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StALeR 38 – Legacy: Secrets (Part 3)

Yay Ronon!

So much growth for the little Satedan baby.

Seriously, the next book shows just how much he’s changed since the first episode. Fact is, even though he has every right to hate the Wraith, he started changing in the TV series first.

Remember Ellia?

He could have easily killed her. Or killed Guide on multiple occasions.

He chose, every time, not to. Some of that is because he didn’t want to cause problems with his new family and some of it was that he could see there were advantages to leaving the Wraith alive. Which seems cold, but it is a step forward from simply pulling the trigger.

Not that he agreed with the decisions, but I think that one of the reasons Ronon trusts and loves his Atlantis family so much is because they can treat enemies like people. Outside of how they treated him and welcomed him, the people of Earth have a tendency to want to help people.

Even after they’ve been betrayed or hurt.

One of our best qualities.

It’s a spoiler so I won’t be getting into what he does next book, but it makes a huge change for our peeps!

Moving forward!

After arriving back in Atlantis, Sheppard tells Ronon they need to debrief.


Cause Ronon isn’t looking so hot. He looks a lot like how he did when he first arrived on Atlantis and Sheppard knows that can’t be good.

Ronon tells him about Rodney feeding on Jennifer and how he should have stopped it from happening. He also talks about knowing what it feels like and asks Sheppard what he would have done. If he would have fed on the woman he loved.

I like that Sheppard thinks about it. He doesn’t just throw something out there to try and make Ronon feel better. In fact, Sheppard’s words aren’t reassuring really, considering both he and Ronon have been fed on multiple times.

He tells Ronon that he’d let any of them feed on him if they needed to. He’d give his life, literally, for them if need be.

Ronon is unsure, I think, about how to feel about that. Disgusted, sure, and upset about it being a possibility (seeing as the Wraith can turn humans Wraith it’s more fact than anything), but I think it was the best thing Sheppard could have told him. Any other answer would have made things worse because Sheppard doesn’t lie when it comes to things like this.

It would be worse than a nightmare for Ronon if he were turned into a Wraith. It’s one thing for Rodney, because of the circumstances he never fed on anyone other than Keller, but for Ronon the circumstances could (and most likely would) be far different.

The psychological toll it would take on him would be immense.

It doesn’t happen though, I won’t make such a comment and leave it there. The point is though, is that Ronon is trying to keep his friend in mind when he’s around Rodney, but his history of being hunted by the Wraith is devastating. Rodney simply walking around causes Ronon to shudder in fear and loathing.

Safe to say, Ronon has a ways to go and he keeps getting hit with things in this book and the next.

Until next time!

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