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StALeR 21 – Legacy: Allegiance (Part 6)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: Allegiance

SGA #18

ISBN: 9781905586561

This is going to be a hodgepodge of a review this week because there are a couple smaller things that I wanted to dissect and discuss but that wouldn’t, on their own, make a very long post.

Which I really should stop doing cause people have lives, but you are here so you must enjoy spending time in The Dark Library.

Thank you for that!

Onto the review!

Wraith board games are a thing?!

We’ve seen in this book alone that they have a dedicated (probably more considering the size of a hiveship) room for games and social gathering (the Wraith would never have to worry about COVID either so bonus points to them!).

Some games have to do with stones and others with game pieces that sound like it’s along the lines of chess though maybe not since they call it ‘towers’. Possibly like Jenga?

The ones with stones may be a type of prophecy or fortune telling game because Guide is playing with some when he returns to his hive after Earth and isn’t happy with the faces’ they show him.

It would be awesome if the creators actually had rules for the games and I’ll have to look into that and see. I’ll let ya’ll know what I find.

Speaking of chess like games though. I feel like chess would be an incredibly easy game for the Wraith to play. I’m not a fan myself, more into checkers, but the planning ahead multiple moves would probably mean the game went on for a lot longer than any human game would. No doubt they’d change the rules or add things to make it more interesting for them, but on its own I don’t see chess being too difficult for them.

Monopoly now, that would be hilarious!

Cards against Humanity may be funny too if the cards were Pegasus galaxy and Wraith specific.

What do ya’ll think?

The idea that the Wraith would have something as normal as games is not one the humans would consider in the beginning, but what about after a few encounters with Todd? Would Sheppard think about that? After Ellia and Michael there was no way they couldn’t see the Wraith as just the enemy, so did they ever stop and have one of those random thoughts about if Wraith played games? Or if they had hobbies?

I’m sure, since they were still at war at the time, that if they did have those thoughts, they were quickly squished for self-preservation reasons.

Now for the second thing I wanted to bring up but the post wouldn’t have been very long.


Ya’ll know how I feel about the whole Michael situation and my feelings are simply reinforced when we get to this book.

Guide gives Quicksilver a name to conjure with. Something to help him remember who he is without getting himself killed and it works (though he stays in denial throughout this book).

Not finding too much on Michael in the Hive database, Quicksilver asks Ember to tell him about Michael and what happened.

We know from our perspective what happened, but for the Wraith, Lastlight (Michael) was a well-respected blade and a beloved leader within his Hive. Ember says he was “a blade with the heart of a cleverman”, which apparently is common amongst the Stormdark Queens (I figure Stormdark is a clan type like Night Clan is).

When Lastlight’s queen sent him to force the Lanteans off their feeding grounds he was instead captured when he stayed behind to make sure his men got away safely.

The Wraith who recalled the story to Ember wept for what happened next because he and the others felt it was their fault what happened to Lastlight.

We know the next part. About how Lastlight was renamed Michael, was lied to, and how his memory came back and such.

When he escaped the first time, the Hive he came across wasn’t his and they treated him like a lesser thing. They didn’t care that he had been experimented on against his will and that he had sacrificed himself for his men. He was less.

Unfortunately, his helping the Lanteans kill that Queen meant that when he escaped the second time and found his way back to his Hive, his Queen branded him regicide and banished him.

I can’t believe that it was a decision made lightly and how Ember tells the story makes me think that Queen Highcloud would have taken him back had he not helped kill Queen Nightwind.

We saw in the series how awful it was for Lastlight/Michael when he was on Nightwind’s hive. How the others treated him because of the experiments but knowing this makes it worse somehow.

He had friends. A family in his Hivemates. Beloved by his Queen and men.

It would be interesting to know what Guide would have done if he’d been free during Michael’s time. If he’d known about Michael would he have helped him? Not necessarily create cross-breed monstrosities, but help him return to Wraith fully?

Considering Guide has already killed one Primary Queen I don’t see him being too concerned about someone branded with regicide. Having been a prisoner of the Lanteans himself, and after making an agreement to help them, Guide probably would have been far more understanding of Lastlight than anyone else. The two of them may have even found a solution to the feeding problem or found their way to Earth successfully.

Anyways, it’s not something we’ll ever have an answer too.

I must end things here for now, but will see ya’ll next week!

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StALeR 20 – Legacy: Allegiance (Part 5)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: Allegiance

SGA #18

ISBN: 9781905586561

Remember when I talked about the zenana and how it would be interesting to know how old everyone was?

Well, later on Guide is chilling watching younger blades play a game when the Old One waves him over (not literally of course but same effect). Not necessarily wanting to be so close since he doesn’t know how strong the Old One is, Guide nonetheless sits down and they have a chat.

The Old One comments on how old Guide is and finds it funny that Guide agrees he’s not young but doesn’t give his actual age. Guide tells him that he was born at the beginning of the war with the Alteran’s. In fact, he was bred specifically for the war and says he came of age not long before they won.

Here’s the interesting thing (I mean, I find several things interesting about this conversation especially because I know what’s coming, but this is the first interesting thing)- Guide is over ten thousand years old. We know this because Atlantis was under the water for that long so if Guide not only fought in the war, but grew up during it, he’s pretty old.

