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StALeR 59 – Legacy: Inheritors (Part 9)

Something of a funny thing happens during the end of the battle in this book.

Radek, Teyla and a group of Marines go to a Hiveship that’s full of explosives meant to take out Atlantis.

Teyla gets control of the Hiveship and starts to move it away, but the explosives are still a problem and armed.

Radek, of course, is trying to figure out how to disarm the mess when Ember arrives to help.

Here’s the funny part.

Radek and Ember are not unlike Radek and Rodney or Rodney and Ember.

The three are geniuses in their own rights and can work together very well under extraordinary circumstances. In this case, Radek and Ember starts finishing each other’s sentences as they see the same issues concerning the bomb.

This goes on for a bit and it’s really funny because it’s a scene we’ve seen a thousand times throughout the Stargate series’.

If the situations weren’t so dire it would essentially just be a couple of nerds geeking out over a shared passion.

It just so happens that this time it’s a human and Wraith instead of a human and another human.

They save the day (heck yeah, you go science dudes!), but Ember is injured as they leave. Radek, having taken the new retrovirus not long ago, offers to let Ember feed on him.

Obviously Ember is all for that and, true to quite a few of Guide’s people, makes sure to take what’s needed but not more.

I like these scenes because character development is always such a great thing and fans LOVE it when it’s done right.

Stargate has always been able to deliver great character development!

That’s gonna be all for this week. Next week probably won’t be a Stargate post and if it is it’ll be a half post because I’d like to do one of those ‘this is how it started vs how it’s going’ posts.

Since I have another week of vacation I’ll be buckling down on a few things and I’d like to give everyone an update.

Until next week!

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