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StALeR 56 – Legacy: Inheritors (Part 6)

Not Wraith this week, but don’t be sad!

Ronon is almost as fun to analyze as our lovely Wraith.


Back to Ronon having Hyperion’s weapon.

It wasn’t Sheppard that told him about it, it was Teyla. I guess Sheppard didn’t want him to have to deal with the fact that such a weapon couldn’t be used without killing their friends and family too.

We’ve already talked about how Ronon felt about that for a few hours/days. (if you haven’t had a chance to read that post then I’ll tell you he was actually gonna do it)

What’s interesting is that when Teyla told him about it, she also told him the history of the Wraith.

That they used to be humans and it was the Alterans that turned them into Wraith to begin with. That after they had escaped, they had made lives for themselves and had children and all that.

Ronon had a very brief moment where he remembered hoping whoever had been imprisoned on the island had escaped, but it was quickly overshadowed by his hatred of the Wraith.

As if they deserved to be prisoners because of what they were. Even knowing they had no choice in the matter.

This particular encounter between the two ended with Teyla asking Ronon if she had made a mistake in telling him the truth.

Ronon in turn asked her ‘don’t you trust me?’

She does, which is why she told him.

It’s interesting when you consider how she would have felt if she found out he’d had his finger on the trigger of Hyperion’s weapon and a gun trained at Sheppard to stop him from taking it and destroying it.

If I remember correctly, she may find out later on, but I know not in this book. If I remember I’ll mention it.

It’s also interesting that Teyla never considered Ronon may have the weapon when they discover it’s missing from where Rodney put it.

Of everyone, Teyla and Ronon were the worst affected by the Wrath in their lives, which makes it strange that Teyla wouldn’t think of Ronon for this.

Obviously, he wasn’t supposed to be searching in that area, but this is Ronon we’re talking about. He thinks a little different because of his background.

I just find it really interesting that no one apparently thinks Ronon had anything to do with it.

I guess I’m not the only one who thought he was moving on from his past.

Except for the fact that Sheppard knew somehow?

Which I would really like to know what tipped him off by the way.

Did Radek find a recording or did he just piece it together after thinking about everything?

Sheppard isn’t stupid. Reckless, definitely, but not stupid.

I just really want to know what it was…

Well, that’s all for now!

Only other news to tell is that my vacation has been approved for my full time job and I just have to decide how I want my part time job to go during the two and a half weeks I’ve asked off.

Definitely have plans to finish my current work (by current I mean the story I was really excited about before I got a second job to pay off bills faster a year ago) and I’ve already started going over what I have so I’m refreshed and ready to go!

With that, I bid you adieu!

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