Now, we don’t actually know how long it takes for a Wraith to come of age. It could be five hundred years or more, or less. We know they’re considered no longer children when they get their feeding-mouth, but they could still be considered ‘young adults’ instead of adults for a period of time. It would make sense since they would have to learn how to feed and whatnot (unless it’s instinctual?).

Taking that into consideration, the fact that the Old One is so old that’s his name, kind of tells you something doesn’t it?

Moving on-

The Old One snaps at Guide because Guide apparently doesn’t acknowledge (or know?) that the war with the Alteran’s had been going on for longer than that. As the Old One claims, it was ‘far older’ than Guide’s reckoning, since the very beginning of the Wraith.

Now, to be fair, Guide does make note that the Old One is so old that he doesn’t fit the usual Wraith types that were bred for the war around his own time. He compares the Old One instead to the foremost mother’ of Queen Snow’s Hive (which I take to mean several generations back and you know that’s saying something with the Wraith).

                   As an aside – does anyone else find it kind of sad that the Wraith, as a people were forced to intentionally breed certain types to survive? We know about the cloning of the Drones, but that doesn’t necessarily count because they’re brainless and, from what I’ve read and seen on the series, can’t operate without a Wraith commanding them. They have no will of their own so I’m not counting them for this, but the Blades and the Clevermen and the Queens? It would be interesting to know if any Wraith ever felt uncomfortable about that fact or if it’s such a part of their lives that it’s normal? Taking Guide as an example we know he’s a blade, but he’s also helped McKay with sciencey stuff so he obviously has a diverse set of skills. Does it come with age and a desire to survive or was it necessary for blades to know such things during the war?

We shall continue-

The Old One and Guide chat a little longer where Guide tries to figure out where the Old One stands when it comes to Death and her plans. The Old One is most definitely for her as, they can both agree, that when the war ended the last time there were far too many Wraith who had been bred because they were expected to die in the war (again, how incredibly sad!) and when they won there wasn’t enough food to go around.

Death’s plan is, technically speaking, a good one. Until you get down to the fact that the Alteran’s and Lanteans are extremely different from each other. The Alteran’s were willing to leave an entire galaxy to the mercy of the Wraith if it meant they personally would be safe. Our people don’t think that way and God help the Wraith if they actually ended up on Earth intending to take it over!

The plan is a good one, but doesn’t hold up once you start looking closer at it.

I find it interesting during this exchange that Guide didn’t bring up the fact that Death is to blame for the sudden lack of food with her attacks where they don’t cull, but then again that could have caused suspicion and the Old One is obviously a favorite of Death’s.

The Old One goes further though. It’s not just about finding new feeding grounds, it’s also about ending the Alteran’s once and for all.

Guide says that they’ve been dust for a thousand years.

The Old One says that their children live, in a tone that makes Guide shut up.

There is a history there that is heartbreaking ya’ll and I love that the series was written the way it was, but if you’ve ever liked the Alteran’s you won’t by the end of this series.

With that I end this review and hope to see ya’ll next week!

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StALeR 19 – Legacy: Allegiance (Part 4)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: Allegiance

SGA #18

ISBN: 9781905586561

Ronon and Radek are a very interesting friendship.

We saw way back in the between episode posts how they got along when stranded together or working together a few times. Their differences were something to work with and around but they always managed to do so. The differences are pretty obvious to spot.

Ronon is a tall outdoorsy soldier kind of a person while Radek is short, a scientist and definitely doesn’t like leaving Atlantis.

Watching the show and reading the books it’s hard to remember that they actually have a pretty big something in common.

They’ve both seen their homes destroyed. Seen the aftermath. People scattered.

What I like about the friendship between these two, which isn’t like their friendships with anyone else, is that it doesn’t rely on them hanging out. they both understand what the other has gone through in a way that even Shepard wouldn’t be able to understand because as an American he never would have experienced his home being bombed (and thank God for that! It should never happen to anyone).

In ‘Allegiance’, there is a scene on the second trip to Sateda where they’re going to investigate the museum and look for Alteran tech. They stop for a quick break, due to Radek’s leg acting up (not that Teyla so much as hints that’s the reason) and William (a new peep who knew Radek way back when and is now in Atlantis to help out) makes a comment about the square they’d stopped in having been residential.

Ronon confirms it, in a short way as it’s painful, and Teyla, trying to be polite with William, mentions that she may have been there before, then she sees Ronon’s face and drops it but the awkwardness has set in.

It’s obviously not a topic Ronon wants to get into. Talking isn’t his strongest suit to begin with, but when you add in the topic of Sateda and what happened the conversation is pretty much over before it begins.

It’s not easy for Ronon to come back and find people living there again. Rebuilding for the future. It’s not that he wishes them ill or anything, but he can’t seem to find enough hope to see what the other Satedan’s are fighting for. He wants it to work but can’t see how it will ever go back to normal.

Radek comes to the rescue!

