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StALeR 6- Legacy: Homecoming (Part 6)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: Homecoming Part 6

SGA #16

ISBN: 9781905586509

I admit, I got a little ahead of myself in regards to the book last week.

I skipped some pretty cool stuff, so I am here to correct my mistake and earn yall’s forgiveness.

(in my defense, Guide is a pretty good reason to skip…just sayin.)

There wasn’t too much really, but it is important.


Teyla goes back to New Athos with her team and Torren for the first time since arriving back in Pegasus and wow is it awkward for everyone. Except maybe Ronon. I don’t know if he was aware of the undertones, but he isn’t stupid so probably he just didn’t say anything.

If I haven’t mentioned before, Kanaan lost both his wife and son awhile back and when Atlantis went to save Earth, he was left thinking it had happened again. Even though he and Teyla aren’t a couple, they have a child together and it was still way too close to home for the poor dude.

I feel for him, I really do.

When they arrive, Teyla and Torren join Kanaan to get acquainted again while Rodney and Shepard join Halling (Ronon excuses himself pretty quick).

The conversation with Halling is…cringey. He tries to help them understand how things are for Teyla. Her mother had a wanderer’s spirit too and it caused Teyla a lot of pain when she was little because people compared her to her mother and her mother left one day and never returned. It’s not insinuated either way whether her mother was killed or just kept going through the Stargate so I don’t know how to feel about the woman.

What we do know is that Teyla doesn’t want to be alienated from the Athosians, yet her very being won’t allow her to be happy anywhere but with Atlantis and her team.  

Halling tries to explain how conflicted she is, but it comes out a little judgey (against Atlantis) and Shepard makes an excuse to leave.

The one-on-one conversation between Rodney and Halling goes a little better. Possibly because of the conversations between Teyle and Rodney, Rodney has more of an idea of where she is head space wise and Halling really cares for his friend and keeps talking to get his point across (Shepard should have stayed cause it would have helped him, but what can ya do?).

Presumably they stay for several hours, maybe even the night, but we cut to the Genii homeworld and find ourselves in the office of one Ladon Radim (aka-butthead)

I admit, I liked Ladon at first because he seemed to want what was best for his people. Which is what prompted him to help Atlantis all those times after the botched take-over with Kolya and the fact that they saved his sister from radiation poisoning got them a ton of brownie points too.

Now however…well.

The position of Genii leader is not one easily gotten, nor kept. Apparently, no one can be civil and voting is not in the cards for these peeps. They’re too paranoid. Which brings us to Ladon having a meeting and his thoughts are what keyed me into his coming up behavior.

Letting Atlantis handle the Wraith is all fine well and good (seriously, Atlantis is far better equipped than anyone else) however, the Genii have taken the last few months Atlantis has been away, and they’ve begun to assert themselves as THE power in the Pegasus Galaxy (which wouldn’t have been laughable except Atlantis did return, otherwise it would have ended very badly for Pegasus).

Essentially (and I tell ya’ll this knowing it’s a little spoilery, apologies) they’ve been going out and trying to find Alteran tech hoping to reverse engineer it, and working on their own version of the ATA gene therapy to make the tech work.

This isn’t what I have a problem with because it’s pretty much exactly what Earth did (only we did it better).

My problem is how they’ve been treating people. Instead of pretending to be at the same level technologically as those they treat with (they left that trick awhile ago and I like to think it’s cause Shepard and Teyla told everyone) they’ve simply been going out and bullying people into giving them what they want or simply stealing it while lying about what they were doing.

As you’ll find out, their actions have made a lot of people REALLY unhappy and now that Atlantis is back things are not going to keep going so well for the Genii.

Leaving Atlantis to deal with the new Wraith Queen was a smart move on Ladon’s part, but it only delayed the inevitable and sooner, rather than later, they’ll meet again and the Genii won’t be on top anymore.

Before I let you wonderful peeps go this week, another funny thing!


The planet Manaria is where the Wraith Queen (calling herself Death) left the message and booby-traps. Which means we have come full circle.

When they go through, they see the destruction and Shepard asks Rodney if he can find out if anyone Gated to safety.

Rodney goes to the DHD and it explodes.

Which, he notes, happens a lot more than he’d like.

The control crystal and associated parts are completely kapoot (this means they can’t dial out), but Shepard asks if Rodney can fix it anyways all while looking for a place to spend the night.

Rodney is fabulous and surprises his entire team by immediately saying he can fix it (instead of complaining like he usually does first) because he has backups with him for just such instances (and it really tells you how often this has happened that he now plans for it).

Everyone’s reactions are hilarious and if you haven’t read it yet, you’ll laugh out loud!

And with that I end this weeks review.

Thank you again for joining me and I warn that I have been tempted to re-watch episodes lately so there may be more interruptions to the Legacy posts. I’ll do my best to at least finish book 1 first though.


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