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StALeR – Special Edition: A Blade of Atlantis

I was going to wait to use this short story until I actually got to the anthology itself, but since we’ve already met Alabaster and both Torren and Darling have met, there’s no reason to wait.

Torren John is, of course, Teyla’s son and in the short story ‘A Blade of Atlantis’ we get to see him as an adult and part of his own SG team.

Time travel is awesome isn’t it?

This story is set during ‘The Siege: Part 2’ (before Sheppard and Todd escape Kolya so WAY before Radek would know about being friends with the Wraith) and follows Radek as he tries to make it to the command chair to get it turned on and ready to go. Unfortunately, he’s cut off when Wraith attack and leave his guards unconscious.

He is not, however, alone!

A small group (consisting of two Athosians and two scientists) find him and say they’ll help him get to the chair.

Radek isn’t convinced they’re friendlies because he doesn’t recognize the scientist and her accent isn’t right for an SG team.

After he tells them in no uncertain terms that he isn’t fooled, they tell him the truth.

Jinto is there, all grown up too, and Torren John goes by T.J. on the team. Apparently, Carter sends them back in time in a modified puddlejumper to save the day.

What’s funny about this story is that both Jinto and T.J. (the other two forget as well but it’s funnier with our babies because we’ve met them and know who they are) keep forgetting themselves and tell Radek several things that make us wish they’d continued the series (TV or book, I’m not too picky).

First, they let slip that Carter becomes a General. We never doubted this would happen but it’s nice to have confirmation.

Another thing is that Torren has a younger sister named Frances Tegan. We know that Tegan is Teyla’s father and Frances is Sheppard’s mother’ name. So we know exactly whose child she is. Which means that (as far as I am concerned) Teyla and Sheppard canonically have at least one child together (happy squee sound inserted!).

They almost tell Radek about the Wraith being made by the Alterans, but Jinto stops himself in time and we know that Rodney is alive in the future too because they tell Radek he isn’t dead. While carefully not telling him about the whole being turned into a Wraith thing.

The last thing Radek finds out about is that T.J. is essentially part Wraith himself. Considering both his parents have the gene and Michael did get some experimenting done on Teyla while she was his prisoner it’s not surprising. His gifts are all Osprey and he uses it to defeat a Wraith from the line of Night when they’re discovered.

He doesn’t like to kill, though I don’t know if he means at all or specifically Wraith, but it leads to some interesting questions, especially since he and Darling hit it off as children. I like to think the two are still friends and with their parents and families have made Atlantis a great home.

Before I let ya’ll go this week, something to consider.

In the last couple of pages, the future SGA team and Radek make it to the command chair room and talk a bit. Not anything too major, just that they have a mission that’s completed now. Unfortunately, Rodney is in a bathroom and comes out to hear the very last part and sees the team. Radek does his best to keep his attention because Rodney would recognize that the scientist wasn’t one of theirs and would ask too many questions.

Thing is, as much as Radek believes he was successful, I kind of feel like Rodney processed everything and kept it ‘on file’, as it were. When Jinto starts growing and Torren comes around, I think a conversation happens between Radek and Rodney that stays between the two of them until the time is right.

Something fun to consider.

See ya!

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Thanksgiving Atlantis Special!

This post is going to be all about family (of the Wraith variety) and I’ll post a little something Monday at the usual time about my tree and such. It might not be an Atlantis post, but I tend to be pretty proud of my tree putting-up skills and feel like sharing.

I can always talk Atlantis at any time in the year, but this time of the year has different rules.

Onto Wraith families!

Specifically our favorite Wraith, Guide.

In the short story ‘Consort’ (in addition to a whole ton of other cool things) we get a better idea of who Guide was early on before he became the lovable Wraith we met for the first time in Kolya’s prison.

To be honest, not much has changed. He’s still a scheme loving crazy dude, but what I really like about ‘Consort’ is that we get to see how his family, friends and allies dealt with him.

First in line is Seeker!

Seeker is not only a cousin, but also a long time friend of Guide’s who came with him from their former Hive to join Queen Snow’s. Seeker is also a cleverman of the sciences biological. He wants to be Master on the Hive like Guide wants to be Consort and they’ve been helping each other out since day one.

