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StALeR 27 – Legacy: The Furies (Part 4)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: The Furies

SGA #19

ISBN: 9781905586578

Carter emails part 2!

(just picking up where I left off last week!)

Sam writes to Cassie, who is doing her bit as an underling so she can (presumably) join the SGC, and encourages her in her current underling position. Carter was in the same position once and knows what it was like. She also, and I REALLY love this part, asks Cassie to check in on O’Neill. Make up some excuse (though it was easy enough to find a legitimate one) to get him to come over and spend time with her.

Maybe tell O’Neill that her car is having trouble, or the plumbing for her room, or something.

It’s a very Carter thing to do because she also no doubt told O’Neill a similar thing so the two would have excuses to lean on each other even when they think they didn’t need to.

I always enjoyed when they’d bring Cassie back into the show. Back when shows were long running because they did stuff like this where the fans could see important secondary characters again.

Cassie would make a great addition to the SGC and since she’s essentially family it makes sense that Carter never lost touch. Even thought Dr. Fraiser was the one to raise Cassie, I feel like Carter was in her life as much as she could be. I’m not sure what kind of relationship it would be though. Aunt? Sister?

Whatever it was, it’s one of those things that keep fans coming back for more.

Moving on.

Carter doesn’t just send emails she also receives them!

The first one she reads is from Daniel (I know, you’d think she’d skip to Jack’s, but that’s okay cause Daniel is awesome too).

Daniel tells her a lot, including that he understands what she’s giving up to be one of the first starship commanders from Earth. They’ve been doing this for almost fifteen years and they’re all around forty now (except Teal’c but that’s different) and they wanted to do it.

They all made a choice and are happy with their decision to keep at it.

But, as Daniel says point blank, he’s getting to the point where he’s done. O’Neill knew when that time was. When he could no longer go through the Stargate and do what had to be done.

Jack O’Neill got out when it was time.

And Daniel Jackson sees that time coming sooner, rather than later, for him.

Daniel also says that he knows what Carter has given up and that in being in command of the Hammond for even just a few years, will pretty much guarantee she’ll never have children of her own.

I don’t remember what Carter’s thoughts are on the topic specifically, but considering Cassie, I’d say Carter wouldn’t have minded having kids of her own. Unfortunately, there’s an age where it really isn’t safe to try and carry a pregnancy to term and Carter is nearing it.

Almost to the end of this post ya’ll!

The last email we see is one she has saved to be sent to O’Neill in the event she dies.

It just says that she doesn’t regret anything.

We all know she isn’t just referring to her time as part of SG-1, or even referring to their relationship. It’s exactly as she says it in the email (have tissue ready cause you’ll probably cry!).

But it doesn’t get sent because she doesn’t die so we’re all good! (wasn’t going to leave ya’ll in suspense about her fate).

Thank you for once again joining me and I’ll see everyone next week!

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