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StALeR 63 – Legacy: Unascended (Part 2)

We’re back!

Short, but sweet is what this will be, but I said I’d do an Atlantis post and an Atlantis post you shall have today!

Rodney and Daniel are investigating a suspected Alteran outpost with the team and things are going surprisingly well.

Not counting the evil ostriches trying to kill them.

Or the massive wild fire that almost roasted them.

Or the penguins that tried to eat them…

Other than those pesky details!

The two of them are being downright cordial to each other.

Thing is, we don’t really know why Rodney dislikes Danial so much. It does feel like a Rodney thing though. Like there’s something Daniel did to make him unlikeable.

During their investigation of the site (after the aforementioned setbacks) they discover it’s actually an Asgard site and not Alteran. It also looks like the machines control the weather on the planet.

The two snipe back and forth during the whole thing when Daniel finally just asks why Rodney doesn’t like him.

Apparently, while Rodney was at the SGC he got sent to Siberia after saying or doing something to make Sam mad and Daniel asks if that’s why and assures Rodney he had nothing to do with that.

Rodney doesn’t say it, because he has trouble actually talking about those kinds of things (and after just being dumped by his girlfriend I’m guessing he’s not too willing to open up to someone at the moment) he does, thankfully for us, think about the reason.

Turns out, Rodney doesn’t like who he was back then. He likes who he’s become. He likes his team and his family and his friends because they’re part of why he is who he is now.

Daniel doesn’t just remind him of a time when he was a complete jerk, he talks about it because that’s the person he knew. Daniel doesn’t know Rodney anymore so he talks as if Rodney hasn’t changed.

Daniel isn’t doing it on purpose. He doesn’t even know he’s doing it, but that’s part of the problem because he treats Rodney like he always did and that’s why Rodney doesn’t like him.

If Daniel knew he’d stop, we know this already because that’s the kind of person he is.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember if that actually happens in this book…

Guess we’ll find out!

Bye for now, but look for the start of my Bible study posts going live either this week or next on Thursday’s!

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