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Lazy day!

I honestly forgot what day it was and didn’t have anything prepared. Sorry!

Truth is, this week I’ll be doing training for my new part time job and I wanted to spend some time truly relaxing.

Which for me means reading.

I’ve finished ‘Secrets’ so there should be about 2-3 more posts from there, but what I planned to write about for this week I have a suspicion I already did.

So I’m gonna have to reread my posts for this one to make sure I’m not plagiarizing myself.

But! I got to read 2 1/2 entire books yesterday (the half was from a book I was up until 1am Sunday morning reading and finally had to go to sleep) and hope to read a couple more this week before my schedule is full of work again!

I will see y’all next week with new material from Legacy and until next time, don’t let current events pull you down! It’s hard, trust me I’m struggling and stressed too, but try to remember to be lights.

We could definitely use more of those right now!

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