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StALeR 11 – Legacy: The Lost (Part 1)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: The Lost

SGA #17

ISBN: 9781905586547

On a different note! (because we haven’t talked about this in a while)

One of the reasons I adore the books is because they give us such a greater look into the universe and characters that couldn’t be explored as the TV series stood. Though I firmly believe that the creators would have given us more in later seasons if that had been a reality.

Now, I’ve gone on about the Wraith and how cool it is to read more about them as people and not just enemies to be hated and fought, and I’ve also talked about secondary characters and how cool the between-the-episodes books went into a little more depth about some of them.

Two of the most notable are Dr. Radek Zelenka and Major Evan Lorne.

At this point, however, we have a new character to look forward to and that’s Dr. Eva Robinson, the new psychologist.

I’m going to start with her cause she’s so new, but also because I like her better than Dr. Heitmeyer.

Having said that, ya’ll need to understand that Dr. Heitmeyer did the best she could and helped Atlantis’ people for many years. I know that and appreciate it, but she didn’t come from the SGC which made her narrowminded on many occasions.

Dr. Robinson, on the other hand, has been with the SGC for a bit and has heard all kinds of things from the teams. Further, she has experience with PTSD in the various forms it takes with the SG Teams and knows that she needs to think outside the training to help them.

No insult to Dr. Heitmeyer is intended, I just like that Dr. Robinson has such an open mind for what can happen and what challenges the people she’s going to be responsible for go through.

She likes Rodney!

With all of his issues that he brought to her, (and he was one of the first people to voluntarily see her) she genuinely liked him and saw that he sometimes just needed help with personal relationship problems or other, simpler, issues. We all know he isn’t the most socially adept person.

She also likes Shepard, if only because he took her up in the Jumper back on Earth and showed her things she never thought would happen for her. Shepard, from what she’s figured out so far, really enjoys teaching people about how to use the ATA gene to make their lives easier and how to help the city as a whole. She is a little concerned about he handles stress, but seeing him with his team mates, Colonel Carter and Dr. Radek makes her not too worried.

Dr. Robinson gets several little moments through the Legacy series to give us more of an idea on how people are thinking or how things work. Because obviously we wouldn’t be too happy with having characters monologue when that’s not their usual thing.

If Rodney were around it would be in complete character for him to go off on the very minuteness of how something worked, but he isn’t here and so explaining things to Dr. Robinson gives the authors a chance to fill readers in without it being awkward dialogue.

On to Major Lorne!

We all know Major Lorne as Shepard’s second in command and painter of fabulous pictures. There isn’t really too much in this book character development wise for him, but he is featured a little bit more than usual.

What I love is that the scenes we get to see of him, Dr. Robinson and Radek are little day-to-day things that Atlantis has to deal with but that the show wouldn’t have time to show.

In ‘The Lost’, Atlantis is now on a planet that’s mostly covered in ice. Since it hasn’t had to deal with that in a long time and they’ve been in several battles, some of the systems aren’t working to keep the city safe from the ice doing more damage.

Lorne and Radek are more often in these scenes together and are trying to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Lorne takes a Jumper and some newer peeps with him below the city to see what they can find out and sure enough there’s damage from icebergs that’s keeping spikes from descending to break them up before they hit.

Radek can get the system working again but the physical side needs to be reaplced or it won’t be any good.

So back down Lorne and his peeps go where they encounter a cephalopod that lights up.

Why do I mention this?

It becomes relevant later on and since this post is about secondary characters and ‘normal’ days, it went here too.

In addition to the action parts here we get to see Lorne and Radek working together like how Shepard and Rodney work together (though certainly without the arguing and such). As the seconds of respective leaders’ it stands to reason they’d end up working together a lot and I like that the books let us see how well they work together.

Onto Radek now because this post is getting long again.

Radek has, in the first two books of the Legacu series (and throughout honestly) been a good friend for everyone. He’s been an ear when people need to talk, but he’s also given his opinion that’s helped people see things differently if only because of his complete sincerity.

An interesting tidbit I wanted to bring up was that Radek sees Rodney as a hero, but not himself. And though Rodney has certainly saved the day countless times, so has Radek and it’s funny because despite bringing it up all the time, Rodney doesn’t see himself as a hero.

A genius, yes.

A hero, no.

Two completely different things despite him making comparisons between himself and Batman a few times.

Before I end this one I want to bring the baby into things. Torren is adorable and will show up again in a few really cool ways later on, but for now the little dude is just being the best thing ever by continually referring to Shepard as ‘Da’.

There’s one scene where Dr. Kusinagi brings Torren to the infirmary where Teyla is (after they return to Atlantis with the Alteran warship and Dr. Radim) to hand him over to someone else because she’s needed to help with the repairs.

Torren acts like Shepard is his dad and there’s reason for that since he’s been around Shepard far more than Kanaan. However, considering who his parents are I like to think it’s a little more than that. I like to think that Torren, even as a baby, can intuit about people and knows that his mom and Shepard love each other and that’s why he calls Shepard ‘Da’.

It’s good for everyone on Atlantis, to be sure.

Once more we are over 1,000 words so I’ll see ya’ll laters!

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