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Another crafty!

Don’t worry!

I am still reading ‘Unascended’, but working on my bookshelf too and to be honest, because of the Weir thing, my bookshelf is more fun…

I don’t want the first post for the book to be a half post so I’ll try and get a whole one written up for next week.

For now, more updates on the crafty!

Initially I wanted the background of the shelves to be a light color so the books could be better highlighted.

A lovely first coat!


I then, literally, woke up and realized I had an entire box full of glow in the dark stars I’ve been wanting to use but never had a project for them…

Guess who has a project now!

Even better is that I can try my hand at galaxy painting while I’m at it!

2 coats already on!

I also got the lid/cover going in a lovely metallic amethyst.

Ta da!

The outside of the bookshelf itself will be the same color of course, with text done in a Rose Pink paint. I have this really cool color changing top coat paint that I’ve never been able to get to work properly that I’m hoping will work this time.

It would go over the Rose Pink as the colors compliment each other.

In other news!

It’s finished!

My tiny things are all organized and labeled!!

I’m so happy!

Last thing before I go today. I have a coworker who collects Pokémon cards and gives away duplicates she doesn’t need. She’s given a TON away already to staff and to friends who work with kids.

I thought y’all would enjoy what she and her sister made up for staff.

Custom packs of cards!

They made sure to have one holographic in each pack and ten cards per pack. It was really sweet of both of them to take the time to do this and I wanted to give them a shout out (without names for privacy reasons) because it’s been over a decade since I’ve collected and it’s nice to get back into it!

All y’all stay safe and keep your heads up! You see a lot more stuff around you that way (speaking from experience) that’s worth seeing.


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