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StALeR 64 – Legacy: Unascended (Part 3)

Very short this week, but here we go!

Getting a look at the backstories of favorite characters is always a fun time for me. Not being a fan of Weir does take a little joy out of it because I just don’t like her.

Having said that-

With Weir back in corporeal form she’s getting flashes of her life back on Earth (because there’s always that one ascended being that breaks the rules).

Scenes from when she was in school to starting her work as a negotiator. It is interesting if only because things mentioned are my actual history.

And, okay, it’s also a little interesting to see how she became who she is in the series.

But not too interesting… honestly I’m just waiting for the good part with a certain person I know is going to show up sooner or later in this book!

…told y’all it was short.

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