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Very short because I am on vacation and enjoying the heck out of it!

Anyways, I was rewatching episode 1 part 2 and I didn’t mean to pause at a particular moment but it made me think.

When the Wraith drone pins Shepherd to the table the Wraith Queen is off to the side watching. However! What I never noticed before was the Wraith a step behind her.

I should say, I noticed him but never with the knowledge that comes with reading the Legacy series.

I bring this up because I wonder what his position is on the Hive. Is he the Queen’s Consort or just a Blade? If he is a Blade he’s most likely their leader (I can’t remember the exact term so I’ll have to reread that particular short story…oh darn. 😁).

I say this with the full understanding that the writers may not have thought that far ahead so what’s really happening here is me having a great time on vacation rewatching Atlantis!

I’ll see y’all next week, have a fantastic week!!

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A little Atlantis and a little crafty!

There are these comics that are set right after the ending of the show, but I don’t consider them canon if only because the Legacy series doesn’t either.

The artwork isn’t my style but the story wasn’t bad.

In these comics, an alien race starts invading Pegasus and the Alteran Janus shows up again. Things don’t look so good for our Pegasus family (don’t forget that Atlantis is on Earth or on the moon at this time) until Todd (Guide!) helps them out.



I think we’ve lost count of how many times he’s saved our butts… a rewatch is in order!

Anyways, turns out these aliens were made by (who’s really surprised by this?) the Alterans.

They’re defeated of course and everyone goes on their merry way to live happily ever after!

It’s not bad honestly, I just like Legacy better because of how they handled Guide being stuck on Earth and how they got Atlantis back to Pegasus.

Legacy feels more realistic to canon, is all.

On to crafty!

When I went to reorganize my small boxes I found the soap I made from the kit looking a little fuzzy?!

I have no idea what this is. I threw it away just to be safe. I hadn’t planned on using it of course, but I pulsar have minded keeping it for my tiny collection.

Oh well.

Where I left off so many years ago!
Finished product!

It’s light and not very defined because I didn’t understand I was supposed to use 2 threads to get the brighter colors.

I like it though. I like that I’m finishing so many crafty things I’ve let pile up over the years. This year is fabulous!

Remember this one?

I finally got all of the thread undone and it’s a clean slate again. Just waiting for me to make that first little ‘x’!!

I’ll see y’all next week!

Have a fantastic week until then!!

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So exciting! I’ve gotten 2 big cross stitches done!!

This one needed the entire boarder done, the lettering and half of the wheelbarrow finished. It doesn’t look like much but this is the largest of the big cross stitches and it took me a good bit to finish it.

This was almost started. I had the line, corner and double lines on the right side done and that was it. I didn’t think it would take long because so much was just 1 color or another, but it ended up taking a good couple of weeks anyways.

I’m working on a ‘started’ one at the moment, I just need to finish a fairy and outlining, but thought I’d show this one too today.

In cross-stitch you should start in the middle because that will make sure the entire thing fits properly on the fabric.

You see what I didn’t do?

I think this was one of my first ones and my mama told me to start in the middle, but I didn’t. I’m currently trying to undo the threads do I can start over.

Counting the already started one, I have 3 big ones left to do. I also have 2 small ones again because I found the pieces for one that I actually used the design and thread for a wedding gift and then my sister gave me one because she can’t do that kind of work at the moment.

I also have my figures needling to be painted still, but I hope to get to some of that the next couple of days.

That is all for now because I have a few things to do before bed. I’m wanting to get my room rearranged tomorrow!

Till another time!

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It’s late…

It’s late and I have been absurdly tired today. I’ve done stuff, but I don’t feel like it’s been exhaustive stuff ya know?

I’ll see y’all next week with updates!

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The finished product!

(Happy & excited Squee noises!!!)
A closer look!
A second closer look!!

Outside of the fact that this ended up being WAY more gorgeous than I thought it would, it looks like there is plenty of space for the extension on top for an extra shelf!!!

I love it!

I love it so much!!!

This makes me a level of happy I cannot express properly!!!


If I figure out how to get a picture of it I will definitely post it!

I tried to keep the bigger stuff away from the edges where it could be pulled down when I put shelves in and I think I did a good job.

I got a little humorous with the hole on the bottom and put some shooting stars to make it look like a black hole (if you look close you’ll see what I mean!).

Could I have put the planets in proper order? Of course, but I didn’t think of it and I really didn’t want too many big ones together anyway. I wanted them spaced out for maximum glow!

Y’all probably noticed the shelf sitting on the floor. Apparently when it was returned they neglected to hand over 4 of the pegs to keep the shelf up. It’s not that big of a deal since I’d like to know how to just buy the shelves and pegs anyway.

