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Update on new job!

Pending a successful background check, I will have a new part time job that will mostly be 4 days a week at 5 1/2 hrs each day.

I’ll still be getting up early but not as early. I get an extra 1 1/2 hrs of sleep!

It’s also higher pay! 😁

Less days, almost the same hrs, more money, and this part time job gets tips!

If I get it I’m hoping to pay off my credit card sooner than planned. I have to do the math again, but it may still take me until middle of next year to completely wipe it out.

Which won’t be too bad at this new part time because it’s generally a fast paced work environment which I like. Makes the time go faster.


With 3 days off a week I’m really hoping my sleep will improve and I’ll be able to get back to reading and writing again.

Until next week, read something for me and I hope you enjoy! (A hilarious and short read is Fortunately the Milk by Neil Gaiman, try it out!)

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