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Stargate Roleplaying Game update!


My book is finally here!

Look at it!!

So beautiful!

My picture may be bad, but the book is amazing!!

If you will excuse me now, I will be holed up reading this fine display of workmanship!

(Atlantis review postponed until next week so I can enjoy this!)

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StALeR – Special Edition: Consort

So I said this week would be the next book or a Guide and Snow post.

Guide and Snow won out.

In the anthology ‘Far Horizons’ is a short story about when Snow chose Guide as her Consort. I’ll do a couple posts about it because it is GOOD!

The story itself is fantastic because it’s also the story of when Guide and his Hive reprogrammed the Asurans, stopping them from slaughtering the Wraith.

Guide is still young here, but he and Seeker (a cousin and friend) have made places for themselves as part of Queen Snow’s zenana.

Queen Snow is somewhat different from other Queen’s in that she sees the value in Clevermen and what they can bring to the Wraith as a whole. The impression is that Clevermen are needed and also valued, but Blades are more important because they keep everyone safe.

Of course, we know that Guide himself is quite practiced as a cleverman. Wether it’s because of his age or because he’s smart enough not to make the same mistake twice (we are distinctly not mentioning his making deals with the Lanteans multiple times and expecting them not to screw him over).

I’m pretty sure, though it’s not eluded to in any way here, that Snow is the reason he got into the Clevermen track of life. If only enough to get himself in trouble.

This time though, his clever mind is the reason the Asurans were defeated.

Talking to Seeker, Guide asks why another of the zenana (a Cleverman and also vying to be Snow’s Consort of course) hasn’t figured out how to stop the Asurans.

The conversation hits a point where Guide asks why they can’t be reprogrammed.

They can.

The real problem is that the new code would have to be uploaded directly to the main core.

Which is on the home planet and, obviously, well guarded.

Guide, already being the lovable psycho we know now, decides that that’s what they’ll do.

Infiltrate the Asurans homeworld and upload a new code before heading home.

As we also know now, he succeeds on most occasions with astounding results.

This is no different.

They succeed and life goes on until the Lanteans come around and undo the work.

At which point they need Guide to help them and they take him prisoner and so on until Rodney’s sister is infected with nanites.

This is a very brief summary of what happens. I’m going to be diving in a little more because it’s a really great look into Wraith life and especially Guide’s early start with his beloved Snow.

Also, Snow is awesome!

See everyone next week!

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StALeR 50 – Legacy: Secrets (Part 15)

Hello everyone!

I didn’t realize last week that this would be the 50th post since starting the Legacy series reviews. I was mostly concerned about the ‘Part 15’ part I wanted to get to before starting the next book.

Am I doing something special this week?


Mostly because I only realized this was the 50th review just now when I sat down to do this post. Hopefully I’ll remember the 100th review post and plan something special, but we shall see.

For this week however!

The first Wraith are worth taking another look at for this last review. When they woke as Wraith, whatever had been done to them had pretty much wiped their memories. Or at least a good portion of them. It’s the reason they took on new names that were based on their minds’ feel, because they couldn’t immediately remember their own names and then it became their thing. Separate from the Alterans and simply being ‘subjects’.

When Osprey gave Kairos his new name it was because of his mind. She knew his name still but chose to call him what he had become.

I wonder if his mind felt like ashes because that’s how he felt about the entire thing. The Alterans and their experiments. His part in them. All the dead he couldn’t save that shouldn’t have been lost to begin with.

There were one hundred men and one hundred women used in the tests. Ninety-one women died, and one man did leaving the Wraith to start with nine Queens and ninety-nine men who became Blades and Clevermen.

I wonder if they split in to equal bands?

We know that’s what they called themselves for the first long while. Until they created the Hiveships they used stolen Alteran technology ( and possibly other advanced society ships though I wonder how far the Alterans actually let anyone else get). We only really know about Osprey and some of the men who followed her because she’s where Teyla gets her Wraithiness from.

I kind of feel like it wouldn’t be an even split though. After all they had gone through I feel like some gravitated towards certain people they felt closer to or that they were more comfortable with and probably some moved around from band to band sharing information and such until they found their place.

What is interesting (and I wonder if it’s a typo) is that Teyla thinks about the timing of the Wraith and says it was eleven thousand years ago that they first became. Which would mean that the Old One is only one thousand years older then Guide is.

