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StALeR 10 – Wraith Names!

Quick interlude before we get to Stargate Atlantis Legacy: The Lost.


Because the Wraith naming situation deserves its own post that’s why.

Okay, so we know that the Wraith name people based on how they feel in the mind-sense. An all-encompassing idea of who and what that person is and it translates (a little awkwardly) into a name.

We know that Todd is actually called Guide by other Wraith and that it’s a fraction of who he is, but none-the-less a somewhat accurate name to call him by (definitely what he prefers to the name ‘Todd’).

In book #17 we get to hear what the Wraith call certain people from Atlantis and it’s fabulous ya’ll!

First and foremost I have to say that the first name I’m bringing up isn’t a spoiler because we all know that Rodney was abducted in the last book and this one opens up with a particular scene that gives it away completely, so without further ado-

The Wraith call Rodney Quicksilver!

Apparently, it’s what they get from his mind and it’s shown to him by his Wraith brother Dust (and boy is that whole situation messy for poor Rodney), but we’ll get to that in next weeks’ post.

For now, onto more Wraith names!!

Quicksilver = Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay (considered to be one of the best Clevermen)

Steelflower = Teyla Emmagan (considered to be a Young Queen, though powerful and inspiring in her own right)

She Who Is A Strong Place = Dr. Elizabeth Weir (thought to have left our galaxy to rest control from the Pegasus Galaxy Queens)

She Who Carries Many Things = Colonel Samantha Carter (considered to be one of Earth’s mightiest Queens and a warrior Queen)

Trickster = General Jack O’Neill (considered to be She Who Carries Many Things’ Consort)

Guide = Colonel John Shepard

Guide = called Todd by the humans

That’s all I’ve got for now, but I’ll add on if there are more later (I honestly can’t remember right now).

Now, onto my thoughts!

I LOVE the names!! (who doesn’t?)

Rodney’s is explained in the book and it gives more of an idea of how it works so using that I’m going to tell ya’ll my thoughts on the others’ names.

If you’ve seen the show and read the books you can see where Steelflower comes from. It fits Teyla quite well so there really isn’t much to add here.

Dr. Weir is a little different I think. It’s possible the name is due to how she handled Shepard being fed on by Todd/Guide so long ago (Dust mentions it with awe) or it could be because she was so steadfast in her time as leader of Atlantis. Then again, it could also be (and most likely is) based on her experience up to that point that made her who she is and the Wraith can see that. Dr. Weir is definitely the more interestingly named ones that I wouldn’t have minded having more of an explanation behind.

Now Carter is fun! I feel like her name is based on everything she does. She started as just an astrophysicist on SG1 than slowly became a little more until she was what they met. It makes sense if you think about it but I probably haven’t explained it well.

Carter is such a fascinating character and her Wraith name could be related to her carrying so many identities and responsibilities. The warrior part is easy to understand and needs no explanation.

As for O’Neill. Trickster is a great name for him and I absolutely adore how they call him Carter’s Consort because you know it’s based on how she thinks of him that they would consider him such. So! It’s practically canon that Carter and O’Neill are a thing! (never confirmed of course but I can dream!)

And last, but certainly not least, we have Shepard.

Guide is a name that fits him. You don’t even have to think about it. Further, the fact that he and Todd share a name is pretty funny and is no doubt a source of amusement for the other Wraith since the two Guide’s are so much alike.

Wraith Guide also probably finds it funny because he just has that sense of humor.

Alright my peeps, that’s all for this week. Next week I’ll try to keep the review to one or two posts and not almost ten like last time, but I make no promises.

See ya!

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