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StALeR 26 – Legacy: The Furies (Part 3)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: The Furies

SGA #19

ISBN: 9781905586578

As promised, this week we shall be talking about Carter and her emails! It will actually be a two-part post because of the whole ‘keeping things short’ thing.

Why are we talking about emails?

Because Carter and her emails are fantastic.

(I don’t actually have to have a reason because who doesn’t love Carter?)

We all know that Carter was given command of the George Hammond after Mr. Woolsey took over as leader of Atlantis. We also know that she absolutely loves it because it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

The downside is that she isn’t with her team anymore.

SG-1 slowly went their own ways, but are still very much friends. What they went through all those years isn’t something they’ll forget anytime soon and they rely on each other maybe even more so now than when they were fighting the Goa’uld and Ori and everyone else.

For them, going through the Stargate was everyday normal.


Teal’c and Daniel are still doing their own thing, while also being a part of SG-1 under Cameron Mitchell.

O’Neill is a General and doing his best to keep the SGC and Atlantis from being taken over by idiots or de-funded because politicians don’t have a clue or care about anything but themselves.

They’re still doing what they love, just without each other close by in case things go south.

Carter’s emails are a perfect glimpse into how her life is different without them, while also letting us know that they’re right there when she needs them.

First email we get to read is for Jack O’Neill.

Of note, her email to O’Neill is a personal one, separate from the professional reports sent out, and she apparently writes an email almost every day.

What’s particularly emotional about the emails is that she knows her friends so well she intuits how they will respond to everything she types up. It’s basic stuff. Telling them she’s okay, that things got a little hectic, as they do, and they were doing what they could to fix it.

But (and this is why I love books so much!) the author makes it clear that despite the careful words, Carter knows how O’Neill will read the emails.

All the little things she can’t put in them because she doesn’t know who will be reading them and they both have careers in the same military branch so fraternization is still frowned upon.

I love that the author chose to let us into this part of Carter’s life and that they (throughout the Legacy series) chose to let us see how the founding Team is still doing. They say a heck of a lot for not saying anything, ya know?

Carter imagines what O’Neill, or Jack as she’s apparently calling him now *wink- wink-nudge-nudge*, will be doing when he gets the emails.

Sounds like she has firsthand knowledge of what he looks like in the morning, what he drinks and his morning habits/routine.

This makes me really happy because everyone rooted for them to be together and they kind of are.

Not officially, of course, but they are definitely in a relationship. There is just no way for her to know the things she knows simply through conversation.

Her other emails are similarly a wonderful look into what’s been happening since they were a team together.

However, we shall get to her other emails next week, because of life, and I will bid you adieu for now!

(ya’ll should be grateful that I stopped myself because I was about to go off on a tangent about Carter and O’Neill and how the heck the Wraith know about that?! That will, apparently, be another post of its own!).

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