Radek recounts what happened to his own hometown. It was bombed because of a German manufacturing plant having been built there. He tells them about how, a little before he was born but was told stories, the Old Square was completely destroyed and by the time he came along it was being rebuilt. As he grew up he saw it being rebuilt a little at a time. It wasn’t the same, at all, but it was still there.

They were still there.

As the only one present (possibly in all of Atlantis as he’s one of the oldest members I think) who understands what Ronon is going through, Radek does what he can to ease his pain.

It had to have taken a lot to talk about it, but he did because he saw a friend in need and thought perhaps he could help.

There’s a moment where he doubts whether it did help or instead made things worse, but then Ronon helps him up and, in the way of these men, they were okay.

I like it.

I think Ronon was alone for so long and then was betrayed by his people one too many times and is still dealing with all that. Not hard to see since it really wasn’t that long ago. He’s about as much of a loner as you can get and forgets that others may actually have gone through something similar.

The other Satedan civilians he wouldn’t have much in common with, in his mind, and really doesn’t have much in common with Radek, but I like that Radek doesn’t just ignore what Ronon is going through and instead brings up memories to try and help.

Ronon isn’t big on asking for help so it’s a good thing he’s friends with Radek.

This post honestly wasn’t planned at all. I didn’t think I would write about these two again, but this book reminded me about their other encounters and how much, I personally believe, they’ve helped each other heal a little bit from their pasts.

I’ve bookmarked a couple of interesting places in the book I want to do posts about, but I sat down and this is what a happened.

Hope ya’ll enjoyed it and I hope you also find the friendship between Ronon and Radek as heartfelt, if a little strange, as I do!

See ya!

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StALeR 18 – Legacy: Allegiance (Part 3)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: Allegiance

SGA #18

ISBN: 9781905586561

I had intended to talk more about Ronon this week, but I had a bad day on Friday and skipped to a part of ‘Allegiance’ with Guide and other Wraith. It made me smile and I loved the chapter so much I felt like making it its own review.

(It’s chapter 2 by the way)

Guide is most displeased that the Lanteans couldn’t manage to destroy Death’s Hiveship when he basically handed it to them on a silver platter.

It was powered down for heavens sake and up against the newest Earth ship!

The situation is looking pretty grim and Guide is worried about his people. McKay is still Death’s prisoner and it won’t be long before he breaks under her ministrations. When that happens Death will no doubt know of Guide’s dealings with the humans and destroy him and his people.

We get most of our information from a conversation he has with his second, Bonewhite, and the rest comes from Ember before Guide is summoned before Death and her zenana again.

Remember Ember?

The little cutie from when Guide first returned to his Hive in book one?

If I didn’t mention him (which I’m pretty sure I did) he is a young cleverman that was brought on while Guide was on Earth (and he’ll be around for quite a bit and we love him too!).

He’s proving himself to be invaluable and quick. Impressing Guide enough that he’s somewhat reluctant to trust Ember since the last time he trusted a young cleverman, said Wraith stole his Hive and went to Earth.

Destroying the Hive and everyone on it.

Guide doesn’t have much choice at the moment though because he needs to know what’s happening with McKay and he certainly can’t go traipsing about by himself.

Can you say ‘suspicious’?

So, he sends Ember to investigate since Death demanded all available Wraith work on repairing her Hive and who is he to let an opportunity pass by?

Ember comes back quickly and has some incredibly interesting news for his Commander.

McKay has been turned into a Wraith, goes by Quicksilver, and doesn’t remember his past at all.

This is good news for Guide except that he can’t rely on the situation staying the same for long, especially since the one in charge of the program, Dust, is dead. Which means that the chances Death will simply take the information from Quicksilver’s mind has gone up.

Ember, sneaky dude, suggests that Guide put him forth as Dust’ successor for the project. Ember can keep an eye on Quicksilver and kill him if he starts to remember too much.

Again, Guide is hesitant to trust another cleverman, but he has a point and it may get them some extra time for Guide to find a way out of the sticky situation they’re in at the moment.

What made me smile in this chapter is how sneaky Guide can be.

Entering the throne room (I can’t remember if they called it something else before but it’s the council room) Guide feels unkempt compared to the other zenana lords who have obviously fed well recently and are sporting some shiny jewels and such. He doesn’t let it faze him though and gets respect from the others assembled with little effort.

An aside—

It would be interesting to know the ages of the assembled Wraith here. Other than the Old One, I kind of want to know how close in age they are to Guide and who would be considered a sort of age-mate to him. We know Death and Sky are young, and we’re given the impression that it’s by a significant bit, but Farseer and some of the others may be closer to Guide, though I believe they’re younger by a few hundred if not thousand years.

When Death brings up Quicksilver, Guide is quick to make it known he’s aware it’s really McKay. The others are surprised he knows but he goes on to indeed suggest that Ember take over the project since her cleverman, Wintersun, has no wish to work around the ‘changeling’, as Death calls him.

It’s a risk, but not as big of a one as letting them take information from McKay’s head.

Ember set in place, Guide goes on being sneaky.

But that’s for another post, because it’s late and I want to make cupcakes so I have a snack for work tomorrow.

Keep being lights and don’t let the news discourage you!

