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StALeR 7- Legacy: Homecoming (Part 7)

Stargate Atlantis Legacy: Homecoming Part 7

SGA #16

ISBN: 9781905586509

So, remember the Genii from last time?

Little boogers are back.

Sora has had a bone to pick with Teyla for some time now and at first Kolya didn’t allow it and now Ladon isn’t too happy with her either. She can’t see straight when it comes to Teyla and will go out of her way to antagonize Atlantis too if she can.

Despite being ordered NOT to engage with anyone from Atlantis, that is just what she does.

Dr. Beckett and Dr. Keller are on a planet, recently attacked by the new Wraith Queen, giving medical aid to the people. Despite the inhabitants not having much in way of trade, Atlantis has always tried to help when they could which is why they’re more welcome than the Genii most times.

When they’re alerted to a Genii patrol heading their way, Carson tells Jennifer to leave and warn Atlantis because he suspects the female Captain is Sora.

He isn’t happy to be proven right either.

Sora has her men search for other Atlantis personnel in the village, shoving people out of their homes and breaking things, before having one go through the medical supplies Carson and Jennifer had with them.

After destroying a few items, Carson tells them to stop and gets a gun in his face.

Sora, being the brain damaged idiot she so clearly is, then decides it would be a great idea to take the medical supplies AND Dr. Beckett back to the Genii homeworld.

Thankfully, Jennifer got back to Atlantis and Shepard got a team together in time to return before the Genii left.

The standoff ends with Dr. Beckett safe, but the supplies left with the Genii.

Ladon is pissed to an extreme level, but since Sora is with this other high-ranking officer that currently supports Ladon, Ladon can’t really do anything without causing himself more trouble.

He has her arrested and stripped of all rank instead of simply killing her.

Which is something Teyla notes to Shepard (and let Mr. Woolsey know about) when they contacted the Genii and told them what had happened.

The meeting between Ladon and Atlantis takes some time, but Mr. Woolsey is at his best and gets things done.

Atlantis and the Genii are still ‘friends’ at the end, but everyone know the Genii have no intention of stepping down. If they ever get a chance, they’ll betray Atlantis again.

On a less dour note!

Some time later Kanaan arrives to visit, but Teyla isn’t there. She’s off world helping with negotiations so Rodney steps in.

The conversation between the two is pretty funny in its awkwardness.

Kanaan thinks Rodney is the man that Teyla loves on Atlantis and when he disputes it, Kanaan goes through his head of everyone Teyla has mentioned in what fashion to try and figure it out. The funny part is that he finally decided that it must be Rodney even if Rodney doesn’t know it and doesn’t see her like that.

As we all know, Shepard is the one and it’s kind of interesting that she apparently hasn’t mentioned him enough for Kanaan to think of him.

We also get a glimpse of Kanaan and what he’s going through. Whereas he certainly isn’t a main character by any means, his involvement with Teyla can’t be overlooked and I really appreciate that the authors decided to give him a larger part in the story.

We get to see his thoughts on things like how Torren is going to be raised with him on New Athos and Teyla on Atlantis and how he sees Atlantis and its people. He doesn’t not like them, but he doesn’t understand who would want that life. He is very much a man of nature and not technology.

This also gives us an idea of what kind of drama is going to be coming because Teyla hasn’t actually said what her plan is and Kanaan isn’t going to accept not seeing Torren regularly. Though she would never intentionally hurt Kanaan she is having trouble facing the fact that these choices have to be made and by dragging it out she is in fact hurting him.

A cute thing that happens in the Kanaan and Rodney discussion though is that Kanaan tells Rodney that if anything happened to him and Teyla, that he was glad that Torren would have someone else to be his father.

Rodney is, understandably, flustered but agrees he wouldn’t let Torren be without a family.

Not long after this more drama and adrenaline ensue, but that’s for next week.

I had actually started this post intending it to be one but realized pretty quickly that it was going to have to be split up because of how much happens still, so there are two more reviews after this one before the end of book 1.

Yes, I know I rant, but ya’ll are the crazy ones still reading so…

Happy week ahead and I’ll see you next Monday bright and early!

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