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StALeR 45 – Legacy: Secrets (Part 10)

Interesting thought reading the last paragraphs of chapter 13.

Jennifer fixed up Teyla as best as she can from the cosmetic surgery (doing a dang good job of it too!), but after so many rounds Teyla has a small scar on her ‘feeding’ hand.

Teyla isn’t concerned about it. Being who she is and having grown throughout the series (both TV and book) she sees it as inconsequential in the scheme of things.

Keller, however, sees it as a change. Considering what’s been happening the last several months it’s no wonder she’s not happy about the scar.

She isn’t too happy with change.

She doesn’t make a big deal out of it but the insight to her thoughts at the end of the chapter had me thinking because I’d never seen the actual wording before.

(I have a tendency to skim when I first read a book even when it’s extremely engaging because I want to know what happens next. It’s the next read-throughs that let me see more of the story.)

‘Not being afraid of the dark but of the creatures that live in it’, is the part I’m interested in and that caught my eye this time.

I agree with the sentiment and so apparently skipped the last line which reads, ‘some of them were way too interesting’.

Keller then thinks about Guide giving her back her life, when the first attempt failed at the retrovirus, and there is definitely a feeling of fascination in those thoughts. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but she herself is disconcerted and quickly thinks about something else.

So, two things about this-

1: Keller is attracted to Guide, if only a little. It no doubt stems from the two working together and getting to know each other better during that time.

2: I’m not sure Keller would make the best choices if given the chance to run her own experiments on the Wraith. Even if it was meant to help them.

Being attracted to Guide is understandable. He’s smart, interesting and (pretty sure it was Keller who thought this) a gentleman. Being an alien would just add to the attraction for a medical professional. There’s nothing wrong with it, even Teyla has admitted to being attracted to the Wraith in some sense. (Though her attraction is along the lines of having power over them as a Queen).

The problem comes with the sense of a slight medical fascination I got this time around.

It’s entirely possible I’m reading too much into it. I admit that wholeheartedly and understand if anyone disagrees.

However, that Keller finds the creatures in the dark ‘too fascinating’ makes me nervous. It could simply be that they’re alien and she’s curious, but it could also be more along the lines of the Alterans and their fascination with ascension.

Nothing mattered but their end goal. Everything was within the limits so long as they gained some new understanding that might possibly lead to their ascending.

It would have been interesting if the show had taken the books as canon and continued on, to see if Keller pushed to try and ‘help’ the Wraith again like the first time (when they got cancer instead) and how far she would have justified her work.

Dr. Beckett did that once, we know how that ended, but we’ve also kind of seen how Dr. Keller can convince others that it’s worth the risk (See the current retrovirus she tried on herself).

If she got it into her head (and you can’t convince me it’s not still there simmering) that the Wraith would be better off not having to feed at all and they were closer with the retrovirus…


It’s certainly an interesting thought, isn’t it?

I shall let y’all go and enjoy that strange rabbit hole I’ve dropped you in this week and see you next time!

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