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For the last week or two I have been working on transcribing a couple decades worth of notes into cohesive collections.

It took me awhile to get things sorted into the appropriate piles and find an empty journal to use, which is when I found out just how many journals I’ve started with the same idea only to start a new one…

Or two.

Or three.

Seriously, I found three journals that I had started with the intent of them being story idea collections.

It’s a good thing that pile is the biggest. I may actually fill one or two up.

I’m having fun reading old ideas from so long ago and it’s definitely helping with the cleanliness of my room to have the multiple piles slowly getting smaller and smaller.

(Did you know my carpet is a cream color?!)

Initially I was really just looking for all the notes I had for my beauty and the beast retelling so I could get that ready for my vacation project.

However, I had a few hours one day and thought ‘why not just organize it for later’.

Then the later became ‘just get it done with and move on’.

Essentially I’ll be working on that for another week though I am hoping it won’t take longer than this current one to finish.

I only work 3 days at my part time job this week (woot!!) which means I should be able to sleep in while still having time to work on this project before going to work most days.

It also means I should be able to get another Atlantis post ready for next week (and maybe get a book or two read!).

On the vacation note though.

I finally decided to just take the time off from both jobs. My part time has yet to start accruing vacation time despite my boss saying I should be by now.

I think the cut back in hours has been helping me get better, but I’m still having trouble and I’m still exhausted more days than not.

Anyways! I’ll keep y’all posted about the writing project and all that, while also releasing Atlantis posts to make the masses happy!

See y’all next week!

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