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StALeR 37 – Legacy: Secrets (Part 2)

We’re back!

And so are our peeps!

Everything goes pretty much how it usually does. They land (crash, technically, but who’s keeping track?) and have to walk to the Gate. It’s about 31 miles. They use kilometers though so I had to convert since I’m American, but Ronon had to convert too because he’s Satedan (it’s faerings, for those who’d like to know).

Not a problem right?

Except that Rodney hasn’t fed in too long, he’s healing injuries still, and the fact that they have to keep walking isn’t helping. Before they can make it to the Gate, Rodney literally can’t go any farther without feeding.

Jennifer insists he feed on her.

Now. For those paying attention, you’ll remember that Keller took the retrovirus and it didn’t work.

Except, it did. It just took a bit to actually work.

At this point though she doesn’t actually know that but theorizes. And tells Rodney to feed on her.

Ronon, who has done his best to keep Keller and Rodney away from each other because he knew this might happen, can’t watch. He does what he can to persuade Keller not to allow Rodney to feed, but Jennifer is adamant and neither one of them succeed.

Please remember that it was insinuated in the tv series that Keller and Ronon dated for a bit or at least had some kind of relationship before Keller and Rodney became a thing. He might still have feelings for her outside of the usual ‘teammate’ feels.

Don’t get me wrong, they are not right for each other in my opinion, but that doesn’t stop Ronon from having the feelings and now having to deal with his friend feeding on another friend.

To continue – Ronon walks away for a bit and Rodney feeds.

Keller doesn’t die, but does pass out.

We’ll have to do some posts about Keller and Rodney’s relationship after Ronon because boy are things strained!

I mean, the feeding on and being fed on thing isn’t exactly helpful, but the issue actually started when Keller saw Rodney as Quicksilver. She can see the man he was, but who he is now isn’t who she knows.

Things get tense ya’ll, and I feel completely bad for Rodney because he literally had no choice or say in what’s happened to him and Keller kind of acts like a jerk not soon after this…

But, we shall talk about that later.

What you need to know, is that Ronon is having more trouble seeing his friend through the Wraith and blames Rodney for Keller’s condition even though Rodney blames himself too.

They do make it to the Gate without further problems (with the exception of Keller having cramps that I think was an electrolyte problem) and split up with Ronon being the only one not headed to the infirmary.

Okay, next week we’ll go back to Ronon being the main focus. I know I said the first few would be about him, but certain information is needed to understand how he’s growing. Especially cause he hasn’t had too much focus on his development since I think book 2.

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