Seeker appears to be used to Guide’s wild ideas as we get to see when Guide is initially asking about the Asurans base code being rewritten. He isn’t happy about it, at all, but he listens and agrees that if Guide can convince Spark (who’s next btw) his idea has merit, then Seeker will support him when they have to convince Snow.

However! Guide apparently knows himself well enough to know he isn’t the best person to tell Snow about the idea in the first place and leaves that to Seeker. Literally. Guide walks out of the room they were in to go find Spark after telling Seeker he was relying on him to break the idea to their Queen.

I like Seeker because he suggests he’d like to stab Guide for that. It’s one of those moments with the Wraith I really enjoy because it’s such a close friend/sibling thing to say ya know?

Now to Spark. Spark happens to be the Wraith Guide actually needs to worry about when it comes to becoming Consort. Other Wraith aboard want the same position, but Spark is really the only one that worries Guide.

Spark is a cleverman of sciences physical and in addition to wanting to be Consort he’d also like to be Master of Sciences Physical on the Hive. The fun thing about the first interaction we get to see between Guide and Spark is a completely antagonistic one. Guide, presumably trying to get a conversation going that won’t start a fight instead, tells Spark he needs to rest.

Not exactly the best start considering they’ve all just come from a bad fight where they lost slightly too much to be safe. Biting at Spark, who is in charge of Hive repairs, while he’s trying to fix things isn’t very polite. Spark, however and entertainingly for us, bites back.

The two go back and forth a bit while Guide asks if Spark can in fact write a new code for the Asurans. Spark can write it, but he would have to be the one to go on the mission because it isn’t something he can just explain to Guide to do.

This is something of a problem for Spark because he really doesn’t trust Guide, or his men, to get him out. Guide, being Guide, convinces Spark that he would get them all out if only for the good of the Hive.

I like that even though the two are at each others throats, Spark can still see that Guide isn’t in it just for himself and to make himself look good for Snow. It may be part of it, but the majority is in fact about the safety and continuation of the Hive.

Spark has to keep poking at Guide though and reminds him at the end of their conversation here, that Snow would not be pleased if Guide got him killed. The reminder doesn’t help Guide’s temper, but it’s certainly funny for us!

Later on we see Spark and Snow talking about the upcoming mission and the conversation veers toward the more personal. Spark insists he wants to be Consort while Snow says he’d hate it. Apparently, she’s right. A Consort oversees the blades and takes care of any infighting and squabbles apparently. It would make sense so that the Queen wouldn’t be bothered with anything less then a real problem and not just hurt feelings.

Spark, in his own thoughts, wouldn’t be happy doing that. As amusing as baiting Guide is, Spark can’t see himself actually winning against him. They’re stuck and Spark is getting tired of the stalemate.

Next we have Seldom-Seen! Snow’s brother and Hivemaster is a friend of Guide’s but isn’t happy about the in-fighting between him and Spark. He would really like the entire matter settled sooner rather than later and he tells Guide that too when Guide realizes that Seldom-Seen likes Spark.

With how Seldom-Seen describes Spark, you can actually see Rodney there too which brings up some fun thoughts. Spark is very very good at what he does and he isn’t afraid to let others know he’s good. He also isn’t very tactful about letting people know either apparently, but he isn’t exaggerating his abilities.

Kind of like Rodney which makes you wonder if Guide working with Rodney so well (while also being antagonistic) wasn’t partially due to the fact that he reminded Guide of Spark. Certainly not a challenger for a Queen’s attention (unless we add Teyla to the equation which is another post entirely if I go there) but definitely a pain in the butt to work with if only because he isn’t wrong.

Back to Seldom-Seen. He agrees to back Guide as Consort, but only if he brings everyone back alive from the suicide mission he’s proposing to everyone but the Queen.

Yeah. Rereading this I have realized that Guide never actually talks to Snow about his idea. Not that we see anyways, and I kind of think he just lets the others talk her into it because of all of them he’s the one who truly wants to be Consort.

He’s also the one Snow wants, but she refuses to give in until he’s proven that he’ll be good for the Hive and not just interested in his own gain.

As for Snow!

It’s hilarious how Guide and the others are forming alliances and trying to help each other get the positions they want. Scheming behind the Queen’s back, as it were, except that they aren’t the only ones trying to work out who should have what position.

