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StALeR 5 – Legacy:Homecoming (Part 5)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: Homecoming Part 5

SGA #16

ISBN: 9781905586509

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?


This week on StALeR our fabulous peeps arrive back home!

Atlantis is finally back in the Pegasus Galaxy and everything is going as it usually does.

As in, lots of chaos and uncertainty.

The new planet they land on is mostly ice and Shepard does a fantastic job of landing them just shy of the equator (which is the only place remotely habitable for humans).

ZPM’s are down to 9 percent and they not only need more but they also need to see what’s been happening since they’ve been gone.

So off they go!

It doesn’t take long for them to realize something has gone seriously wrong. And it isn’t the Genii or the Alteran’s this time either.

A new Wraith Queen has appeared seemingly out of nowhere and declared open season on the humans. Presumably, she knows where Earth is and is promising that any Wraith that follow her will be rewarded with the bounty.

Problem is, she isn’t the best choice and most of the Wraith know that. She advocates the destruction of entire worlds with no consideration for the future. Her promises of a better feeding ground is one thing, the other Wraith know about Earth, but it’s extremely stupid to destroy their only food source before guaranteeing they can reach Earth.

Oh yeah, and she calls herself Queen Death.


Little drama queen is what she is.

Anyways, our peeps end up on a world that’s been devastated, and they help the survivors before trying to find out more information. This particular planet had developed far enough to have computers and McKay wants at ‘em.

Unfortunately, the Wraith left booby traps behind and it’s taking forever to find them. And time is not something they have a lot of and certainly the resources they’re expending could be used for other pursuits.

So what do they do?

Call in reinforcements!

In the form of our favorite Wraith, Guide!!

High Commander Guide does his thing and gets them inside the building where the main computer is.

And where the drama queen left a message (along with a bomb, but McKay wasn’t impressed with how easy it was to find it).

Her message is what you’d expect from a young and full of herself queen so we won’t get into that (seriously, it sounds like a B rated supervillain rant).

What we want to focus on (and that I alluded to several weeks ago) is Guide’s reaction.

Apparently, this little queen is something of a looker by Wraith standards and he isn’t immune. We get to hear Shepard’s thoughts on the subject and I had a really good laugh at this point!

Even though she’s beautiful, Guide has better sense than that. Not only does he seriously not approve of what she’s advocating, but he isn’t about to let some little upstart usurp him. (okay, so this was my thinking and nothing in the book suggests it, but come on. Guide has been doing all the hard work and he doesn’t seem the type to just throw it away for a pretty face)


That funny bit aside, the next part is almost as hilarious as Shepard’s thoughts. Guide is being Guide and has somehow made himself a transmitter and his peeps arrive to pick him up.

Shepard, of course, doesn’t want to let him go, but also doesn’t want him to continue to starve. Add in the bonus of Guide being more useful out there gathering information and he let’s the Wraith go.

Can he truly trust Guide will keep his end of the deal and relay information?

We’ll find out next week!

(well, you guys will if you haven’t already read the books).

With that I shall sign off, because I have an important interview tomorrow and I need to be well rested.

Wish me luck and I’ll see ya’ll next week!

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