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StALeR 55 – Legacy: Inheritors (Part 5)

We are back!

Okay, so it was mentioned (via an Ember thought) that the Wraith have always kind of nudged different groups of humans into doing things for them throughout the years.

Which would make sense.

Why spend all of your energy and supplies keeping civilizations from developing too far when you could just pit them against each other instead?

The Wraith worshippers are a distinctive group in the series and so it’s interesting that the Wraith have pitted them against one another.

I wonder if it was more along the lines of pitting one worshipper group against another Hive’s group ya know?

Causing a little mayhem for enemy Wraith?

I’m guessing such worshippers on supply planets like Tenassa (not sure if that’s the right planet but I’d have to go back and skim a few books to get the right one so we’ll go with Tenassa for now) would be left alone considering it was a neutral planet for all Wraith to use, but otherwise intrigue and sabotage via worshipper is certainly one way to go.

Outside of the worshippers though it’s an interesting thing to consider.

We know the Wraith have made deals with human worlds before for one reason or another, but to subtly change the course of their worlds is an entirely different thing.

Is it something that several Wraith got together and agreed a certain planet was getting too far ahead technologically and so they considered what human worlds could be used to start a war?

Or was it just one Queen and Hive that saw a planet they called theirs getting too far ahead and so started nudging another to cause problems?

It’s a fascinating view into the Wraith culture and as such a small throw away thought too.

I love these books!

That’s all for this week and I’ll see ya’ll next Monday!

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