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StALeR 17 – Legacy: Allegiance (Part 2)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: Allegiance

SGA #18

ISBN: 9781905586561

Speaking of Ronon (which we totally weren’t but are about to) that dude has a lot to deal with too!

Hello everyone, welcome back!

As you will no doubt surmise, the next few reviews will be character based because why not (okay, it’s because we get so much cool stuff and I want to rant about it), but before that I wanted to let everyone know that the Kickstarter for the Stargate RPG has ended with SO MANY stretch goals reached it’s amazing and awesome!

I’ll be posting more about it later on as I get news and will definitely post pictures of my book when it arrives, but that won’t be until April 2021 and it’s subject to change if anything happens. Until then! If I somehow finish the reviews for the Legacy series before then (not gonna happen, let’s be real here) I plan on doing other book reviews between reviews of entire series’ I’ve loved and enjoyed over the years.

I also plan on posting some exciting news before the end of the year, so keep tuned to my non-Stargate posts too!

Without further ado-

I can never state just how much I love these books for the insights and extra time we get with secondary characters. Even though Ronon isn’t a secondary character, we really don’t get too much about him in the series.

Enough to be satisfied and to fill plot holes and such, but of everyone on Team 1 he’s the one we know the least about.

Until the books!

We know that Sateda was laid to waste by the Wraith not long ago and that there are still Satedan’s out there because we’ve run into them. However, unlike everyone else, Ronon never gets to go back home because the only time he did was because he was captured by the Wraith and made into a runner again.

Not good times.

During that incident the Stargate was shot and Ronon assumed it was destroyed. In ‘Allegiance’ we get a flashback to a down-time situation where Ronon, Teyla and Rodney are talking about Ronon’s gun and if there are more on Sateda. This is when we find out Ronon and Teyla thought the gate lost for good and Rodney tells them that short of a nuclear blast the Stargate’s are pretty indestructible.

Side note!

          Anyone else find it vastly amusing that the highly advanced, greatly vaunted Alteran’s built the Gate’s to be indestructible and yet we little Earth humans found a way to destroy them? And with the equivalence of dynamite no less? I don’t think too many of them would be happy to know that such an inferior people continued to find ways around their life’s work.

The only way to know for sure why the Gate won’t dial anymore is to go there, but they would have to convince Colonel Caldwell to take them on the Daedalus and it would have to be for a reason better than wanting to make Ronon feel better.

Rodney comes to the rescue and suggests that Ronon tell Shepard the whole thing and suggest that they go back to see if they can find more Satedan guns. Neither Ronon nor Teyla believe any would be left after so long, but Rodney insists that the mere excuse would be enough to convince higher-ups.

It did and the Satedan Stargate is put to rights.

Which brings us to this book and our peeps back on Sateda.

Only, it’s pretty different from the one they’d left.

Someone has obviously been cleaning and fixing things up. Turns out quite a few Satedan’s have come back home and plan on staying. Regardless of the Wraith and the chance that they could be attacked again.

Ronon is pretty unsure about the whole thing. He wants to believe that Ushan Cai, the current appointed leader of the Satedan’s, is a good peep who just wants to do what’s right for Sateda and its people. Unfortunately, as we know, his experiences with other Satedan’s hasn’t been the best recently so…

Ushan Cai is a good peep, I’ll tell you that now because it’s important, but the Genii make him look bad for a bit.

Yes, the little buggers are back…again.

Cai is happy to deal with Atlantis and they quickly negotiate terms for Atlantis to take titanium from Sateda so they can make an old-fashioned iris. (if you’re a little confused about why Atlantis would need one it’s because Quicksilver led the Wraith through the Stargate and stole the ZPM so they have no shield now).

While waiting on their first trip to Sateda for Zalenka and Teyla to do their things, Ronon sees that the Satedan Museum is still standing and remembers that it held Alteran artifacts that they might find useful.

SO back to Sateda they go to talk new terms with Cai who is happy to let them take whatever they want so long as they let the Satedan’s know what the item was and what it does. That kind of a thing.

It’s a really generous offer that I don’t remember any other people giving the Lanteans before, but it does make sense. The Satedan’s have no use for the items because they have none of the technology to make it work and weren’t advanced enough to jury-rig it like Earth had. Additionally, the attack set them back pretty badly technology-wise and so getting help from Atlantis to rebuild Sateda is worth the loss of items they could never use.

The other reason for letting them explore the museum is because the Genii, led by one pain-in-the-butt Sora, have ‘claimed’ Sateda as their own. Cai wants them gone but the people who returned to Sateda are farmers, businessmen, and such. So far no military Satedan’s have returned so they have no defense against the Genii.

Cai and the others were too ashamed to tell Ronon because they know about him and his reputation killing the Wraith, so Cai made it very easy for them to run into the Genii.

Ronon feels betrayed again until he gets the whole story and then feels like they need to help. If only because what he Genii are doing is wrong.

Everyone agrees by the way, but since they are technically still allied with the Genii, Shepard can’t just send Marines through to take Sateda back and throw the Genii out.

He also kind of needs them on Atlantis in case Rodney leads more Wraith there so ya know.

