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My bad…

Interesting thing about book reviews is that you first have to read the book.

My bad!

This coming Saturday will be the thirteenth day in a row I’ve worked. I’ve been reading books (I swear!) just not Atlantis because I want to be able to read it in one sitting and not have to put it down (which is what happened with the last book).

With that being said, it’s not an Atlantis post but it is a book review post. Hopefully y’all enjoy!

I just finished reading ‘The Folk of the Air’ trilogy by Holly Black. I’ve read her before and had mixed reviews depending on the book so I didn’t know what to expect.

‘The Cruel Prince’ (the entire series technically but book 1 especially) has been trending for some time but has been on my TBR list since 2017 or before.

It just happened to be the first one available to checkout digitally from my library so I figured why not.

I’ll be honest, it started out like a lot of YA books do and I actually rolled my eyes when a boy winked at the main protagonist. I thought it was going to be another love triangle thing and would have put it down right then and there but it has the Fae in it and they actually acted like Fae and not Tinker Bell.

Y’all know what I’m talking about.

I’m glad I kept reading though and even gladder that the series is already done because I devoured the books in a week!

If I hadn’t been working both places so often I would have finished earlier but I do need sleep.

If you’ve been thinking about reading the series I definitely encourage it, but make sure you have the entire series first! The first two end in REALLY bad cliffhangers and I don’t know how the fans stayed sane until the last book came out.

I’d go into detail (I may be adding another non-Atlantis book review to each week soon) but it’s late when I actually wrote this and I still have to the end of the week before I get an actual day off.

Thus, I say good day(or night!) to everyone and see y’all later!

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