Which is still pretty old, but not so much for Wraith.

I can’t wait to get to the novella with Guide and Snow! It’s so cute and wonderful! Maybe, now that we’ve met his daughter, I should take a short break from Legacy proper and do a review of that story?

It would kind of fit in with the whole timing of Wraith history and all…

I have to end this post now because it’s getting long and getting late. I know it was kind of rambley, but I kept seeing things I’d missed the first few times I’d read it.

These books are WAY TOO GOOD!!

I’ll see peeps next week with either a Guide and Snow story or the next book in Legacy.

Till then!

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StALeR 49 – Legacy: Secrets (Part 14)

Wraith gestation periods are apparently quite long.

Ya’ll didn’t think I’d go there did ya?

Reading through one of my absolute favorite scenes in this book (my favorite being when Guide meets his daughter again) it occurred to me that Alabaster was pregnant for a long time compared to humans.

Really shouldn’t have taken me so long since they literally say how long she was on the planet before giving birth to Darling, but you always seem to find something new in a book when you go back through. Which is why I don’t get too many points taken off for this one.

Anyways, Alabaster carried Darling for two years before giving birth. Considering that Guide thought about when she was little and asleep in the Hiveships womb (pretty sure that was the word used) I have so many questions about Wraith children!

They can obviously carry to term (which was one of my questions), so are the newborns put into a womb-like place on a Hive to help them grow and learn about the Wraith until a certain age and it wasn’t an option for Darling so she simply raised him?

Or is the word ‘womb’ in relation to a Hiveship simply a sleeping place for the young?

It would be cool to find out, and there are other stories still I haven’t read or listened to so the answer may be there. Or be in one of the books I’ve read already and just didn’t see it the first time through.

In any case, I’ll keep it on the backburner while I’m going through the next books and see if I can get more info.

Another thing this week, while we’re talking about Wraith and their children, is Guide and Alabaster’s reactions to meeting again after twenty-one years.

Pretty dang hard for a human and not so different for the Wraith. Alabaster kept expecting her father to come to the rescue and Guide, apparently, had several times where he expected her to be on the other end of a message.

Needing Bonewhite to watch his back in case he got himself into trouble is a very telling thing. Guide thinks about how he’s feeling in the moment, but twice since Woolsey contacted him, Guide has considered Bonewhite to be the best person to keep things going if this time is like the rest and a false call.

I can’t remember if the reason he was caught by the Genii in the first place was because he was following another lead on his daughter.

At least this time turned out far better for him then that time.

I like that we keep seeing these little snippets of Wraith life. You wouldn’t think that Bonewhite and Guide are close, (being Commander and Second is one thing but advancement is also a thing) but these two little scenes tell a different story. We all know Guide is older by a good bit than most of the Wraith we’ve met but it’s nice to see that the Wraith form different kinds of friendships like humans do.

Having said that, it can’t be easy being friends with someone like Guide who always seems to be in some kind of trouble or other. Either needing rescuing or just a little more time to see his plans to fruition.

I shall leave this post here for the week and let ya’ll know that it was meant to be the last but then I realized I could do one more and get to a solid 15 for this book, so why not?

Next week will be the last review for ‘Secrets’ and then onto the next!

Have a great week everyone!

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Book sales!

Slight delay on that next Atlantis review.


Cause I bought 11 books and a movie for just $10!

Okay, we all know the delay is because it’s late and I work in the morning, but still!

I found the last book in a YA series I’ve been trying to get for a couple of years now, a Sherrilyn McQueen book in fabulous condition that I was missing, 5 books in a series I’ve never read before but looks really good, and a mass market sized hardback of book 3 in the Dragonriders of Pern series.

I don’t know if I’ll collect the Anne McCaffrey series but the book was in such good condition and so early in the series that I’m hoping to at least find book 1 and 2 in the same format.

Anyways, it’s time for bed for me. I’ll see y’all later!

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StALeR 48 – Legacy: Secrets (Part 13)

Let’s talk Rodney McKay a little bit shall we?

We love Rodney to pieces but he has problems. The fact that he’s part Wraith now isn’t necessarily the problem, so much that he doesn’t realize it’s a problem.

Rodney is incredibly self aware. We all know this and have even enjoyed when moments happened where he is honest with people about his faults (social in any case).

