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Breaking hearts today…

Just got back (it’s 12:30am as I type this up) from a book convention that we drove to cause it was cheaper than flying.

Have an appointment at 8am to get Le Squee his annual checkup.

I’m going to sleep now and I pray everyone stays safe this week!

See ya next time!!

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StALeR 62 – Legacy: Unascended (Part 1)

Woot! I am back with Atlantis this week!

I was actually going to talk about a Lego set I bought, but my brother bought it off me for a Christmas present so I don’t get to tell y’all about it for several months now.

However, my loss (and when you hear about it you’ll understand!!) is y’all’s gain!

Let’s talk about ascension shall we?

Daniel Jackson has had a TON of experience with the entire process. Not that he’s necessarily been a willing participant or anything, but the experience is there.

This makes him the expert on the entire process and, not surprisingly, the go-to peep. Which means he’s really the only one McKay can talk to about the possibility of Weir having ascended.


Actually it’s not so much the ascending part as the descending part. Or the unascending part as it were.

When someone unascends they end up butt naked in a random place generally far from home.


As Daniel can attest, if you have a good peep helping you, they’ll put you somewhere you’ll be found by your people sooner or later.

This does happen to Weir, but the person who finds her is NOT who you expect!

But that’s for another post.

This post we’ll talk about the whole butt naked thing.


Because it’s actually fascinating.

Think about it (outside of the Alterans being drama fanatics) if someone got access to all this knowledge ascension brings, they can’t very well bring it back to their people. It could cause a heck ton of chaos in various ways.

(This actually happened with Anubis, but that’s an SG-1 post)

Suffice it to say that being naked, though incredibly awkward, works out well. You have no idea who you are and without a stitch on, you (and everyone else) don’t have many clues.

If I’m remembering correctly some things get “fixed” when you come back? I want to say Daniel had better eyesight and didn’t need his glasses after coming back but I could be misremembering.

Anyways, it would make sense because scars or tattoos would be identifiable and thus a no go.

So you end up naked and without memories.

Except when you have help. In those cases (see exhibit A: Daniel Jackson and exhibit B: Elizabeth Weir) you can access your memories very randomly and really only enough to help give you clues so you can find your people again.

It’s a sneaky loophole to the rules.

Since it works for our favorite peeps we shall allow it!

There’s more to it than that of course, but we’ll talk about it some more later.

See ya!

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Not the plan…

Guess who has a leak in a water pipe in the attic and the knob to turn it off is stuck?


I’ll talk to y’all next week. Don’t know what, but it’ll be something that hopefully has good news of some kind.

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Another crafty!

Don’t worry!

I am still reading ‘Unascended’, but working on my bookshelf too and to be honest, because of the Weir thing, my bookshelf is more fun…

I don’t want the first post for the book to be a half post so I’ll try and get a whole one written up for next week.

For now, more updates on the crafty!

Initially I wanted the background of the shelves to be a light color so the books could be better highlighted.

A lovely first coat!


I then, literally, woke up and realized I had an entire box full of glow in the dark stars I’ve been wanting to use but never had a project for them…

Guess who has a project now!

Even better is that I can try my hand at galaxy painting while I’m at it!

2 coats already on!

I also got the lid/cover going in a lovely metallic amethyst.

Ta da!

The outside of the bookshelf itself will be the same color of course, with text done in a Rose Pink paint. I have this really cool color changing top coat paint that I’ve never been able to get to work properly that I’m hoping will work this time.

It would go over the Rose Pink as the colors compliment each other.

In other news!

It’s finished!

My tiny things are all organized and labeled!!

I’m so happy!

Last thing before I go today. I have a coworker who collects Pokémon cards and gives away duplicates she doesn’t need. She’s given a TON away already to staff and to friends who work with kids.

I thought y’all would enjoy what she and her sister made up for staff.

Custom packs of cards!

They made sure to have one holographic in each pack and ten cards per pack. It was really sweet of both of them to take the time to do this and I wanted to give them a shout out (without names for privacy reasons) because it’s been over a decade since I’ve collected and it’s nice to get back into it!

All y’all stay safe and keep your heads up! You see a lot more stuff around you that way (speaking from experience) that’s worth seeing.


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Update in the crafty!


I have assembled the base form of my tiny books book bookshelf!

It’s so cute!!

Things got much easier when I found a bigger utility knife (exacto knife, but I think that’s a brand name) and just clamped a ruler to the wood and cut ACTUAL STRAIGHT LINES!!

There are some issues still from the first cuts with the other saw that was wobbly and I may get wood filler to fix it. I haven’t decided actually because you can also do a thing with resin….

I already have resin and have been wanting to try this so I might do that. The only thing is that I really need better sand paper cause the grit I have isn’t the right kind.

From what I’ve gleaned from watching vids, I need much much finer paper for resin.


I’ve found that I really enjoy this. If I get a better utility knife I think I’d be really happy doing these kind of wood projects by hand (just forgo the electric saw I’d been planning on getting) so long as I have a metal ruler of course…

I took a few shavings off my mothers wood one.

My bad.

Anyways, I’m hoping to have Wednesday off to work on my site. I’d like to have a separate page (maybe?) or something for a Bible study type thing.

I’m pretty sure it was in my pic of Christmas prezzies, but my mama got me a New Living Translation Bible and my mind is being blown y’all.

Partly because it’s been so long since I’ve read through the Bible, but also because the translation I grew up with was King James. I love KJV because it sounds so beautiful respond it but I am definitely enjoying the NLT version and have questions.