A few final thoughts before getting on with our week-

This is an indication of things to come in regards to the Genii and Atlantis in the future. The Genii want to be the heavy hitters of the Galaxy, but can’t compete with Atlantis. It gets good ya’ll!

Also, I leave it here because it’s once again a very long post and I’m sure ya’ll have other things to do today.

So, have fun, stay safe and don’t forget to vote! (I early voted already and have the sticker to prove it!)

See ya!

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StALeR 16 – Legacy: Allegiance (Part 1)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: Allegiance

SGA #18

ISBN: 9781905586561

Hello once more my peeps and welcome to the first review of book 3 from the Stargate Atlantis Legacy series!

I know you’re all excited to get back to the books, but as a reminder the Kickstarter for the Stargate RPG still has a few days left if you want to support this awesome project!

And now without further ado-

‘Allegiance’ starts a few days after ‘The Lost’ ends, with Shepard having recovered from the multiple stun blasts, the Hammond docked and being repaired, and our peeps in a meeting to see what the next move is.

Finding out Rodney is a Wraith was shocking, to say the least, and the ramifications are deadly. Shepard is quick to point out that since Rodney didn’t recognize them he also probably can’t help Death invade Atlantis since his memory is gone.

This is reassuring for countless reasons, one of which is that it gives them a little time to find him again and rescue him.

However, life must go on until then and Mr. Woolsey let’s them know that for the time being they have to focus on other things too.

Cue the family drama!

Poor Teyla.

As ya’ll are aware I have issues with her apparent inability to grow in the series, but the books cut some of that away for me from book one (of Legacy) and makes me like her a little more.

I don’t know if I’ll ever actually like her, but I don’t dislike her as much and one of the reasons is that the situation with Kanaan, Torren and Shepard isn’t an easy one (at all), but she is basically forced to either grow and change or lose everything.

Exhibit A:

It’s time to pick up Torren from New Athos and settle the trade account with her people. As we all know, things have been tense between Teyla and her people for a while because she hasn’t lived among them for so long. Things come to a head here when Kanaan tells her that they had a council meeting without her and decided that it was too dangerous for their people to go to Atlantis to trade and they’d like a Lantean to come to them.

Not an unreasonable request except that he goes on to say that it would be better if someone other than Teyla was in charge of the trading from now on.

His reasoning?

The Athosian’s don’t know whose interests she’s representing in the trade deals.

On the one hand I can kind of see where they’d be coming from but Teyla would never do that. It’s not who she is, and I think that Kanaan is somewhat bitter with her still about taking Torren with to Earth for those months instead of staying in the Pegasus Galaxy. He also plainly says that since she doesn’t live among them anymore it’s his responsibility to warn them when the Wraith come and it’s a job that he never wanted.

Now, I don’t like Kanaan because in the series it’s insinuated that he and Teyla are a thing, but here in the books I don’t like him because of stuff like this.

If it was bad for him to be changed into a hybrid by Michael, it was a thousand times worse for Teyla who had no idea what had happened to her people. Kanaan was still among them, she wasn’t and his aversion to the Wraith part of himself is, quite frankly, his problem. Teyla shouldn’t have had to shoulder that responsibility herself and it kind of sounds like she did until Atlantis surfaced.

Moving on.

I do believe him when he says they don’t fit that way (remember his conversation with Rodney?) but I also believe that losing his wife and son to the Wraith makes him a little unreasonable (despite his best efforts) when the topic of Torren comes up.

Having said that, Halling also has a point when he says that they can’t always wait for Teyla to have time to come to the council meetings and the Athosian’s have to be able to continue their lives whether she is there or not.

I feel bad for Teyla because she’s tried so hard since the beginning to do what’s best for both her people and Atlantis, but the fact is, her heart has belonged to Atlantis and it’s people (one in particular and ya’ll know it!) since the start. That doesn’t mean she isn’t Athosian anymore, but it does mean she is happier on Atlantis and always will be.

Teyla sees it as an either/or situation where if she chooses Atlantis she loses her people or if she chooses her people she loses Atlantis.

And now those fears are being made manifest with Kanaan saying the council doesn’t want her trading for them anymore.


Just, ouch.

So, she doesn’t have some big revelation here obviously, but I wanted to mention it because a lot is coming and I respect some of her choices enough to set it up for ya’ll and to not sweep it aside with a casual ‘oh yeah and she overcame some personal stuff’ and not explain what happened.

Almost to a thousand words again and I’ve only talked about Teyla. For not being a big fan, she sure has a lot for me to talk about.

It’s continued to be suggested that she and Shepard’s relationship has become deeper and if they aren’t actually sharing quarters yet regularly, it’s due to emergencies popping up more than anything.

Have I mentioned how much I love these books?!

Before signing off this week I’ll give you a few hints for next weeks review.

Several peeps we haven’t seen in awhile are back!

Cadman and Jeannie are back on Atlantis, Mr. Woolsey is summoned by the IOA and leaves Shepard in charge, and our favorite Wraith is being sneaky in a way that is fabulous!

See ya laters!

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StALeR 15 – Stargate RPG Playthrough! (yeah, I know…)

Remember that promise about this week being the start of ‘Allegiance”?

Yeah, I’m about to break it.


