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StALeR 28 – Legacy: The Furies (Part 5)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: The Furies

SGA #19

ISBN: 9781905586578

Having read the last weeks’ worth of posts you can understand how happy I am to get to see (through the emails) parts of SG-1’s lives after the team went their own ways.

However, as I mentioned about two weeks ago I believe, a more intriguing part of the story is about how the Wraith know about Carter and O’Neill.

I wanted to bring this up again (this is, I know, about the fourth time) because it’s not only greatly fascinating, but it’s also brought up in different ways throughout Legacy.

The fact that Carter has an older blade for a Consort back in the Milky Way Galaxy!

First and foremost.

How the heck do the Wraith even know about him!?

Mind you, there is book 20 in the Legacy series which has O’Neill showing up again in Atlantis and even negotiating with Guide, but that is later and the Wraith know about him now.

So how the Wraith know about him would be anyone’s guess…except that I’m here so I’ll be the ‘anyone’ guessing!

The fact that Carter and O’Neill are in a relationship isn’t really surprising. It was made clear in multiple episodes, throughout the shows run, that they had feelings for each other, so their being in a relationship under the radar isn’t what I’m talking about because we already know about it.

I want to know how the Wraith know!

Because they do. Before they meet him!

O’Neill was in Pegasus that one time before when the Altaran’s are killed by the Asurans and the city is taken over. Outside of that, I’m pretty positive he would have made a point to see, if not talk, to Guide while Atlantis was on Earth.


I feel like the Wraith knew about them before even that. As in, back when Carter was in charge of Atlantis.


I had to take a few minutes to find what I needed, but sure enough in ‘The Lost’, Dust tells Quicksilver what he knows about Atlantis.

Which includes the information about Carter/She Who Carries Many Things becoming Queen of Atlantis and confirming Sheppard as her Consort. The Wraith considered that to be a formality only though because they knew of her Consort, O’Neill/Trickster, back in the Milky Way galaxy.

This suggests that the Wraith knew for quite some time that Carter and O’Neill were a thing.

A return to the question of how.

I’ll give to you that it’s possible they know about O’Neill now which is why they believe Sheppard’ confirmation as Consort was a formality. As in, they thought Sheppard/Guide really was her Consort until Wraith Guide came back after meeting O’Neill and telling others about him.

What does this tell us?

The Wraith are a bunch of gossips.

Although Queen’s no doubt talk to each other, they would most likely only share information up to a point and rely on their Consort’s and others to get information for them as they mingled with their counterparts.

Thus, gossip.

Which is totally fine and would explain how they know about O’Neill.

The romantic in me, however, has another theory.

We know the Wraith are telepathic and that’s their main way of communication. We also know that they can influence human minds (remember those ‘shadows’ they can make people see?), so it isn’t that much of a stretch to think that they can read human minds to a certain extent.

In the case of Carter and Weir, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t try too hard to get information out of them if only because they were seen as Queen’s and that just isn’t done. But a quick skim to acknowledge their position would almost be an automatic thing for the Wraith and would garner them an incredible amount of information.

And since Guide dealt with Carter quite a bit, he would have plenty of time to peruse her mind and establish that Sheppard wasn’t her Consort in truth.

We all know, and love, that Guide doesn’t necessarily play by the rules, so I can totally see him pushing it when it comes to reading Carter’s mind. As long as he isn’t caught, what’s the harm?

My theory is that’s what happened. Guide got a good look into her head enough so to let others know that Carter had a Consort back home.

Why would that be romantic?

Because Carter’s feelings for O’Neill would have to be pretty strong for a Wraith to pick up on without going far deeper than would be appropriate, by Wraith standards.

Even Guide has limits to how far he’ll go.

And that my peeps is what I think about how the Wraith know about O’Neill before ‘meeting’ him later on in the Legacy series.

Unless anyone else has a theory that’s what I’m going with.

Have a fantastic week and I’ll see everyone soon!

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