Snow isn’t just sitting back while all of this is going on. First of all, she has an inquisitive mind of her own which is one of the reasons for having cleverman for pallax’ (with the exception of Guide) and is also kind of why things are so tense still. It’s been years since Guide and Seeker arrived and still certain positions aren’t filled. There’s tension on the Hive and Snow isn’t unaware of it. She just refuses to make someone Consort who wouldn’t be fit.

Now. She is very much sure of who would make the best Master’s of Sciences Biological and Physical and she already has Seldom-Seen for Hivemaster. The problem is that the Hive needs a Consort and as much as she wants Guide to be that very thing, she can’t risk the Hive if she’s wrong.

They’re all trying to impress her to some degree. I think that Seeker is less likely to care about being Consort, but even if Spark doesn’t necessarily want the job he still wants Snow. I get the feeling that Seeker would be just as happy to work with Snow. I’m not saying he’d say no if she’d offer him the opportunity to be Consort, but I also see him being smart enough to know he’d be bad at it.

Which is why he suggests to her that she make him Master of Sciences Physical when he first brings Guide’s idea to her.

Snow agrees, while also questioning why Guide is on this particular track. Seeker is a good friend to both Snow and Guide. He doesn’t lie that part of the reason is to impress Snow enough that she agrees to make Guide her Consort, but it’s also very much about stopping the Asurans from killing anymore Wraith.

This is, somewhat, rambly because I kept getting lost reading the story and then a few others in the anthology. Can’t be helped, they’re too good.

Anyways, I hope ya’ll enjoyed a much longer post than usual today.

Before I let ya’ll go this week, something that came up in this story was that a habit of the Wraith is that they chew their claws. Seldom-Seen did it while thinking about Guide’s questions on how to confuse Asuran sensors, and Seeker stopped himself from doing it when they were within range of Asuran scanners.

How cute is that?

See ya!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I hope you enjoy the day off and time with friends and family!

The Atlantis post will be up later today, but I didn’t want anyone to think I’d forgotten. I still have to write it because I was putting my Christmas tree up last night.

I’ll try to get a pic of my tree up too for everyone to see!

Until later today!

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It’s me!

I don’t know why I didn’t realize this week was Thanksgiving week, but it only just occurred to me yesterday that this would be the perfect week to do something special!

Like a long post (we all know it’ll be a rant) about the Wraith relationships in ‘Consort’ and in Atlantis (so far)!

I’m not doing it today though (don’t hurt me!) because I’ll be posting it on actual Thanksgiving day.

Considering I’m only slightly letting y’all down today, hopefully the next news will be exciting.

In a later Legacy book an alternate reality is mentioned very briefly where SG-1 members meet Wraith. If I’m not mistaken, they actually meet Queen Snow.

It took a little digging (thank you so much for the fans who posted years ago so I could find it now!) but I found the story in

‘Stargate SG-1: Ouroboros’.

I own the book now.

Mebbe I’ll add some of it into the Thanksgiving post? 😁

See everyone on Thursday! (Or later, I don’t expect anyone to actually read it on Thanksgiving, but it should to y’all!)


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Apologies (Part 2)

I could have copied and pasted last weeks’ post to be honest.

I am really sorry!

I’ll try to get something ready tomorrow. I don’t work either job and, hopefully, my errands won’t keep me out past noon.

Have a blessed week and I’ll see everyone next time!

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Yeah…it ain’t happening this week y’all. Sorry, but when others start commenting on the circles under your eyes you know it’s time to buckle down and get some sleep.

I may be changing my schedule at my second job soon, it depends on a few factors, but that may be sooner rather than later.

I’ll see everyone next week with a review post!

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StALeR – Special Edition: Consort (Part 2)

I’m back with more Atlantis!

More or less, I suppose, since the story is very much before our Atlantis peeps arrive, but we shall over look that small detail.

Speaking of Snow!

We’ve only ever gotten small snippets about her from Guide and though we adore these snippets, having a look at the real deal is fabulous!

Snow isn’t a pushover and we can clearly see why Guide loved her and has a thing for a certain type of woman.

It’s not just the ‘Queen’ thing, it has to be a little more than that for him. Evidence is shown by his admiration of both Carter and Teyla. I don’t think he ever actually met Weir though… I’ll have to watch the episodes again to figure that out.