Turns out this last week was not, for whatever reason, conducive to re-reading and typing up my review.


This just so happens to be the week that started with the fabulous Stargate peeps playing the Stargate RPG, so….

We’re going to talk about that a very little because it’s quite late and I have a full day tomorrow that I need sleep for.

And the video is SO worth watching and enjoying on its own that unless I was willing to make ya’ll suffer through a tome of a review, I’ll sing peeps praises and let you watch for yourselves.

The video (found here ) lasted just shy of 3 hours so I would of course suggest you bring a drink and snack before sitting down to watch it!

It is fantastically fun and the fact that it was some of the Stargate peeps’ first time playing this type of game was fabulous because it gave us a chance to learn alongside them.

This preview of the game is just wonderful. I can’t express how excited I am to play and how cool it was to be able to contribute to the Kickstarter for it.

(if you missed last weeks post here’s the link for the Kickstarter. There should be about 9 days left still.

Also, fair warning, you’ll be laughing a LOT!!

Again, the fact that some of our peeps don’t know what’s going on makes it hilarious and so relatable because that was ME when I first joined my sister to play Pathfinder!!

The Wyvern Gaming people were awesome and our host David was just as awesome for setting this up for everyone!

I suggest watching the video to get an idea of how the game is played (since it’s a Living game) and then watching some of the interviews that David and Dial the Gate have done. There’s quite a list for the interviews along with a great amount of other Stargate content that you’ll love if you’ve ever enjoyed the series.

The banter between the actors was funny and I even caught (and understood) some of the references! (‘the cake is a lie’)

Having not watched Stargate Universe yet, I don’t know how many of the actors worked with each other, but they certainly seemed to have a good report here. So yeah, the back-and-forth was what kept me in stitches.

I really wish I had been able to watch live, alas I worked yesterday and could not.

Not actually a bad thing because I can rewind if I ever miss something and pause if I need time to digest what’s happening.

I’m signing off now because even rereading what I’ve gotten so far doesn’t sound coherent, but I can’t focus to figure out how to fix it.

A thousand apologies and I’ll most likely make a better version of this post and release it later this week if I don’t just do my usual and make it next week’s post.

We shall get back to our regularly scheduled book reviews soon…quite, soon.


And don’t forget to vote!

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StALeR 14 – Stargate Role Playing Game!!

I apologize ahead of time for all the exclamation points in this post, but my excitement can’t be expressed any other way.

Another break from the usual peeps because I just found out some fantastic news!

I saw on another post a couple months ago about a Stargate RPG in the works and was super excited (follow this link if you want to see the post and/or love RPG’s

I’ve only played Pathfinder and that only about three sessions before things happened and, well, we all know how the year has gone.

I really enjoyed Pathfinder though and have every intention of playing again if only so I can use the purple glow-in-the-dark dice my sister bought me!

Both of my siblings enjoy RPG’s, of both tabletop and online variety, so I know I have some peeps to play with if a community isn’t in my area. My mama isn’t so much into RPG’s on the playing side, but she said she’d think about it (trying to get her to watch through the series’ with me after we finish Downton Abbey!).

Why do I bring this news of an RPG up?

The Kickstarter went up on the 6th and goes until the 29th, so if you love Stargate or RPG’s go support them!

I’ll let you know now that they were fully funded within 3.5 hours of going live, but there are always Stretch Goals!

Here’s the link for the Kickstarter page for easy finding-

I haven’t had a chance to sit down and peruse the site yet, (again here’s the link, but I intend to do that later this week after work one day.


The YouTube channel ‘Dial the Gate’ has a wonderfully fabulous playtest on October 18th at 2pm pacific time!

That’s not the best part though ya’ll.

The best part is who’s slated to play.

(feel free to drum roll on your desk for this news!)

Alexis Cruz who we know from the earliest episodes of Stargate SG-1 played the fantastic Skaara. He’ll also be doing an interview!

Simone Bailly, who played the Jaffa Ka’lel in six seperate episodes and was fabulous!, also agreed to do interviews!

Rainbow Sun Francks is going to be playing!!! Lt. Ford we have missed you so much, but you’ll be doing interviews too later on so double yay!

Julie McNiven who played Ginn on Stargate Universe will be there along with David Blue who played Eli Wallace. I’m putting them together here because I’ve yet to watch Universe so I don’t know what I think about it, but I know there are a lot of fans of Universe who will be excited about this, and Julie has also agreed to doing interviews with Dial the Gate later on so subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss out.

And last, but so not least, David Hewlett!

Yay Rodney!!!

Apparently, David Hewlett has played already and was fantastic!

Don’t forget it’s the YouTube channel ‘Dial the Gate’ and the playtest will be on October 18th at 2pm pacific time!

Check out their website for all things Stargate!

Since I haven’t gone through the site itself I can’t comment on more than this, so I’ll let ya’ll go with a promise that next weeks post will be the start of Legacy book 3, Allegiance (and it is SO GOOD!!).

Later peeps!

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StALeR 13 – Legacy: The Lost (Part 3)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: The Lost

SGA #17

ISBN: 9781905586547

…I can explain.

