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StALeR 35 – Legacy : The Furies (part 12

Did I say this week was the last post for The Furies?

…just kidding! It really is the last post this go around so buckle up!

The interaction between Ronon and Laura Cadman on the Hammond when they’re going to save Rodney (again) is awesome!

I love the fact that there’s something about her that can make Ronon happy, even if for a moment. He literally thinks about how when she smiles it’s like the sun coming out!

And he just likes to hear her talk.

My little romantic heart ships these two quite a bit because (pretty sure I’ve mentioned somewhere) she won’t back down just because Ronon is scary and he could definitely use a good bit of light in his life.

Onto the next peeps for this last review!

Jennifer and Ronon go after Rodney, and find him, but with the ship being fired on by Death’s cronies, escape gets questionable.

Ronon is able to get an unconscious Keller and Rodney into a life pod and sent off for the nearest planet. I’m pretty sure the next books starts with them but we’ll find out next week.

Teyla, for some reason, claims that Cadman is Carter’s heir! Not sure what she’s setting up but clever of her to do so.

Guide, always being clever, has figured out how to get a transport beam to work on a Hiveship and saves Sheppard and his people (again) before the Hive blows up.

The ZPM with it, unfortunately.

And that is where we end this short review. I need sleep because I work a couple days at both jobs and one of those days I also have a Dr. appointment so no nap between for me!

See y’all next week for Legacy 5: Secrets!!

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