dang heartbreaking to begin with. Add in the fact that I’m pretty sure Rodney has saved Ronons life more than the other way around and things just seem to get worse.

I could always keep track of who saves who this time around…

Of course, I’d have to reread the books again to get an accurate account.

Oh darn.

Anyways, on to the crafty!

My family is full of geniuses (we’re obviously related to McKay) and I am working on reformatting my room with the end result being more bookshelves!

I have a loft bed because I wanted a little more space, but my book collection was big to being with and even though I’m not keeping a lot of books anymore, I still have my favorite authors.

My idea was to move my bed in front of the window. This would still leave me with sunlight so I can do crafty things. However, my mother pointed out some problems with that (mostly the lack of headspace under my bed) and so I considered moving my bed to in front of my closet instead.

I consulted with my sister (who is way more spatially aware than I) and she concurred it would work.

I am already working on the closet itself since I haven’t gone through everything in several years (quite a few clothes are heading out!), and my brother agreed to help me take the doors off when I was ready.

A nice set of curtains will separate my closet while still giving me access to it with my bed in front. Best part is I can totally have a reading nook under my bed!

I am SO excited about this. It’s probably due to the fact that I’ll actually have time to do it now that I’ve handed in my notice at my part time job. Last day is the 31st and I am stoked!

I have other tentative news, but I’m waiting until I actually decide either way. But I’m also excited about that stuff too!

Until next time!

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Toys for Tots 2022!

Just got done dropping off a box of toys for Toys for Tots this year!

Big shout out and thank you to Brentwood Library in TN for being a donation drop off site!

As usual, I tend to look for toys on sale so I can make my money go further and this year I got really cool Playmobil and Barbie along with some games.

I usually try and show y’all the actual toys and take pics of them in the box, but I forgot this time. Brentwood is a 3ish hour drive away so my sister and mother decided to come along and we traded some books at McKays too.

I will neither confirm nor deny that I found an absolutely fabulous book series while there (I’m hoping to get them for Christmas!).

Back to Toys for Tots!

The cost of the toys this year would have been around $365.75 (give or take a few cents), but I ended up paying only $141.96!!!

Part of this is because my sister shops at Kohls and gives me the kohls cash (because it has to be used before she has a need to shop again), I have a B&N membership now that got me an extra 10% off toys already half off, and I intentionally look for the clearance aisle and shop throughout the year.

This gives me a chance to spend a little at a time so that it doesn’t take away from paying bills or buying gas, etc…

I did a good job this year and since I know that Brentwood’s library is a drop off site I’ll be checking them out next year and planning a little more in advance!

That’s all for this week, but don’t forget that Christmas is coming and my family is really trying this year to have Christmas in December. This means that either two small posts or a REALLY long one will be coming soon because it’s tradition at this point.

Honestly I’m hoping my mama got me more jeans this year. I was going to buy some, but it was already November and she asked for me to wait since that’s an easy present to get.

Praying y’all have a fabulous week and I’ll see you next time!!