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A book by any other name?

Obviously from the title you’ve guessed I didn’t read more of ‘Unascended’. I did, however, read three other books this week!

Technically I finished two and read an entire one this weekend while I had 2 days off completely, but still.

‘One Dark Window’ by Rachel Gillig. I give a 10/10! This book was fabulous and everything I love in the fantasy genre! Book 2 hasn’t been announced yet which is disappointing, but I am definitely going to buy it as soon as it’s available!

‘The Assassin’s Blade’ by Sarah J. Maas. I give a 3/5. I admit that it might have been better to start with book 1 like my sister suggested, but by the time I talked to her about it I was already over halfway through. It’s not bad, I enjoyed all of the novellas in this book, but I definitely would have been more emotionally invested in the character ms had I read book 1. Keep in mind that this is a compilation of prequel novellas so technically I should have been fine reading them first. Book 1 is third on my list to read now.

‘Archangel’s Resurrection’ by Nalini Singh. This, this I give 100/10. There is no other choice. I LOVE her books and have never been disappointed in a single one. Do I have favorite characters? Of course, but her books are so rich that favorite characters or not you fall fast and hard and can’t put it down until the end. Then you wait not so patiently for the next one!

I have three weeks vacation/off time from my part time job starting next week and I’m hoping I’ll get more books read and definitely more posts ready to go!

Until then, find a bad pun to laugh at. Or better yet, make a bad pun to laugh at! And let me know cause I love a bad pun!!

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