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StALeR 25 – Legacy: The Furies (Part 2)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: The Furies

SGA #19

ISBN: 9781905586578

Drones, not quite as brainless as I thought.

So, I’ve mentioned the Drones a bit and how I didn’t think they were very sentient. Since they have to have a Wraith Commander control them, I thought they were simply mindless puppets.

This may be an oversimplification because in the first few pages we have a Drone ‘talking’ to Queen Winterlight.

Unless I missed something earlier on (and it’s possible) the Drones don’t really think for themselves. It’s more along the lines of being given standing orders and following them, but without more information (and I can’t think of the next books having any) I’m stuck not really knowing how the Drones operate.

Since it isn’t a burning question I have I’ll just leave it and bring it up later if I do in fact find something else that would answer the question.

Unless one of ya’ll has the answer?

Moving on!

I may be a little confused about the whole Consort thing.

Initially, I thought it was purely a husband/wife type thing, and that is part of the definition. However, with the Wraith, it sounds like the title of Consort doesn’t necessarily disappear if the Queen dies.

Winterlight’s father is referred to as Consort and so is Sheppard (Consort of Atlantis). Guide names himself Consort to Queen Steelflower, but it was mentioned (in a previous book) that Death’s blades didn’t think Guide shared Steelflower’s bed.

Here’s my thoughts.

Consort does mean the whole husband/wife thing but can also simply mean a protector/advisor/counselor type person.

I think that (based on things Guide has said or thought) the Wraith consider Carter to be Queen of Atlantis with Sheppard acting as her Consort (in the sense of a protector/advisor/being-in-charge-when-she’s-gone type) as they know (somehow) that Carter has an older Blade as her Consort back home (O’Neill).

Teyla is considered to be Carter’s heir. A young Queen, as Guide has called her often enough, who is still learning but definitely able to handle herself when need be. There is a scene where Guide realizes that Sheppard and Teyla are more along the lines of husband/wife (in reference to the Consort thing) though he first wonders (and sets Sheppard up a little) if Sheppard is attempting to pit two Queens against each other (Teyla and Carter).

As for Winterlight’s father, who is still called Consort even by her, I think this is another example of an advisor type Consort. Since she is so young, her mother is dead and no other Queen (as far as they know) is willing to enter into an alliance with her for safety’s sake, Thorn does his best to guide her and keep her safe.

It’s most likely one of those word things the Wraith do ya know? Like their names being a multilayered thing that can change as they do. Consort is a multilayered word that can mean husband/wife but also protector/advisor or something along the lines of a person so close to the Queen that they trust them implicitly to carry out their will even in their absence.

Having said all that, guess what?

This post is done!

Probably the shortest I’ve done in a long time, but I like it.

There’s far more I want to talk about, but if I try to add even one more thing to this post it’s going to hit over 1,000 words. So, I will stop it there and next week start talking about Carter and her emails!

See ya then!

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