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StALeR 67 – Legacy: Unascended (Part 6)

Alright, this is gonna be about Newton.

Rodney’s cat, if you forgot. The one he’s not supposed to have?


So Sheppard goes to ask Carson something and finds him prepping syringes. They aren’t for people though, they’re for Newton. Carina isn’t going to be giving the shots since he’s allergic to cats, but he was willing to get everything set up for his friend.

It’s cute that everyone knows about Newton and obviously isn’t going to say anything. You know that kitten is wandering around the whole city getting treats and attention at every turn.

We also know that eventually a dog is probably going to find its way to Atlantis too, and other pets at this point.

If a higher up comes around, I totally see everyone having a plan in place to hide the pets.

Anyways, Carson warns Sheppard that Rodney is most likely going to rope someone into helping him give Newton his shots. He goes on about if Rodney didn’t want to do it he shouldn’t have gotten a pet.

I don’t think Rodney will have a problem finding help and he definitely won’t shirk his responsibilities when it comes to Newton. I’m not sure about Keller though.

On the one hand she’s definitely trained to give shots and isn’t allergic, but on the other hand she also walked away. Not just from Rodney but from Newton too, so….

Until next time! Enjoy the thought of various Earth and other creatures becoming pets on Atlantis!

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