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How it started vs How it’s going!

So exciting to be able to share this!

Y’all know I’ve been on vacation the last two weeks (and it has been heaven!) and I’ve gotten a ton of stuff done around the house, read several books and have also been writing.

This is where the title of this post comes from because this is how my vacation started-

(178 pages at the start!)

And this is how it’s going!

(Excuse the background light please)

Keep in mind that I am scheduling this post before I’m down writing for the night. I still have a couple of hours to go but I wanted to get this ready so I didn’t forget.

I have written 42 pages over vacation and I wasn’t even writing every day. I know I said I would but, again, I was doing other stuff too.

I have over 81,800 words written and I’m not actually slowing down.

I only work three days at my second job this week so I plan to keep working on this before things get too busy again.

Speaking of my second job. Hopefully I’ll still have it because, for health reasons, I have to change my availability. It’s not the first time I’ve talked to my manager about it (it’s actually like 3rd or 4th if I count the interview) but during vacation I’ve realized that I can’t keep working the early shifts. I only worked 1 day there out of 18 and I was so exhausted that one day it wasn’t even funny.

So a conversation is going to happen and hopefully it’ll work out. Otherwise I’ll have to look for a different part time job.

That’s all for now! I’ll have an Atlantis post for next week but I wanted to share about the writing progress because I’m so happy!!

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