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Mebbe…then again, Mebbe not.

I’ll be real with y’all.

I honestly meant to get the next Atlantis book re-read and some posts ready since I had Christmas Day off (from both jobs) and the day after off too.

Unfortunately, my Christmas Day was not a good one.

Early in the afternoon one of my dogs threw up twice and the second time it looked like blood was in it. My mama took him to an emergency vet clinic and they waited for 7 hrs.

Part of the time was the wait time in general because they were busy, but the rest of the time they had my poor puppy and just wouldn’t tell us anything.

So at 8pm my mama finally gets home with said puppy dog having been told he just has an upset stomach.

I’m deliriously happy that’s all it was (though we plan to take him to our vet and get him looked at again) but I don’t handle such personal emergencies well.

Reading wasn’t going to help so I instead spent the day cleaning the kitchen. We have company coming next week and the whole house needs a going over.

Yesterday wasn’t too bad but I forgot what day it was and instead of reading I finished the big cleaning parts still needing to be done around the house.

At which point it was late.

And not enough time to read the whole book. Which I want to do.

Thus, I will either have the post up later today or just scheduled for next week… probably scheduled for next week. I have a three day both job thing happening so…

Stay safe peeps and I hope your Christmas was a good one no matter how you celebrated (or didn’t!).

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