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Not sure if I mentioned it previously (and at this point I have way too many posts to go through to check), but I’ve been planning on rearranging my room to make better use of it.

Since I have a loft bed I figured it would work in front of my closet (instead of along the longest wall in my room) and I’d still have access so long as I took the doors off of course.

I honestly didn’t think I’d get to any of it for several months yet because I wanted to pay off my credit card first.


An impromptu visit to Ikea led me to their clearance/sale/returned items section where I found a corner bookshelf that was 35% off (it honestly should have been more because whoever built it damaged it and a chunk off the back has left a hole in the bottom corner) and a height extension that was 45% off.

This particular bookshelf was going to be the display one anyway so I figured for that price it wouldn’t be a problem for me and I’d be able to see if I can fit the extension on the bookshelves too at a discounted price before paying full for the rest.

I think I’ll have a 1/2in leeway, but the carpet is making measurements a little iffy.


Here’s pics of the bookshelf before I painted the first coat!

Shelves that came with it.
This thing is already taller than my current Walmart bookshelves! (That’s the hole in the bottom left corner btw)

It’s white here, but I painted it black. I have to wait 24hrs before I can paint the second coat, but I’m hoping I’ll only need the two.

I don’t know if I want to paint a galaxy background on it too before bringing it up or simply go with the glow-in-the-dark stars I have a plethora of and nothing to use them on!

Maybe I’ll do galaxy on the top of the shelves…


I’ll update next week of course and give more pics. For now I shall retire because I am tired.

Bye for now!

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