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Crafty vacation!!

I had to take vacation time before I lost it June 1 so I took off for family trips and then just random.

This last week was the random and the reason I didn’t get a post last Monday was because I was awake until 2am Monday and then 4am Tuesday working on revising and editing my short story.

I got it done (heck yeah!) and now have the line edits back to work on this week.


Because it was vacation I planned, and somehow stuck to, getting a bunch of crafty things done.

You all know I love crafty things, but you may not know that I have a closet (and then some) full of craft supplies I intend to do but have never gotten around to doing.

Small steps!

I have one small box sitting next to my table that has in-progress crafts and I told myself I couldn’t buy any book re-binding supplies until I finished the box.

So I worked on small crafts last week and will be sharing pics the next couple of posts.

The beginning!

The cute ‘Let it Snow’ cross-stitch was one of the in-progress ones I had. I literally just needed to do the snowflakes and I was done.

The end!

‘Let it Snow’ again and the completed ‘Buzz’. ‘Buzz’ wasn’t opened, but I did put the small cross-stitches in the box too because they shouldn’t take long.

Next week I’ll show you the eraser kit I did!

See ya!

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About last week.

I ran out of time for submitting my next writing assignment, but was up until 12am trying to complete it. I asked for an extension and they were very gracious in giving me one.

I did get Act 2 written completely and submitted on Tuesday which was a relief, and I also went ahead and did Act 3 so I wouldn’t be in the same position this week.

However, this week I am suffering from the usual once a month joy and the fatigue is killing me.

My writing and reading are suffering because I just don’t feel like existing outside of sleep right now.

In case ya’ll are wondering what I meant by that, I mean I don’t like my writing. I don’t want to write and I don’t want to have to deal with thinking of what happens next. It’s a mess. At least in the reading front it isn’t so bad because I know my ambivalence is due to my period so I know to give an extra star to whatever rating I first think to give.

Anyways, I will certainly try and get an Atlantis post ready for next week. Fair warning though, I have two overnight inventories coming up and make no promises I’ll be cognizant enough to do any reading and posting.

I will try though!

Have a fantastic week everyone!

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Short and sweet!

I promise I’ve started the next Legacy book, but I haven’t gotten very far yet. At least, not far enough to make a post.

A non Wraith post in any case, cause we all know how I can go on about those dudes.


I’ve finished the first draft of Act 1 for my short story and submitted it. Tomorrow the next module opens for Act 2 and I’m pretty excited but also a tad concerned because I only have Wednesday off this week (Sunday was my other day).

I am getting up in the morning with at least an hour of writing time available before work, but I don’t know if that’s the best time to be writing for me.

I had to redo a good chunk of Act 1 before submitting because I didn’t like a chunk of what I’d written so far.

*exasperated face* *long sigh*

Next week I should have a Legacy post. Even if I only read a couple pages a day I’ll still get some good post material.

It helps that we’re about to meet an old friend. A few old friends depending on how you look at things.

See y’all next week!

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Books, books, and more books!

Ever since quitting my part time job I have had nothing but time on my hands. Which is why I decided to read some of my backlog of books instead of finishing my reread of the Legacy series.

Having said that, I don’t intend to not finish the reread. I just have plans for my room and my year that include getting through my double stacked three shelf bookshelf.

Good news is that my family keeps picking books in series. I’ve read an entire shelf of books already and it’s only the sixth of February!

Bed news is that I haven’t been reading Legacy.

I have one more book left in a trilogy that my mother picked and then I’ll choose one myself and I’ll try to read the next Legacy book too.

The ultimate plan is to move my bed so that I have the wall space available for more bookshelves. Which I desperately need at this point.

This year may be more random life news than Stargate to be honest, but hopefully that won’t be too disappointing.

I am writing again though which is super exciting and I’m getting feedback for a short story I’m working on too!

I’m also working on getting through some crafty projects and I found a website that lets you make floor plans. I’m hoping to use it for planning out a good floor plan for if we ever get a chance (and the money tbh) to have a custom home built.

Say it with me now- two story library!

Until next week!

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About last week…

Last week our oldest puppy dog became very sick very quickly. He refused to eat for two days and was throwing up far more than was normal for a dog.

We took him to an emergency vet and after several hours we thankfully got to take him home again. They’d given him fluids because he was dehydrated and some anti nausea medicine so he’d hopefully stop throwing up everything he ate.

I was not in a position to make any kind of post last week and felt like y’all should know why. He’s back to his usual self now, thank you God!, and I’m hoping to have a Stargate post for next week.

However, it’s possible it’ll be a while because I’m actually getting a ton of backlogged books read…I might have to do other book reviews.

Guess y’all will find out next week!


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A little Stargatey!?

Some of you may have noticed the Pyramid of Giza LEGO set from the other Christmas pics. I did get it done and was up until 2am doing it…

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so no judging!

So cute how LEGO numbers the bags these days for plebs.
A real LEGO builder will take hours finding the right piece, but they shall prevail!!
You actually have to build the base. They don’t give you a LEGO plate to build on. I was pleasantly surprised at this.
I have to say I honestly didn’t think the water and sand colors would look good at this point. (Be honest too, neither do y’all)
Some foliage!
Some foliage and the inside of the pyramid!
Attaching the two was something of a trial because I had to build the base some pieces kept trying to come undone from the base itself. Frustration occurred.
The finished, beautiful, product!

I didn’t think to take pics of the building of the outside of the pyramid itself, but it’s pretty cool how they designed this set.

Of note, in case you’re wanting one, this is NOT an entire pyramid! It is half of a pyramid because the back shows the “inside” of the pyramid.


I don’t know who made this set but they know their stuff because if you buy a second set you can attach the two to make an entire pyramid!!

I told my brother about it (he’s the one who got it for me) and he said he’d buy me a second one too. I won’t get it until 2023 Christmas, but that’s okay.

SO much fun this Christmas and I have exciting plans for this year’s Christmas!!

On the writing front, I was accepted into the boot camp and got access to it yesterday. The first module I’ve almost completed, the character information always takes the longest for me it seems, but I have an entire week to get it done.

I am so excited for this class and I’ve already gotten feedback on it!!

I’ll keep y’all posted!


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No news yet, but!…

Still haven’t heard back about the short story application. Fingers still crossed over here that I’ll get a response this week.


More present pics!

(Y’all didn’t really think my brother forgot My Little Pony these year did you?)
Color shifting AND color changing paints!!!!
It begins…
Step 1:
Step 2: (not all of them because I forgot to take a pic first before opening)
So. Much. Cute. Tiny. Food!!
Almost everything fits in a pencil case.

I fully intend to build a tiny pantry for my tiny food stuffs, I just have to plan it out first and that’s not currently on my list of crafty things.

Just wanted to give y’all a heads up.

I shall see everyone next week!