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Might be fun?

Hi peeps!

Pretty sure I’ve mentioned previously that my mama and I attend a book convention almost every year, but COVID has interfered two years now.

It just so happens that scuttlebutt says the convention for next year might be in August.

We couldn’t go this year because it had to be held this last weekend and our jobs wouldn’t let us attend, but august should be doable.

And now for the reason of the title this week!

If it is going to be in August, than that means I have two weeks of vacation time I need to take up in addition to a couple personal days.

As soon as I get confirmation of the dates I’ll be making firm plans to take all my vacation together. It should give me time to plan and possibly outline a little because if I can take the time all at once I want to spend it writing.

Obviously I don’t have time at my second job because it’s part time, but I’ll check anyways and even if it’s not possible to take time off it’s a way to get me out of the house in the morning and I can certainly write there after work for several hours.

I’ve been thinking about writing the last couple weeks but there’s always something needing to be done. This would definitely give me the time to get a clean rough draft going if not done.

Wish me luck on that front!

On the Atlantis front, I feel like I need to watch the series again. It’s been a good year or so and my favorite peeps voices are fading in my mind a little. Takes a bit of enjoyment out of the reading ya know?

So I may do that and my posts might be littered with episode reviews again.

It all depends on if I have time…though I only work four days at both places this week and I believe my full time job has me off four days in a row this weekend so…

Y’all have a great week, a very merry Christmas and I’ll see ya next time!

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