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StALeR 51 – Legacy: Inheritors (Part 1)

Gonna be a really short one this week, but at least it’s actually the next book as I’ve been promising for a month now… sorry.


You know at the beginning of certain episodes they do a ‘last time on…’?

Some of the books do a quick catch up too and for ‘Inheritors’ it covers everything from the first Legacy book. Several pages dedicated to reminding everyone what’s been happening.

I was going to skip it but my eyes kept getting caught on something else I forgot happened so far!

It was fun to see how the authors slowly went from calling Guide ‘Todd’, to actually using his name. It was also fun to read (in brief) how O’Neill saved the day and got Atlantis back home with some good old fashioned tricky maneuvering and sneakiness.

Reminds me of Guide actually and I would love to see the two Blades try to one up each other in the sneaky department. It would be even funnier if they started to compare notes and give constructive criticism on the others’ ideas.

I think the two of them would get along quite well if they got the chance, and who knows? Maybe that’s what happens in the future.

Anyways, the last sentence in the catch up is about how Death has ordered the final assault on Atlantis which means that this book should actually cover the battle I believe.

If not then at least we are really close!

Some really great stuff is going to happen in this book regardless of if the battle happens so I can’t wait to delve in.

I just wanted to mention the catch up part because it was funny to me, but just slightly too long to add to a regular post.

On another note, ya’ll know I usually do a special Christmas post and it’s not actually on Christmas because of how my family’s schedules work out. We were aiming to celebrate the week after Christmas, but once again things happened and so we area now aiming for a couple/few weeks after. Not sure exactly when yet, but I’ll give ya’ll a heads up. Mostly because I put some mini things on my list including a mini ice cream maker kit and I really hope I get it because some crafty posts are long overdue I believe!

Ta for now!

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