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Kind of Atlantis?

Hello peeps!!

1st update: I ended up with a total of 46 pages written over my vacation!

And I have today off from both jobs so guess what I’ll be working on?

2nd update: My small bookshelf of TBR books is starting to grow off of the shelves again so I’ll have to read some of those instead or in addition to Atlantis.

The problem this week is that other than tomorrow, I’ll be working everyday and three of those days are both places. I’m gonna be pretty pooped y’all, but I’m off next Sunday so I’ll hopefully get to sleep in and get some reading done too.

3rd update: Good news is that the conversation went very well and my hours will start changing next week. It would have been this week but I didn’t want my boss to have to redo the schedule so late in the week.

Bad news is that I haven’t been able to find a portable CD player that’s USB. They’re all aux or Bluetooth. I may have to settle on an aux one or get a go-between piece.

Why do I need this?

For the ‘kinda Atlantis’ title reason.

I’m pretty sure I mentioned that there are audiobook productions of Stargate stories out there and I managed to snag one from ThriftBooks awhile ago. The problem, of course, is that new cars don’t have CD players stand are anymore (rude).

And the house CD player broke and we haven’t replaced it yet…

4th update: The only “downside” (feel free to envision me very sarcastically doing air quotes here) is that once I have all the audiobooks I’ll have to do another read/watch/listen through so that I can give y’all a comprehensive list for Atlantis ultimate enjoyment!

Oh no.

I suspect some of my family members have been buying them for presents so I can’t buy any myself until or unless I ask. Is okay though, cause I still have to find a dang player first!

Until next week!

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