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Craft completed update!!

I am so excited to share the finished product with everyone!!


I hand drew the book on front but used stencils for the letters and heart-with-leaves part. I didn’t actually have any letter stencils so I printed off the words and cut them out…

Didn’t look so good because the paint made the paper wet and stick to the wood. So whereas I didn’t technically hand write the letters, I did do quite a bit of cleanup on them.

The spine! This was the test for the paper stencil and where I found out it was a problem. It turned out pretty good though!

You would have noticed the gap in the last pic and you’ll see why here. I used pieces of fabric to secure the lid/cover to the main body of the book. I couldn’t find any small hinges made in the U.S. so tried this in lieu.

There are small magnets on the edges of the lid and the book ‘pages’ to keep the lid closed, but they aren’t too strong so I still have to be careful!

I’m hoping to find small hinges eventually and I’ll change it over soon as I do, because even though I used superglue on the fabric, it’s very fragile.

What my tiny books look like in their book bookshelf! Still room to grow and with Christmas coming I doubt it’ll take long.

For anyone wondering, yes, the stars do in fact glow in the dark. I tried getting a pic, but my camera isn’t quite good enough for that.

Trust me when I say it’s epic!!!

My book bookshelf next to a regular hardback for comparison. It is, of course, a little bigger, but I don’t mind.

Honestly, if I made it a tiny bit shorter it would be the same size as a fatter hardcover. One of those small tome sizes ya know?

It’s a little crooked, a little not perfect, and I absolutely love it!!

I learned a TON while making this and plan to make more wood projects in the future. Including a volume 2!

For now I shall let you go and see you next week!!

…or will I?

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