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A crafty post!

Much excitement for me!

I know I’ve shown off my tiny books (if only as prezzies) and may have mentioned that I wanted to show them better than simply putting them on the shelf with normal size books.

The idea was to make a book shaped bookshelf for them, with a lid cover so it actually looks like a normal hardback on my shelf.

I didn’t want to spend too much money on it though because I don’t know if I’ll enjoy woodworking and I never did find an actual tutorial or vid that was what I wanted.

Plenty of book shaped boxes for jewelry but the designs weren’t right for me to modify.

So, because I’m trying to pay off my far less than it was debt, I bought some cheap(ish) stuff and just today got everything cut to assemble.

Majority of supplies on the wood I’ll be cutting up.
I couldn’t find the small one I had (pretty sure I got rid of it in a craft purge) but luckily had this one in the garage to use!

It was a nightmare to cut with this thing because the blade is wobbly. I did the best I could and then just sanded the edges down as far as possible.

The wood I chose was thinner than I had wanted too but again, I didn’t want to spend too much this time in case I didn’t like it. I know a couple people who do woodworking that I could pay to make me a cute thing so…

Front and back pieces, side pieces and shelves!

Thus far it’s not bad? I think if I had the tools to cut straight lines and sand properly I’d have more fun. The frustration is purely based on the additional work needing to be done because of wobbly cuts.

*le sigh*
Needs sanding to match.

I have made it work however!

Such cute clamps!

I’ve glued the first parts together and let it set a couple hours. I’ll glue a long side next and leave it for the day since I work both places four days in a row.

Here’s hoping I’ll feel up to doing a little every night this week!

I am reading the next Atlantis book too this week so next week might be a split post or I’ll choose one and update the next next week.

See ya next week!

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