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StALeR 12 – Legacy: The Lost (Part 2)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: The Lost

SGA #17

ISBN: 9781905586547

Let’s get into this post shall we?

I present, Quicksilver!

So you know that the Wraith Queen calling herself Death has turned Rodney into a Wraith. It isn’t a spoiler if you haven’t read the book yet, which I’m sure ya’ll have done by now because you can’t put them down!

If you haven’t started the book yet it’s still not a spoiler because the authors don’t really make it hard to figure out.

He’s the first POV in the book after all.


Quicksilver doesn’t remember anything but is told that he was taken by the Lanteans and hurt. Somehow (they say they don’t know) he was able to escape and they were able to find him and rescue him.

He isn’t sure about anything. His brother, Dust, won’t look him in the eye sometimes when telling him things and he can’t even remember how to do basic things like read the Wraith language.

We all know the reasons why, but it doesn’t make it any easier to read.

Poor Rodney/Quicksilver is scared he’ll never remember and be left as less than what he was.

Anyone who’s been with me from the start knows that of everything, the loss of his mind is the second biggest fear he has. Losing his family (both blood and of choice) is first, though it wasn’t always.

So on the one hand we have Quicksilver trying to remember anything that might help his Queen take revenge on the Lantean’s, and on the other hand we have Dr. Weir in his dreams stopping him from seeing the Gate address to Earth.

Yeah, you read that right and yeah she is dead.

But we’ll get to that in another post. For now we shall see how our team is doing.

Not good.

That pretty much sums it all up.

They’ve been going pretty much none stop since the abduction and need downtime. Nine missions in three days isn’t anything to sneeze at and none of them are exactly young and at peak health either.

Mr. Woolsey, after they’ve exhausted the Gate leads, tells them to standdown. He’s going to contact Ladon Radim and Todd/Guide to see if they have any information they’re willing to give or if they can work something out.

Ladon says he’s willing to use his spy network to try and find information if Atlantis helps bring an Alteran warship back to the Genii homeworld. The Genii have been trying to patch it up on the planet it crash-landed on thousands of years ago, but without the ATA gene they can’t get it powered up.

Shepard, without talking to Mr. Woolsey, agrees and they leave for the planet with Ladon Radim’s sister.

Not Shepard’s best move, but he never thinks straight when his people are in danger.

They have a Jumper they were planning on using to get to the ship from the Stargate but there are Wraith Darts when they arrive and though Shepard does his best the Jumper is still put out for the count. Then, cause this is usually how it goes for them, Teyla and Carson are injured pretty badly not long after when they start walking to the warship.

Tension between Teyla and Shepard persists because Teyla had suggested they wait for Radek to join them before going to the planet. Shepard said there was no need and now he’s beating himself up because Radek definitely would have been able to fix the Jumper.

They do get the warship up and running but there is no way it’s going to make the Genii world without stopping at Atlantis first which Dr. Radim interprets as she’s being held hostage until her brother hands over information.

Despite everyone assuring them of the truth and Dr. Radim herself knowing the state of the ship.

Things get tense for a bit.

On the Guide front! (Okay so its actually the Ronon and Dr. Keller front)

Ronon and Keller are sent to talk to Guide about trading information. It doesn’t go too badly…

Okay, Ronon doesn’t shoot anyone but that’s about as good as the mission goes.

Jennifer wants Rodney back and makes certain calls that Ronon REALLY doesn’t agree with.

I liked how Keller dealt with the situation here. Ronon, for all his growth as a character to this point, still hates the Wraith far too much. He was never going to talk to Guide and was sent along to keep Keller safe.

Dr. Keller has worked pretty well with Guide before and the Wraith naturally respond to females better anyways. She isn’t about to leave without getting something out of it.

The two of them talk about that days events (they’re stuck in a tomb hiding at the time) and their relationship. They’re actually both under the impression that the other doesn’t trust them in certain areas. When Rodney had the alien in his head that was killing him, Keller refused to let them go to the site that Ronon’s grandfather had spent one of his last days actually remembering his family.

Keller feels like she has to always have the answer or she won’t have anyone’s respect and that was one of the reasons she said no. No one could give her evidence for how it worked and so she thought it wasn’t worth the risk. (don’t forger the planet belonged to the Wraith at the time and it was far more dangerous than when Ronon was a little boy).

They talk about several other things while entombed and agree to work with each other better, before almost being taken captive by a Wraith worshiper that serves Queen Death.

Dr. Keller saves the day though with an ingenious plan that involves a stun grenade!

(our lovely Guide was busy dealing with other Wraith that had shown up unexpectedly or the worshiper wouldn’t have made a move)

They get back to Atlantis with Guide having agreed to see what he could find.

So now, there are two well connected people looking for information for them and, surprisingly for them but I personally think Ladon was sitting on information because he was ticked off about the warships detour, Guide calls with information that leads directly to Rodney.

With Colonel Carter and the George Hammond at their disposal, they set out.

True to Guide’s word, Rodney is on Queen Death’s Hive, but he has no idea who they are and when they kill Dust in front of his eyes, he shoots back.

Shepard gets the brunt of the attack and goes down with several Wraith stunner blasts pretty much scrambling him for a good bit. Teyla is pinned behind a workstation and Ronon is stuck in the hall fending off more Wraith.

With Shepard out for the count, it’s his call to have Carter bring them back to the Hammond or leave them to find a way out on their own.

He tells her to bring them back. Without Rodney, because he doesn’t know them and won’t come easily.

Things have just taken a turn for the worse. (and oh yes, they are about to get much worse!)

Until next week when we get to book 3, ya’ll stay safe!

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