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Stargate in General

I was watching clips of Stargate episodes on YouTube and kept laughing over how they handle situations.

When the Prometheus is taken over and Sam is stuck inside, Jack arrives at the scene and just goes off.

Understandably so.

However! (And I can’t remember the guys name sorry!) the officer who responds and gives him what info they have is surprisingly put together considering who’s yelling at him.

It’s really funny to me cause some poor female officer has to interrupt to let them know they’re being called from the ship and she handles it quite well, but you can see on her face she does NOT want to be there even though the news isn’t necessarily bad.

It shouldn’t be so funny except that O’Neill had already said it was a bad idea and is, of course, proven right.

There’s something to be said about gut feelings.

Anyways, I could go on for quite some time because I really just kept hitting random episode scenes, but it’s time for my bed.

Y’all have a fantastic week!

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