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StALeR 53 – Legacy: Inheritors (Part 3)

Rodney stole Hyperion’s weapon.

Apparently, Sheppard was thinking about where he’d hidden it so loudly that Rodney heard and decided that it wasn’t safe anymore. He stole it and hid it somewhere else in Atlantis.

Which is actually not a bad idea considering that Wraith can somewhat hear human thoughts I think, depending on the lineage and circumstance, so he wasn’t wrong to move it.

The problem comes from when Sheppard has to retrieve it so it can be destroyed to get Guide to join them in fighting Death. Since it isn’t there Guide refuses.

When Radek and Sheppard realize that the only person capable of messing with the security measures is Rodney, they put him in a cell.

Kind of understandable, but also heartbreaking because Sheppard doesn’t want but he also can’t not ya know?

Worse, is that Rodney can’t even disagree with the decision and say that he isn’t under Death’s influence subconsciously.

Now, Teyla does check him and verifies that he’s telling the truth about the weapon. He honestly doesn’t know where it is anymore and can’t help with that, but they still need help getting Atlantis ready to fly and without Rodney, it ain’t happening.

O’Neill suggests that Ronon keep an eye on Rodney and stun him if he starts acting out of character.

Here’s the problem.

Ronon has Hyperion’s weapon.

He figured out during the search that Rodney would have hidden it in one of his bolt-holes that everyone on Atlantis has (places that hold supplies in case something happens and they need to hide) and he took it. He’s been carrying it around ever since deciding whether to use it or not.

The entire time Rodney is professing his innocence, Ronon is silent and letting everyone think Rodney is still compromised.

He let’s Rodney think he’s still compromised.

Ronon is the one who was fed on and turned against his friends and his friends understood that it wasn’t really him. The fact that he is letting Rodney suffer for something that he went through himself is not a good indication of his character.

It’s great character development though because he was coming along so well and now suddenly he’s contemplating using a weapon that will kill Teyla, Rodney, Torren and thousands of other humans with Wraith DNA who most likely don’t even know it.

He’s actually okay with it on one hand because he thinks he’ll just kill himself after the fact since Sheppard won’t be able to even look at him if he goes through with it and the best part is that all the Wraith will be dead.

Isn’t it worth a few human lives to end the Wraith once and for all?

His entire mindset in this book and the last is really scary because of how much he loves his new family. That he hates the Wraith so much that he would even consider his family’s lives worth ending is a terrible thing.

That he would actively let a friend suffer like he did when he was addicted to the enzyme is concerning too.

It’s great character development for both Ronon and Rodney, but I think mostly Ronon in this case because he has to live with the knowledge that he was willing to kill innocent people when there were other options.

Maybe not options he supports, but options that others in the galaxy might be happy or just okay with.

That’s all for this week!

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