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StALeR 57 – Legacy: Inheritors (Part 7)

Wraith Hiveships.

We know they have to be attached to a person to grow, but how does that even work?!

Somewhere in this book it’s once again mentioned that Hiveships are attached to a host and grow from there.

We’ve seen some of this with Dr. Keller when she accidentally came in contact with a Hive seed and it started to grow on her. The process was pretty fast and it seemed like a fully functional Hive would maybe take a month or two to grow?

However, does it have to be a human or would a Wraith work just as well?

And why?

The only thing I can think of is the semi-sentient aspect of a Hive. It has to come from somewhere I guess and a human mind works. The interesting thing though is how does it change from a fully functioning human brain into what we know about the Hiveships consciousness?

Teyla likened it to a warhorse once (or just a horse, I can’t remember). Intelligent and wanting to please it’s master, but not capable of fighting a battle without instruction and urging. (I added that last part btw)

I wonder where in the process the human mind is absorbed and becomes the Hive instead? Does the seed have programming if some kind that changes the human brain into something more suitable for what the Wraith need?

It would certainly make sense. A human mind wouldn’t be able to handle the knowledge of being turned into a ship. Let alone being able to withstand the reality of being in space, having people living in it, etc…

Also, it would need certain nutrients to grow right? The human body is only so big and wouldn’t be able to support a Hive growth. It’s why the seed attached to Keller was growing into the walls and feeding off of the power supply.

Does any Wraith just know how to grow a Hiveship or is it a specialized occupation?

It really is a fascinating thing to consider and it would be pretty awesome if we knew the ins and outs of it.

Alas, it probably never got thought completely out since the show was canceled and the books only got so far.

Anyways, I know recent events have hit everyone hard, just try not to forget that there is still far more good than bad. You might have to look a little harder, but you’ll find it and it will get easier to find as you go.

Till next time!

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