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Update in the crafty!


I have assembled the base form of my tiny books book bookshelf!

It’s so cute!!

Things got much easier when I found a bigger utility knife (exacto knife, but I think that’s a brand name) and just clamped a ruler to the wood and cut ACTUAL STRAIGHT LINES!!

There are some issues still from the first cuts with the other saw that was wobbly and I may get wood filler to fix it. I haven’t decided actually because you can also do a thing with resin….

I already have resin and have been wanting to try this so I might do that. The only thing is that I really need better sand paper cause the grit I have isn’t the right kind.

From what I’ve gleaned from watching vids, I need much much finer paper for resin.


I’ve found that I really enjoy this. If I get a better utility knife I think I’d be really happy doing these kind of wood projects by hand (just forgo the electric saw I’d been planning on getting) so long as I have a metal ruler of course…

I took a few shavings off my mothers wood one.

My bad.

Anyways, I’m hoping to have Wednesday off to work on my site. I’d like to have a separate page (maybe?) or something for a Bible study type thing.

I’m pretty sure it was in my pic of Christmas prezzies, but my mama got me a New Living Translation Bible and my mind is being blown y’all.

Partly because it’s been so long since I’ve read through the Bible, but also because the translation I grew up with was King James. I love KJV because it sounds so beautiful respond it but I am definitely enjoying the NLT version and have questions.

I figured y’all might too so why not share? I’m tentatively considering contacting local pastors/churches and asking the questions I have, but we’ll see.

I shall see everyone next week! (And don’t worry, I am reading ‘Unascended’. It’s more Weir than I like so it’s taking a bit…and I’m still working a ton, but I’m hoping that won’t be the case much longer because I’m almost there!)

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