The whole Wraith thing though is still messing him up and in ways he doesn’t realize.

Take for example the end of the book here. The weapon that was made to kill all the Wraith is hidden by Sheppard, but Rodney (having overheard Sheppard’s thoughts about where he’d put it for safe keeping) believes that it’s too obvious.

So he takes it.

Now, he ‘hides’ it himself so it’s not such a bad thing, but in his thought process he is definitely imagining how delighted Alabaster would be with him if she found out he’d had the foresight to hide the weapon better.

He imagines what the the touch of her mind would feel like and that’s not good.

Rodney is still more Wraith than he’s willing to admit. Too afraid his friends will turn on him to see the problems.

This particular incident causes some issues later, but that’s another post for the next book.

I think next week I’ll talk about O’Neill and Guide cause boy was that hilarious!

For me anyways.

See ya!

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StALeR 47 – Legacy: Secrets (Part 12)

I did in fact add the Stargate SG-1 novels to my Christmas list this year because I would like to read them. I don’t know if I’ll be doing the same thing as with Atlantis though. I think for SG-1, because it’s so huge, I’ll just read the books and do reviews for them.


There are apparently audiobook original stories?!

I also put those on my list and my mama said she’d buy some of them for me!

Now the problem is finding the others that aren’t being sold for $50 or so…

Anyways, for this week I’ll be talking about the Wraith!

We know the theory of where the Wraith came from couldn’t be true because of the timing itself and because of conversations throughout the Legacy series. In ‘Secrets’ we find out the truth and dang y’all. Just dang.

As if we couldn’t despise the Alterans enough already for what they’ve done to our peeps and the others in the galaxy, they went and tortured humans and changed them into Wraith.

The ‘Old One’ who serves Death was one of the original. His name used to be Kairos and he was an Athosian until he went to serve the Ancestors and found himself helping in the experiments and inevitably becoming one of the subjects himself.

Newly named Ashes, he is the first Master of Sciences, though I believe he had to be of both biological and physical as he tried to figure out exactly what they could and could not do and what had been done to them that let them survive when so many others didn’t.

After running for a time from the Alterans, the new Wraith go to Athos where Ashes’ ex-wife (don’t forget the Athosians view marriage differently so they had parted on good terms) still lives. He believes she will either help them or at least listen to what he has to say concerning what the Alterans did to him and the others.

What’s so heartbreaking here is that his former wife, Rissa, doesn’t listen. At all.

In fact, she blindly believes what the Alterans told her about Kairos/Ashes being a demon despite being a woman of science herself. She doesn’t listen, not really, to what Ashes tells her and the whole thing is a setup.

Alterans are outside waiting. No doubt they had patrols stationed throughout the galaxy where their victims families lived to try and catch the Wraith when they tried to go home.

Ashes is devastated at the betrayal, who wouldn’t be, but it isn’t until Rissa shoots him that he attacks and feeds on her.

This is where his hatred of humans comes from. Not just the Alterans, but ALL humans.

Because Rissa saw that it was him. She recognized him, but instead of questioning what the Alterans had told her, now that the evidence was literally staring at her face, she shoots her former husband and friend.

I think the Wraith and humans’ story would have been a lot different if Rissa had just asked one question.

But she didn’t and so the story continued until Atlantis came into Earth human hands and we forged the friendships and relationships that should have existed with the Wraith’s human families all along.

What makes this a particularly hard scene is that Ashes is crying as they escape the Alterans and Athos. Something he had noted not long before that he hadn’t known Wraith could do.

Can you imagine being surprised that you can cry?

That’s how badly the Alterans screwed with them. They literally thought they were so far removed from what they had been that they were surprised they could cry.

The Wraith we know are a direct result of being thrown away by their families and loved ones, because you can’t convince me that others didn’t try to contact their families after that. Wanting to see their children and spouses, their moms, dads and siblings.

The Alterans didn’t want anyone to question them so they lied and started a war instead that cost countless lives.

I’ll end it here because otherwise I’ll want to talk about their progression as a people and we don’t really have time for THAT long of a post… I also want to read one, if not both, of the novellas I got for Christmas (we celebrated in March if you recall).

See ya’ll!

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Quick update!

I forgot to mention that the Stargate RPG Manual is almost ready!!

I’m so excited and looking forward to my stuff arriving. It would be cool if it arrived for Christmas but the production and shipping issues are still a thing.

