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StALeR 13 – Legacy: The Lost (Part 3)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: The Lost

SGA #17

ISBN: 9781905586547

…I can explain.

I know I said I’d try not to make so many posts about one book again but the Legacy series is different from the Atlantis series.

They deserve lots of attention.

Thus, we have the third post concerning book two of the Legacy series.

I want to start with Carson and a conversation he had with Teyla.

Closer to the end of the book we have Teyla handing Torren over to Kanaan for a visit on New Athos. She isn’t feeling so good about it because even though she knows neither New Athos or Atlantis are completely safe, it doesn’t help her peace of mind when the Wraith took Rodney so recently from New Athos.

Both Carson and Teyla end up in the mess hall and get to talking about Torren and more, interesting, things.

Teyla is concerned about her Wraith DNA and if it can make her go insane and kill people (the Genii call her kind Bloodtainted and blame a wide range of crimes on it even though they don’t have the technology to make that claim factual). Carson assures her that can’t happen and the conversation then takes an interesting turn.

To this point the theory about the Wraith has been that they evolved from the Iratus bug attacking but not killing a human. Mutations occurred and thousands of years later you got the Wraith.

(if you’ll remember, I never held that opinion for several reasons)

Here though, we have Carson very carefully bringing up another, far more, plausible explanation for the Wraith.

Teyla being the only other person he can truly trust not to say anything about it if only because of her history with the Wraith and her DNA.

Essentially, Carson now believes that the Wraith were engineered intentionally by the Alteran’s.

Not unlike the other experiments they conducted on the humans of the Pegasus galaxy, such an experiment would have gone so far before being considered a failure and the ‘subjects’ left to die.

But that’s not what typically happens because the Alteran’s are colossal morons and knowing this, Carson and Teyla believe that the Wraith flourished and when the Alteran’s returned, a war started and they were sent packing again.

This is pretty much what I was thinking way back when. That the Alteran’s experimented on another race and created the Wraith.

To say I was excited to see it was actually canon is an understatement.

To say this would completely upend the entire galaxy would also be an understatement.

If proven true, the entire history of the galaxy is a lie and the inhabitants aren’t going to take kindly to the truth.

At all.

On either side.

More interesting things to note from this book take us back to Dr. Robinson and the day-to-day interesting bits I love so much!

Needing milk for her coffee, Dr. Robinson goes into the kitchen to look for a Sgt. Pollard who is, according to the signs, in charge of such things.

She finds him and we get a pretty cool look at how the food works in Atlantis.

Being away from grocery stores means they have to supplement their supplies as best as they can. The milk for the day comes from the Athosian livestock and Sgt. Pollard takes Dr. Robinson around a little and explains about other foods and how the trading works in the galaxy.

She makes a comment about how he’ll have stories to tell when he goes back to Earth and Sgt. Pollard says what most on Atlantis feel.

He hopes he doesn’t go back.

Don’t forget that a lot of people from the original crew have no family, the family situation isn’t what you’d call the best, or simply that they planned for Atlantis to be their last home. One way or another. (I don’t mean suicide, I mean they figured they’d die in an attack or accident or something).

Sgt. Pollard talks about a cousin of Halling’s that he has a thing for. A nice woman with a business she wouldn’t mind getting help with and Dr. Robinson starts to see another side of Atlantis.

She also sees some major issues on the horizon for people who don’t have anything on Earth to go back to but plenty to stay in the Pegasus galaxy for.

She leaves thinking about who she can trust with helping such people and who she can mention it too without them making it a problem.

On the subject of trusting people back on Earth not to screw our peeps over.

Radek is having trouble with his sight. He hasn’t been seen about getting new glasses because he knows his sight is worse than it was when he joined and he’s afraid it’s no longer within acceptable range and that he’ll be sent back to Earth.

Trying to help, Ronon tells Shepard and Shepard asks Carter for a favor.

It all gets back to Dr. Keller who has a talk with Shepard.

She isn’t happy, and rightfully so, with how he went around her and didn’t trust her to keep to look after Radek.

Though both have good points on the topic they reach an accord and Radek is given an okay to continue work with a new prescription requested to correct his sight a little, though Keller doesn’t say exactly what the new prescription is in her report for why she’s asking for them.

Okay, one more funny thing before I actually end the reviews for book two.

When Guide contacts Atlantis to give them the information to rescue Rodney, Shepard was down with Teyla sparring. Only, the session became a little heated and at the least it’s insinuated that they were making out before Shepard was called to the control room.

When he gets within Guide’s sightline, Guide (highly amused) asks how the Young Queen is. (anyone else entertained that so many people know how Teyla and Shepard feel about each other?) Shepard, of course, doesn’t know what he’s referring to and since Guide can’t talk long or risk being discovered, he gives the information and signs off.

As I am doing now.

Later peeps!

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