I know I said I’d try not to make so many posts about one book again but the Legacy series is different from the Atlantis series.

They deserve lots of attention.

Thus, we have the third post concerning book two of the Legacy series.

I want to start with Carson and a conversation he had with Teyla.

Closer to the end of the book we have Teyla handing Torren over to Kanaan for a visit on New Athos. She isn’t feeling so good about it because even though she knows neither New Athos or Atlantis are completely safe, it doesn’t help her peace of mind when the Wraith took Rodney so recently from New Athos.

Both Carson and Teyla end up in the mess hall and get to talking about Torren and more, interesting, things.

Teyla is concerned about her Wraith DNA and if it can make her go insane and kill people (the Genii call her kind Bloodtainted and blame a wide range of crimes on it even though they don’t have the technology to make that claim factual). Carson assures her that can’t happen and the conversation then takes an interesting turn.

To this point the theory about the Wraith has been that they evolved from the Iratus bug attacking but not killing a human. Mutations occurred and thousands of years later you got the Wraith.

(if you’ll remember, I never held that opinion for several reasons)

Here though, we have Carson very carefully bringing up another, far more, plausible explanation for the Wraith.

Teyla being the only other person he can truly trust not to say anything about it if only because of her history with the Wraith and her DNA.

Essentially, Carson now believes that the Wraith were engineered intentionally by the Alteran’s.

Not unlike the other experiments they conducted on the humans of the Pegasus galaxy, such an experiment would have gone so far before being considered a failure and the ‘subjects’ left to die.

But that’s not what typically happens because the Alteran’s are colossal morons and knowing this, Carson and Teyla believe that the Wraith flourished and when the Alteran’s returned, a war started and they were sent packing again.

This is pretty much what I was thinking way back when. That the Alteran’s experimented on another race and created the Wraith.

To say I was excited to see it was actually canon is an understatement.

To say this would completely upend the entire galaxy would also be an understatement.

If proven true, the entire history of the galaxy is a lie and the inhabitants aren’t going to take kindly to the truth.

At all.

On either side.

More interesting things to note from this book take us back to Dr. Robinson and the day-to-day interesting bits I love so much!

Needing milk for her coffee, Dr. Robinson goes into the kitchen to look for a Sgt. Pollard who is, according to the signs, in charge of such things.

She finds him and we get a pretty cool look at how the food works in Atlantis.

Being away from grocery stores means they have to supplement their supplies as best as they can. The milk for the day comes from the Athosian livestock and Sgt. Pollard takes Dr. Robinson around a little and explains about other foods and how the trading works in the galaxy.

She makes a comment about how he’ll have stories to tell when he goes back to Earth and Sgt. Pollard says what most on Atlantis feel.

He hopes he doesn’t go back.

Don’t forget that a lot of people from the original crew have no family, the family situation isn’t what you’d call the best, or simply that they planned for Atlantis to be their last home. One way or another. (I don’t mean suicide, I mean they figured they’d die in an attack or accident or something).

Sgt. Pollard talks about a cousin of Halling’s that he has a thing for. A nice woman with a business she wouldn’t mind getting help with and Dr. Robinson starts to see another side of Atlantis.

She also sees some major issues on the horizon for people who don’t have anything on Earth to go back to but plenty to stay in the Pegasus galaxy for.

She leaves thinking about who she can trust with helping such people and who she can mention it too without them making it a problem.

On the subject of trusting people back on Earth not to screw our peeps over.

Radek is having trouble with his sight. He hasn’t been seen about getting new glasses because he knows his sight is worse than it was when he joined and he’s afraid it’s no longer within acceptable range and that he’ll be sent back to Earth.

Trying to help, Ronon tells Shepard and Shepard asks Carter for a favor.

It all gets back to Dr. Keller who has a talk with Shepard.

She isn’t happy, and rightfully so, with how he went around her and didn’t trust her to keep to look after Radek.

Though both have good points on the topic they reach an accord and Radek is given an okay to continue work with a new prescription requested to correct his sight a little, though Keller doesn’t say exactly what the new prescription is in her report for why she’s asking for them.

Okay, one more funny thing before I actually end the reviews for book two.

When Guide contacts Atlantis to give them the information to rescue Rodney, Shepard was down with Teyla sparring. Only, the session became a little heated and at the least it’s insinuated that they were making out before Shepard was called to the control room.

When he gets within Guide’s sightline, Guide (highly amused) asks how the Young Queen is. (anyone else entertained that so many people know how Teyla and Shepard feel about each other?) Shepard, of course, doesn’t know what he’s referring to and since Guide can’t talk long or risk being discovered, he gives the information and signs off.

As I am doing now.

Later peeps!

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StALeR 12 – Legacy: The Lost (Part 2)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: The Lost

SGA #17

ISBN: 9781905586547

Let’s get into this post shall we?

I present, Quicksilver!

So you know that the Wraith Queen calling herself Death has turned Rodney into a Wraith. It isn’t a spoiler if you haven’t read the book yet, which I’m sure ya’ll have done by now because you can’t put them down!

If you haven’t started the book yet it’s still not a spoiler because the authors don’t really make it hard to figure out.

