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StALeR 36 – Legacy: Secrets (Part 1)

Here we are onto book 5 already!

This ones a doozy (as if the others weren’t) and I can’t wait to really get into the relationships and upheavals.

First! We’re going to spend some time looking at Ronon because I haven’t for a bit and he’s truly an interesting person that the authors have continued to grow in the series.

Ronon wakes in the Wraith lifepod with Keller and McKay. McKay wakes up soon after but Keller is pretty much out for the count with whatever put her down in the first place keeping her there.

Ronon isn’t too happy about McKays new look. It sounds and acts like McKay but is definitely Wraith looking.

The author’s (Jo Graham and Melissa Scott) did a great job reminding people of the episode where Rodney had superpowers and healed Ronon’s scars. It’s a very brief mention but the fact that they brought it up here is fabulous writing!

If you haven’t seen the episode in awhile you need to because it adds a depth to this book and what Ronon is going through.

Ronon is hit the hardest by the new Rodney because of his hatred of the Wraith (with good reason) but love for his friend.

Seeing Teyla decked out as a Wraith Queen isn’t new to him, been there seen that, but her and Shepherd’s new ease with the Wraith and even friendship is making him rethink things.

Add in Keller’s eagerness to help Guide with the retrovirus and Ronon is definitely feeling like the odd man out.

The Wraith are the enemy. They’ve always been the enemy.


Poor Ronon! I honestly feel bad for everything he’s gone through and will go through. However! The authors of the Legacy series really did a fantastic job in writing these characters and Ronon’s reactions will definitely be on point for who he was in the tv series while also letting his character grow!

I close with that to tantalize, and I’ll see y’all next week as we make planet fall where Ronon, Rodney and Keller have to survive making it to the Gate with a hungry Wraith!

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