Such a hardship.

Back to Snow.

I like her. A good bit.

She’s a young Queen here who’s attracted a good number of young Wraith to her for new opportunities (according to Guide) and the chance to be something more than they were on their previous Hive’s.

Understandable of course.

What I like about her the most is that she isn’t one to sit back and let others do all the work. When we first see her it’s when Seeker (Guide’s cousin and friend) goes to tell her of Guide’s ‘plan’ to stop the Asurans. When he tells her the basics she’s intrigued, but not stupid enough to believe it’s that easy.

As we get to see things from Seeker’s perspective during this scene, he thinks about how if things were different they would have been friends as well as Clevermen together. Their questioning minds happiest to find the answers to problems plaguing their people and to find new things.

I like that she’s different from the other Queens. That she valued the Clevermen as she did and worked with them. What’s funny about this scene is that Seeker is being careful in how he tells her Guide’s plans, mostly because he doesn’t actually have a plan yet, and she (knowing her zenana) calls him out on it.

We’ll have to talk about the relationships next week because it’s so very good.

For now, we skip ahead to when Guide, Seeker, Spark and a few pilots are getting ready to leave for the Asuran home world. Instead of the expected Wraith Glisten, Queen Snow walks in.

I’m sure you can understand how upset this makes them. If anything happens to their Queen they have nothing.

But as Snow says, if the Hive lost them, the Hive would have no chance.

Apparently, a fun thing to find out, Snow is just as good with computers and programming as any other. Far from being a problem or weighing them down, she is in fact a great asset.

There’s a moment here that I’ll bring up next week between Guide and Snow, but for now we must skip ahead again to when they arrive at the planet.

The plan is for them to be dropped via culling beam in the city and make their way to the core. It works, quite well, and they get to the core and the program is uploaded but they’re discovered and get into a fight with Asurans.

They have to literally jump out of a window to safety. breaking several bones along the way, they nevertheless survive and wait to be picked up by the remaining dart. Unfortunately, as the pilot lands and tells them, the Asurans have raised their shields. The Wraith are trapped inside.

Snow insists that the least they can do is waste the Asurans time until the new code takes effect. Essentially, sacrificing themselves so the rest of their race can survive.

Guide, however, has a different idea. With Spark’s knowledge about the shield emitters, he once again scoops them up and makes a run to destroy one of the emitters to get free.

The gambit pays off and he’s able to get them all back to their Hive.

Queen Snow finally, after several years of not making the decision for good reason, finally chooses Masters of the Sciences Biological and Physical, (Seeker and Spark respectively), Hivemaster (her brother Seldom-Seen) and Consort (we all knew it would be Guide).

The entire time they’re on the Asuran homeworld she is right there with them. Fighting, helping to upload the code, watching their backs. She isn’t back on the Hiveship waiting for them to do all the work. She’s helping make sure they come back safe.

I like her because I don’t think many of the Queen’s we saw during the TV series wold have done the same. In the Legacy series we get to see younger Queen’s who are more likely to act like Snow did. Caring about their Hive’s and everyone on them enough to look for solutions outside of what’s always been done.

Death isn’t like that though, don’t think I’m advocating for her in this, she doesn’t care enough for the Wraith as a whole. It’s obvious in how she spoils feeding grounds, destroys supply planets, and breaks agreements between other Wraith Queen’s.

With that i shall leave this week. Next week I definitely want to talk more about the relationships between Snow and her zenana and the interplay between them as well.

It’ll be fun and I’ll see ya’ll then!

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Stargate Roleplaying Game update!


My book is finally here!

Look at it!!

So beautiful!

My picture may be bad, but the book is amazing!!

If you will excuse me now, I will be holed up reading this fine display of workmanship!

(Atlantis review postponed until next week so I can enjoy this!)

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StALeR – Special Edition: Consort

So I said this week would be the next book or a Guide and Snow post.

Guide and Snow won out.

In the anthology ‘Far Horizons’ is a short story about when Snow chose Guide as her Consort. I’ll do a couple posts about it because it is GOOD!

The story itself is fantastic because it’s also the story of when Guide and his Hive reprogrammed the Asurans, stopping them from slaughtering the Wraith.