He’s the first POV in the book after all.


Quicksilver doesn’t remember anything but is told that he was taken by the Lanteans and hurt. Somehow (they say they don’t know) he was able to escape and they were able to find him and rescue him.

He isn’t sure about anything. His brother, Dust, won’t look him in the eye sometimes when telling him things and he can’t even remember how to do basic things like read the Wraith language.

We all know the reasons why, but it doesn’t make it any easier to read.

Poor Rodney/Quicksilver is scared he’ll never remember and be left as less than what he was.

Anyone who’s been with me from the start knows that of everything, the loss of his mind is the second biggest fear he has. Losing his family (both blood and of choice) is first, though it wasn’t always.

So on the one hand we have Quicksilver trying to remember anything that might help his Queen take revenge on the Lantean’s, and on the other hand we have Dr. Weir in his dreams stopping him from seeing the Gate address to Earth.

Yeah, you read that right and yeah she is dead.

But we’ll get to that in another post. For now we shall see how our team is doing.

Not good.

That pretty much sums it all up.

They’ve been going pretty much none stop since the abduction and need downtime. Nine missions in three days isn’t anything to sneeze at and none of them are exactly young and at peak health either.

Mr. Woolsey, after they’ve exhausted the Gate leads, tells them to standdown. He’s going to contact Ladon Radim and Todd/Guide to see if they have any information they’re willing to give or if they can work something out.

Ladon says he’s willing to use his spy network to try and find information if Atlantis helps bring an Alteran warship back to the Genii homeworld. The Genii have been trying to patch it up on the planet it crash-landed on thousands of years ago, but without the ATA gene they can’t get it powered up.

Shepard, without talking to Mr. Woolsey, agrees and they leave for the planet with Ladon Radim’s sister.

Not Shepard’s best move, but he never thinks straight when his people are in danger.

They have a Jumper they were planning on using to get to the ship from the Stargate but there are Wraith Darts when they arrive and though Shepard does his best the Jumper is still put out for the count. Then, cause this is usually how it goes for them, Teyla and Carson are injured pretty badly not long after when they start walking to the warship.

Tension between Teyla and Shepard persists because Teyla had suggested they wait for Radek to join them before going to the planet. Shepard said there was no need and now he’s beating himself up because Radek definitely would have been able to fix the Jumper.

They do get the warship up and running but there is no way it’s going to make the Genii world without stopping at Atlantis first which Dr. Radim interprets as she’s being held hostage until her brother hands over information.

Despite everyone assuring them of the truth and Dr. Radim herself knowing the state of the ship.

Things get tense for a bit.

On the Guide front! (Okay so its actually the Ronon and Dr. Keller front)

Ronon and Keller are sent to talk to Guide about trading information. It doesn’t go too badly…

Okay, Ronon doesn’t shoot anyone but that’s about as good as the mission goes.

Jennifer wants Rodney back and makes certain calls that Ronon REALLY doesn’t agree with.

I liked how Keller dealt with the situation here. Ronon, for all his growth as a character to this point, still hates the Wraith far too much. He was never going to talk to Guide and was sent along to keep Keller safe.

Dr. Keller has worked pretty well with Guide before and the Wraith naturally respond to females better anyways. She isn’t about to leave without getting something out of it.

The two of them talk about that days events (they’re stuck in a tomb hiding at the time) and their relationship. They’re actually both under the impression that the other doesn’t trust them in certain areas. When Rodney had the alien in his head that was killing him, Keller refused to let them go to the site that Ronon’s grandfather had spent one of his last days actually remembering his family.

Keller feels like she has to always have the answer or she won’t have anyone’s respect and that was one of the reasons she said no. No one could give her evidence for how it worked and so she thought it wasn’t worth the risk. (don’t forger the planet belonged to the Wraith at the time and it was far more dangerous than when Ronon was a little boy).

They talk about several other things while entombed and agree to work with each other better, before almost being taken captive by a Wraith worshiper that serves Queen Death.

Dr. Keller saves the day though with an ingenious plan that involves a stun grenade!

(our lovely Guide was busy dealing with other Wraith that had shown up unexpectedly or the worshiper wouldn’t have made a move)

They get back to Atlantis with Guide having agreed to see what he could find.

So now, there are two well connected people looking for information for them and, surprisingly for them but I personally think Ladon was sitting on information because he was ticked off about the warships detour, Guide calls with information that leads directly to Rodney.

With Colonel Carter and the George Hammond at their disposal, they set out.

True to Guide’s word, Rodney is on Queen Death’s Hive, but he has no idea who they are and when they kill Dust in front of his eyes, he shoots back.

Shepard gets the brunt of the attack and goes down with several Wraith stunner blasts pretty much scrambling him for a good bit. Teyla is pinned behind a workstation and Ronon is stuck in the hall fending off more Wraith.

With Shepard out for the count, it’s his call to have Carter bring them back to the Hammond or leave them to find a way out on their own.

He tells her to bring them back. Without Rodney, because he doesn’t know them and won’t come easily.

Things have just taken a turn for the worse. (and oh yes, they are about to get much worse!)

Until next week when we get to book 3, ya’ll stay safe!