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Tired today…

I’m coming down with a cold and it’s knocked me down for a bit.

Thus, I give you pics of my Christmas (that we just had)!

A few prezzies!

My brother always, without fail for several years now, gets me up to date on My Little Pony books!

I love these so much because they’re flipping hilarious and so far (even though the tv series has ended) they’ve continued in the same fun vein.

Way back in November/December-ish, my mama and I were out running errands and stopped at CVS. They had several mini kits with different candies to build a house.

I waited until we actually celebrated Christmas to make it and it was definitely fun! If I think of it this year I’ll be looking out for a different candy version to have fun with!

That’s gonna be all this week, cause I’m about to fall asleep, so until next time try to stay positive!

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