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StALeR 9- Legacy: Homecoming (Part 9)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: Homecoming Part 9

SGA #16

ISBN: 9781905586509

So, we are at the end of the book now but there is still a lot that’s about to happen.

Guide sends word that he wants to meet and trade for information about where Queen Death is going to attack next. Atlantis can’t ignore the possibility that he’s telling the truth with no hidden agenda and so meet and make a deal.

Name of the next planet to be attacked for their latest information and research on the Hoffen drug/plague.

Not a bad deal per se, but Guide won’t get his information if the attack doesn’t happen or if the Lanteans die in the attack so he is, once again, trusting Shepard far more than he probably should.

It’s not Shepard who’s the problem, because he’ll keep his word every time, it’s that there’s no guarantee he’ll live long enough to keep his word and I’m not sure Atlantis would keep it for him.

The next planet that Queen Death intends to attack is named Levanna and there are a few more surprises there than just her impending attack.

When the team arrives to warn the people, Ronon gets a happy surprise when one of the guards at the Gate ends up being a fellow Satedan he had thought dead. More than that, she isn’t the only Satedan on the planet or even left alive.

We all know there are others because of the TV series, but it’s always been insinuated that Sateda was wiped out and its people scattered forever. Here that isn’t so and it’s a fabulous foreshadowing by the authors of things to come.

The Levanna people are more than happy to accept Atlantis’ help and even the Genii. They were trading for weapons with the Genii and wanted a speed up of the next delivery and possibly help.

I think the fact that Atlantis was already helping kind of pushed Ladon to send soldiers and weapons because it wouldn’t have looked good at all if Atlantis was willing to die alongside another galaxy’s people, but the Genii couldn’t be bothered to help their own.

Because if Atlantis hadn’t stepped up, they wouldn’t have at all.

In a conversation with Mr. Woolsey and Shepard, we find out that Ladon has enough credible information to send a team through to help. Which meant that he knew there could be an attack and didn’t warn the Levannan people.

I really don’t like the Genii.

The death toll was mercifully low for this attack compared to the devastation it would have been. Not that people didn’t die, I believe the Genii may have had the highest death toll but I could be wrong because it doesn’t say how many of the Levannan’s died. We know five Atlantis soldiers died and at least twelve Genii, but the Genii deaths were actually the fault of their commanding officer who refused to fall back when ordered too.

They tried blaming it on the Lanteans, because they had called for backup, but the Levannan General was having none of it (he was the one to tell Shepard to stay put) and put the Genii commander in his place. I like the dude and would not be surprised if he gave Ladon a talking to about his soldiers.

Our weary peeps take themselves home but aren’t allowed time to sleep because New Athos is under attack and they rush to save their longtime friends!

…except they aren’t under attack.

New Athos is fine and never sent the message begging for help.

But Kanaan takes the opportunity to talk to Teyla and it’s the conversation they needed to have but boy does it hurt.

Teyla doesn’t want to be like her mother who walked away time and again before never coming back. She thinks she’s failed her people and Kanaan by wanting to stay in Atlantis.

Kanaan, proving he’s a good peep, is very understanding of who she really is and doesn’t take it personally. He’s always known she wasn’t meant for the traditional Athosian life, even before Atlantis, but did carry a hoe she would change. They have a child together but are not suited to be together and he wouldn’t want to force anyone to live without the love he had with his wife.

So he asks her to release him so they can both go their own way while still being Torren’s parents.

Before they can finish the conversation though, Darts arrive.

But they aren’t acting right.

Instead of going for easier targets, they are focused on the team. In fact, they aren’t breaking off even though they’re sustaining severe damage.

Too late it clicks in their minds, but Rodney is already swept up by a Culling beam and gone.

Dr. Zelenka gets the last fifty Gate addresses from the DHD and both Halling and Teyle narrow it down until they only have nine addresses to work with.

And that’s the end of book 1!

If you haven’t read the books yet but plan too, I would suggest getting all of them because there are cliffhangers and you do NOT want to have to wait.

Ta for now, next week we get into book 2!

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