I’m hoping they’ll let me because I could add a good four or more to get the best space value out of it for my displayable items.

That’s all for now, I’ll see y’all next week!

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Not sure if I mentioned it previously (and at this point I have way too many posts to go through to check), but I’ve been planning on rearranging my room to make better use of it.

Since I have a loft bed I figured it would work in front of my closet (instead of along the longest wall in my room) and I’d still have access so long as I took the doors off of course.

I honestly didn’t think I’d get to any of it for several months yet because I wanted to pay off my credit card first.


An impromptu visit to Ikea led me to their clearance/sale/returned items section where I found a corner bookshelf that was 35% off (it honestly should have been more because whoever built it damaged it and a chunk off the back has left a hole in the bottom corner) and a height extension that was 45% off.

This particular bookshelf was going to be the display one anyway so I figured for that price it wouldn’t be a problem for me and I’d be able to see if I can fit the extension on the bookshelves too at a discounted price before paying full for the rest.

I think I’ll have a 1/2in leeway, but the carpet is making measurements a little iffy.


Here’s pics of the bookshelf before I painted the first coat!

Shelves that came with it.
This thing is already taller than my current Walmart bookshelves! (That’s the hole in the bottom left corner btw)

It’s white here, but I painted it black. I have to wait 24hrs before I can paint the second coat, but I’m hoping I’ll only need the two.

I don’t know if I want to paint a galaxy background on it too before bringing it up or simply go with the glow-in-the-dark stars I have a plethora of and nothing to use them on!

Maybe I’ll do galaxy on the top of the shelves…


I’ll update next week of course and give more pics. For now I shall retire because I am tired.

Bye for now!

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Story time!

One day when I was supposed to be doing my writing assignment, I was instead procrastinating by watching YouTube shorts.

Someone I watch randomly (NerdECrafter) had a video about mini craft kits and I figured, why not?

The video was about a craft kit. A mini craft kit. A mini resin craft kit. A mini resin craft kit that was also a blind box type situation!!

LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!(see pictures and tags below).

We begin.
Layer #2.
Layer #3.
It is revealed!
The sphere it comes in doubles as a display case and they include a table!! (It snaps into the base of the sphere).
I wasn’t sure why it suggested I cut the bags open in such a weird manner and then I realized it’s to make them look like tiny shopping bags!
All the different items you can get! (I got the blueberry cheesecake!).
Look at how flipping cute this is!!!
Ingredients and instructions!
Finished product!! It looks so delicious!!

This was super easy and fun to do! It didn’t take very long at all but the fact that everything was so tiny and the packaging so adorable just made my week.

The curing time is really the only ‘complaint’ I’d have and that was easily fixed with my UV flashlight so not really a big deal.

These are really new, having just come out in December 2022 I believe. There are 2 sets, a cafe and a diner set. One is about $7 and the other is about $10.

Because everything about these speak to me and make me happy just by existing, I figured they’d make the perfect reward for when I finish my in-progress box.

Which means you’ll no doubt see a whole lot more of these coming up because I’m super close to finishing that box!

Ta for now!!

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Crafty 3!

I honestly don’t know why there’s ‘batter’ in the middle of the waffles, but yolo I guess?
I did try to do the cross hatch thing but I couldn’t get it to work right.
Possibly the easiest to do.
I LOVE Bundt cake! Though my favorite it chocolate, of course!
Getting ready for the last one!
I had the option of cutting a piece out to make a slice but I already did that with the polymer clay one so figured I’d leave this whole.

I didn’t get pictures of the process for the soap because it kept cooling too quickly. As in, cooling in the glass I melted the bars in AS I POURED IT INTO THE MOLD!!

Definitely would not suggest doing a kids kit for soap. I kind of liked the end result so if I ever decide to wet my feet properly, I’ll buy a small amount of supplies and try it instead of kits.

You’ll notice the pipette with the soap stuck in it. I was supposedly going to be able to create an icing effect on the donut soap I made, but it cooled so fast I couldn’t get it further up than that.

Anyways, next week will be crafty again because I’m making strides on my little box of in-progress crafts and I’m really excited to share it with y’all!

I’ll try to get back to a Legacy post soon though. Reading through my other TBR bookshelf at the moment to try and get them out so I can get into my ever growing TBR journal I had to start.

Bye for now!

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Crafty 2!

Further adventures in eraser making!

I kept forgetting to take pics before I started!
Kinda looks like a clown…
A good starter pic!
I don’t know about those fuzzy hats they’ve got on.
So weird…
End result was much better than I thought it’d be. Quite happy with this one!
So many pieces!
I could not get the ratios correct for this thing to save my life!

Overall, not a bad batch this week. I’ll have more next week!