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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!!

I know it was supposed to be Carter’s emails this week however, I thought I should welcome everyone to the new year and give an overview of my plans…which are pretty much the same as last year come to think of it.

This post will be short because it’s a simple ‘this is what’s planned for the year’ kind of a thing.

The bigger news first.

Last year was difficult for everyone, though I was blessed to be able to work the entire time and not be put on furlough (I was part of my stores core crew while the store itself was closed to the public. Curbside pickup and such) the hours were much shorter as I only worked 3-4 days a week for the first few months.

With the epic support of my family, I was able to keep up with bills, but not make any progress towards paying them off (as had been my plan). Which is why I put in multiple applications around the area for a part time job.

I am (God willing) about to start in such a position while still working my full-time job.

And now for the smaller news.

The posts for the majority of this year will be much shorter than usual because I won’t have as much time to do them. They will be Stargate still (I have about a dozen to go yet), and I will keep everyone appraised of the RPG news too, but there won’t be much deviation into my crafty things (prob won’t have time for those) or into my writing.

I am truly hoping and praying that I will be able to get the worst of my debt paid off by mid-year, but we shall see.

Hopefully this post isn’t too down-in-the-dumps, I just wanted everyone to know why the posts will be shorter and why I may miss a few, though I will try my hardest NOT to have that happen.

Don’t forget to be lights and I will see ya’ll next week!

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