I figured y’all might too so why not share? I’m tentatively considering contacting local pastors/churches and asking the questions I have, but we’ll see.

I shall see everyone next week! (And don’t worry, I am reading ‘Unascended’. It’s more Weir than I like so it’s taking a bit…and I’m still working a ton, but I’m hoping that won’t be the case much longer because I’m almost there!)

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A crafty post!

Much excitement for me!

I know I’ve shown off my tiny books (if only as prezzies) and may have mentioned that I wanted to show them better than simply putting them on the shelf with normal size books.

The idea was to make a book shaped bookshelf for them, with a lid cover so it actually looks like a normal hardback on my shelf.

I didn’t want to spend too much money on it though because I don’t know if I’ll enjoy woodworking and I never did find an actual tutorial or vid that was what I wanted.

Plenty of book shaped boxes for jewelry but the designs weren’t right for me to modify.

So, because I’m trying to pay off my far less than it was debt, I bought some cheap(ish) stuff and just today got everything cut to assemble.

Majority of supplies on the wood I’ll be cutting up.
I couldn’t find the small one I had (pretty sure I got rid of it in a craft purge) but luckily had this one in the garage to use!

It was a nightmare to cut with this thing because the blade is wobbly. I did the best I could and then just sanded the edges down as far as possible.

The wood I chose was thinner than I had wanted too but again, I didn’t want to spend too much this time in case I didn’t like it. I know a couple people who do woodworking that I could pay to make me a cute thing so…

Front and back pieces, side pieces and shelves!

Thus far it’s not bad? I think if I had the tools to cut straight lines and sand properly I’d have more fun. The frustration is purely based on the additional work needing to be done because of wobbly cuts.

*le sigh*
Needs sanding to match.

I have made it work however!

Such cute clamps!

I’ve glued the first parts together and let it set a couple hours. I’ll glue a long side next and leave it for the day since I work both places four days in a row.

Here’s hoping I’ll feel up to doing a little every night this week!

I am reading the next Atlantis book too this week so next week might be a split post or I’ll choose one and update the next next week.

See ya next week!

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Yay! Independence Day!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!

Be safe while celebrating, eat lots of good food and have a fantastic day!!!

(I have to work but only 4hrs then I plan to read a book and work on a crafty thing!)

Till next week!

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It’s late

And I’m tired.

I also read 3 books that were most definitely not ‘Unascended’…


What’s really bad about that though is that I only really enjoyed one of the books.

The other two consisted of a young reader book that, for some ungodly reason, the author thought it was appropriate to have 12 yr old kids ‘being in love’ (nothing physically happened thank God!) and a contemporary romance where the author obviously had a checklist of things to make the book more ‘diverse’ or ‘acceptable’ (I really have no idea what the author was trying to do).

…I liked the kids one enough to try book 2 and I’ll try book 3 when it comes out, but I don’t read kids books for romance.


That should never even be a thing for that age group.

It’s why I haven’t read kids books in awhile.

As for the adult romance book. I would have enjoyed it if only one thing had been added from the checklist, but the sheer amount of unnecessary stuff was off putting.

It was too much and had the feel of being shoved down your throat in the guise of being ‘the new normal’. What’s sad is that it kept popping up and broke the flow of the story when it did.

Would have been a perfectly good romance if the author had stuck to what was relevant for the actual story and plot to move forward.


The young adult book is called “Blade of Secrets” and it’s by Tricia Levenseller and it’s FANTASTIC!!!

I loved this books so much and I’m SO glad book two (it’s only a duology) comes out end of the month!!

First time reading her books and I can say I’ll be trying her backlist now too she was so good!

So out of three books I only truly enjoyed one, but wow what a book!

Anyways! I’ll try to get something of Stargate read or watched for next week.

Laters peeps! (And try out Levenseller!)

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About that…

I’m pretty sure I’ve never mentioned it, but my full time job (the one I love so much!) has promotions on specific titles every month.

Most of the time they aren’t my type of book and it’s hard to suggest them to people.


July has three titles that looked really good and so I checked one out from the library and read it…instead of rereading ‘Unascended.’.


I also checked out book two in the series cause I want to know what happens next.

I’ll try and get ‘Unascended’ at least started for next week.

Until then, y’all have a fantastic week and read a Young Reader book! It’s always good to read one randomly. It’s like cleansing the pallet.


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StALeR 61 – Legacy: Inheritors (Part 11)

I like Vala. She was a good addition to the SG-1 team and good for Daniel.

In this particular book we get to see her doing a little of the work only she can do. The way she thinks is different from even Teal’c and that’s what made her a good fit for them.

Vala has nothing to do while the battle continues against Death. Woolsey, not really meaning anything by it and probably only saying it as a wish anyways, tells her to find McKay.

She doesn’t of course because he’s already flying the puddlejumper toward the Sun to destroy Hyperion’s weapon.

She does, however, find a knocked out Sheppard.

Waking him isn’t too hard and the plot continues.

Sheppard goes on to pilot Atlantis and Vala wanders off somewhere to do something.

I’m almost 100% sure when SG-1 returns home there are several artifacts missing from Atlantis.

Unfortunately I would have to either watch all of SG-1 or pick out the specific ones where Atlantis and SG-1 intersect to find more such moments of Vala helping Atlantis out.

I could…but I feel that would take me away from Legacy too long.

It is something to think about though since I’m working on getting the books for SG-1.

It’s short, I know, but next week we’ll be jumping into the next book, ‘Unascended’, so be ready!