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So excited!!!

It came!!

(You’ll have to tilt your head for the pic)

Isn’t it awesome!! The rest of my stuff from the Kickstarter finally arrived!

The dice have some serious weight to them and came in individual bags within a bigger bag. I appreciate that because I don’t want them getting scratched up.

I have every intention of using them and they might get scratched that way, but until then I’m not taking chances.

I plan to either make a storage box for them or buy one. There are plenty of such stores in the area for me. Thankfully!

I love my dice!

I love my Phoenix site patch!

I love my Determination Point chips!

I love my Item Cards!

I love all of it!!!

They did a fantastically great job with this and I can’t wait to start playing!

(Which unfortunately won’t happen until I’m back to just one job, but hopefully that won’t be too long now!)


And right after my birthday too! How cool of a present is this!!


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