I’m just glad they got final approval and things are moving forward again!!

In other news!

I got $5 in tips my first week at my second job! Might not seem like a lot, but I only worked 6 hrs for that week and I’ve worked far more than that this time. To say I’m excited to see how much I get this week is an understatement.

I mean, I’m not saying I took this job for the tips, but I’m also not saying I didn’t. (It’s really just a nice bonus that I look forward to every week and I plan on counting my tips on my birthday as a fun thing to do because I like counting money!)

Obviously this isn’t an Atlantis post, I will get one for next week, because my schedule this week is outside my availability but due to a situation they needed the extra (early) help and so I said I could work it.

After this though I really can’t work outside the agreed upon hours because I don’t get enough sleep between jobs to be safe. Thankfully! My part time boss is really nice and said it wouldn’t be an issue and thanked me for letting him know.

Next week should be Atlantis again but until then, I think I’ll put the Stargate SG-1 novels on my Christmas list…

See ya!

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StALeR 46 – Legacy: Secrets (Part 11)

A little bit of Atlantis today because Radek doesn’t get as much time in this book.

Having said that!

Radek is doing a good job of being in charge of the science peeps. I mean, Rodney wasn’t bad per se but he definitely lacks the social awareness needed to be in charge of so many different people.

Does he challenge them to be better?


Does he push them further than they think they can go?

All the time!

But I bet you anything that the person making sure the team didn’t have internal strife over the years was Radek.

Being in charge now is only a little different in that he’s calling the shots. We all know he and Rodney would love to go back to how it was, but Woolsey isn’t stupid and things are different wether they want them to be or not.

Now that Rodney is back though, I feel like things get better with the science peeps. They were all worried about him and leaned on Radek a lot.

Radek, in turn, did a great job keeping them focused and even made things run more smoothly than before because he has the temperament to deal with so many different people at a time.

His interactions with William are interesting, to say the least, because we know he has a temper but I don’t believe we’ve ever seen him actually dislike someone.

He definitely has a problem with William and the feeling is somewhat mutual.

I like that Radek still listens to him when William brings something up that he thinks is important. It isn’t the most opportune time, what with the Wraith and the Genii and everything else going on, but he listens and even goes to Woolsey and Sheppard with the idea.

The Radek and Rodney thing here isn’t really that big of a deal when it comes to the ‘being on SGA-1’.

Radek hated it. Or at least really, really, REALLY didn’t like it. Having Rodney ‘convince’ him to trade places for the mission where they find Alabaster, wouldn’t have taken more than Rodney saying he wanted to go.

Their friendship is such that I get the feeling that Radek would have been okay with Rodney staying fully Wraith if they hadn’t been able to reverse the process. At least, I feel like he would have acclimated to it a lot faster and dealt better with it than anyone else.

Before I sign off for this post, a small scene that’s really quite cute (and sets us up for a novella later on) is when Radek takes William to a room deep in Atlantis and shows him an alien cephalopod that seems to be communicating with him via light signals.

Radek shines a light at the window where the cephalopod is looking in and turns the light on and off in a pattern, which the cephalopod mimics.

The reason it’s so cute is that Radek is showing this almost-enemy-definitely-not-a-friend person a cool thing. Something he knows William will find fascinating even though he doesn’t like William.

It shows a level of growth I enjoy seeing in characters. It doesn’t always have to be huge gestures shouting how they’ve grown . It’s the little things that really make us love characters.

I will see y’all later and pray you have a wonderful week!

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Lazy day!

I honestly forgot what day it was and didn’t have anything prepared. Sorry!

Truth is, this week I’ll be doing training for my new part time job and I wanted to spend some time truly relaxing.

Which for me means reading.

I’ve finished ‘Secrets’ so there should be about 2-3 more posts from there, but what I planned to write about for this week I have a suspicion I already did.

So I’m gonna have to reread my posts for this one to make sure I’m not plagiarizing myself.

But! I got to read 2 1/2 entire books yesterday (the half was from a book I was up until 1am Sunday morning reading and finally had to go to sleep) and hope to read a couple more this week before my schedule is full of work again!

I will see y’all next week with new material from Legacy and until next time, don’t let current events pull you down! It’s hard, trust me I’m struggling and stressed too, but try to remember to be lights.

We could definitely use more of those right now!