Guide is still young here, but he and Seeker (a cousin and friend) have made places for themselves as part of Queen Snow’s zenana.

Queen Snow is somewhat different from other Queen’s in that she sees the value in Clevermen and what they can bring to the Wraith as a whole. The impression is that Clevermen are needed and also valued, but Blades are more important because they keep everyone safe.

Of course, we know that Guide himself is quite practiced as a cleverman. Wether it’s because of his age or because he’s smart enough not to make the same mistake twice (we are distinctly not mentioning his making deals with the Lanteans multiple times and expecting them not to screw him over).

I’m pretty sure, though it’s not eluded to in any way here, that Snow is the reason he got into the Clevermen track of life. If only enough to get himself in trouble.

This time though, his clever mind is the reason the Asurans were defeated.

Talking to Seeker, Guide asks why another of the zenana (a Cleverman and also vying to be Snow’s Consort of course) hasn’t figured out how to stop the Asurans.

The conversation hits a point where Guide asks why they can’t be reprogrammed.

They can.

The real problem is that the new code would have to be uploaded directly to the main core.

Which is on the home planet and, obviously, well guarded.

Guide, already being the lovable psycho we know now, decides that that’s what they’ll do.

Infiltrate the Asurans homeworld and upload a new code before heading home.

As we also know now, he succeeds on most occasions with astounding results.

This is no different.

They succeed and life goes on until the Lanteans come around and undo the work.

At which point they need Guide to help them and they take him prisoner and so on until Rodney’s sister is infected with nanites.

This is a very brief summary of what happens. I’m going to be diving in a little more because it’s a really great look into Wraith life and especially Guide’s early start with his beloved Snow.

Also, Snow is awesome!

See everyone next week!

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StALeR 50 – Legacy: Secrets (Part 15)

Hello everyone!

I didn’t realize last week that this would be the 50th post since starting the Legacy series reviews. I was mostly concerned about the ‘Part 15’ part I wanted to get to before starting the next book.

Am I doing something special this week?


Mostly because I only realized this was the 50th review just now when I sat down to do this post. Hopefully I’ll remember the 100th review post and plan something special, but we shall see.

For this week however!

The first Wraith are worth taking another look at for this last review. When they woke as Wraith, whatever had been done to them had pretty much wiped their memories. Or at least a good portion of them. It’s the reason they took on new names that were based on their minds’ feel, because they couldn’t immediately remember their own names and then it became their thing. Separate from the Alterans and simply being ‘subjects’.

When Osprey gave Kairos his new name it was because of his mind. She knew his name still but chose to call him what he had become.

I wonder if his mind felt like ashes because that’s how he felt about the entire thing. The Alterans and their experiments. His part in them. All the dead he couldn’t save that shouldn’t have been lost to begin with.

There were one hundred men and one hundred women used in the tests. Ninety-one women died, and one man did leaving the Wraith to start with nine Queens and ninety-nine men who became Blades and Clevermen.

I wonder if they split in to equal bands?

We know that’s what they called themselves for the first long while. Until they created the Hiveships they used stolen Alteran technology ( and possibly other advanced society ships though I wonder how far the Alterans actually let anyone else get). We only really know about Osprey and some of the men who followed her because she’s where Teyla gets her Wraithiness from.

I kind of feel like it wouldn’t be an even split though. After all they had gone through I feel like some gravitated towards certain people they felt closer to or that they were more comfortable with and probably some moved around from band to band sharing information and such until they found their place.

What is interesting (and I wonder if it’s a typo) is that Teyla thinks about the timing of the Wraith and says it was eleven thousand years ago that they first became. Which would mean that the Old One is only one thousand years older then Guide is.

Which is still pretty old, but not so much for Wraith.

I can’t wait to get to the novella with Guide and Snow! It’s so cute and wonderful! Maybe, now that we’ve met his daughter, I should take a short break from Legacy proper and do a review of that story?

It would kind of fit in with the whole timing of Wraith history and all…

I have to end this post now because it’s getting long and getting late. I know it was kind of rambley, but I kept seeing things I’d missed the first few times I’d read it.

These books are WAY TOO GOOD!!

I’ll see peeps next week with either a Guide and Snow story or the next book in Legacy.

Till then!