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Crafty 3!

I honestly don’t know why there’s ‘batter’ in the middle of the waffles, but yolo I guess?
I did try to do the cross hatch thing but I couldn’t get it to work right.
Possibly the easiest to do.
I LOVE Bundt cake! Though my favorite it chocolate, of course!
Getting ready for the last one!
I had the option of cutting a piece out to make a slice but I already did that with the polymer clay one so figured I’d leave this whole.

I didn’t get pictures of the process for the soap because it kept cooling too quickly. As in, cooling in the glass I melted the bars in AS I POURED IT INTO THE MOLD!!

Definitely would not suggest doing a kids kit for soap. I kind of liked the end result so if I ever decide to wet my feet properly, I’ll buy a small amount of supplies and try it instead of kits.

You’ll notice the pipette with the soap stuck in it. I was supposedly going to be able to create an icing effect on the donut soap I made, but it cooled so fast I couldn’t get it further up than that.

Anyways, next week will be crafty again because I’m making strides on my little box of in-progress crafts and I’m really excited to share it with y’all!

I’ll try to get back to a Legacy post soon though. Reading through my other TBR bookshelf at the moment to try and get them out so I can get into my ever growing TBR journal I had to start.

Bye for now!

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