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StALeR 66 – Legacy: Unascended (Part 5)

Have we talked about the whole ‘tribute’ thing yet?

Some planets actually made deals with various Wraith so they wouldn’t be destroyed or attacked.

Essentially, they give the Wraith so many of their people and the Wraith leave them alone for however long.

Now, in some cases this deal only went for so long before things happened and the Wraith demanded more tributes. This happened as an early episode where ‘criminals’ were left for the Wraith, but then people actually stopped committing crimes and so the government randomly targeted people they wanted gone.

All the Wraith had woken up and so they needed more food and when the planet couldn’t hand over the amount demanded, they just culled the planet.

I feel like it was the truth but also that the planet had been allowed to progress to a certain technological point that other planets hadn’t been allowed. It was probably about the time the Wraith needed to drop them down a few pegs.

Having put that forward- In Unascended we find out that a planet did random lotteries and gave the Wraith so many people and were left alone for six years. This had been going on for some time I’m guessing and everyone who stayed agreed to it.

Fast forward to now and the planet took some people in and when the Wraith came these travelers killed them.

Obviously the Wraith weren’t happy about that and demanded a much higher number of tributes to make up for their dead.

The interesting thing is the planet was mad at the travelers and not the Wraith.

Some agreements worked and some didn’t. It was dependent on the people involved, but in this new galaxy they’ve created with a retrovirus that makes it possible for a Wraith to feed more than once on a human, it makes things a little muddier for Atlantis.

There are obviously people who are willing to make such deals with the Wraith but they could also be taken on board a Hive ship and fed on for a very long time so….

Just putting it out there.

I love the world that was created for Stargate! It’s never easy and brings up some very interesting situations and those involved actually have to make decisions based on what they know at the time!

Next time!

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